-Few Days Later-
Matthew: Dylan, it has been 7 days already and Dennis has been acting weird again. Maybe he's going dark like again!

dylan: i hope not..
Matthew: *shrugs* But let's go to San Diego anyway *Dylan and Matthew both teleport to Dennis' home*
dylan: *goes with matt to see dennis*
Dennis: *hiding under his blanket and shaking uncontrollably*

Matthew: Dennis? What's wrong? You have been acting weird all day...
dylan: hmm?
Dennis: Ahh! Who's there?!
dylan: cousin, it's us
Matthew: It's me...Matthew and Dylan...can you tell me what's your problem?
dylan: hm
Dennis: This...g-girl...use to be in my fifth grade class before she died by falling into the well...s-she's everywhere...s-seeking vengeance...w-why did I have to watch this video...

dylan:...huh? wait, your friend fell in that well? odd, if she fell in well then what make her evil huh

Dennis: The video...I thought it was gonna be a long movie...

dylan: hmm? how ya get that video when she was dead?
Dennis: I don't know! *takes the blanket off of him* The title said...Rush Hour 3 and but it's not. I though it's gonna be a commercial.
dylan: ah...guess she have some reasons to see ya and my guess this is video is cursed
Dennis: Yeah I know and after I watched it...the phone rings and I got seven days to live with torture and today I'm gonna die!
dylan: ah that's why ya acted weird like that but she did not know ya are superhuman/ahalfa as strong
Dennis: Well...I saw her face...there is no way that I'm gonna beat her...

Matthew: Well Dennis, just believed the curse isn't real...
Dennis: B-but I saw her in the bathroom and in my bedroom!
dylan: ah that's why ya looked scared
Matthew: It's just an illusion, Dennis, just relax...
dylan: huh i hear rumors about that girl before
Dennis: R-relax...alright then...*lies down on the bed*
Matthew: *to Dylan* Do you think it's true? *gets out of Dennis' room and walks to Jin's home*

dylan: well, bro...he's telling truth i can tell *walks with matt*
-At Jin's home-
Matthew: *knocks the door* Hey Jin...what you're doing...
Jin: Matthew, did Dennis tell you about the girl in the tape? Well...I watched it with Dennis...alone...at night...
dylan: hm? ya too?
kin: it's true
Jin: Yeah...and also..the other way...there was a music controlling both of us..me and Dennis together and we danced uncontrollably as the music goes
Matthew: You and Dennis danced together?
Jin: Yeah...because of that stupid ugly girl!
dylan: *blinks*
Jin: Well...I remember it was yesterday...
*creepy dancing music goes outta nowhere*
Jin and Dennis: *both heard the music and stood up together and goes toward to each other and then dance the tango uncontrollably*
Dennis: Ahh! What's happening to us?!
Jin: I don't know!
Dennis and Jin: *both screamed at each other* I CAN'T STOP!
Girl: *evilly laughter*
Dennis: STOP TOUCHING MY HANDS *keeps dancing*
Jin: No! I can't! It won't let me! *keeps dancing with Dennis*
-Ends Flashback-

Jin: Yeah...that day wasn't funny either for me and I heard that evil girl laughs...like a witch DX

dylan: i see
Jin: And also...*takes out the photo* I can't believe what this witch did! She took a photo of us dancing and leave it on the table after the music ended...

dylan: *take photo and look at photo* whoa, i can see that

Jin: And also...I'm gonna burn it in front of all of you...*goes ghost and lit a fire in one finger and point it toward to that picture*

Matthew: Well...have fun destroying it...*looks around* Where's Keeko?
dylan: aww *hear matt* hmm ya are right *looks around* jin? do ya see your bunny?
kin: now ya mentioned it...she was with us and i don't know where she is
Jin: *burns the photo* Um...no..I don't feel like being a responsible pet owner. I feel like I'm a gullible pet owner...

kin: what? but ya loved her as nice pet owner
dylan: *switched photo without jin notice when jin burned wrong photo then in mind* it going in website ha

Jin: Well.. I do but she keeps going all Houdini on me like disappearing when I come back to her cage

kin: ohh at least she know how use ninja like ya *giggling*
Jin: I don't believe she's a ninja rabbit.

kin: well, she fought with zhi before
dylan: speaking of pets...do ya think it is real curse, jin?

Jin: I think so..but this is Keeko alright..she keeps disappearing on me...now let me go back inside *goes inside the house* AHH! THE STOVE WAS ON FIRE!

Matthew: You mean "is"
kin: what? i did not turn stove on
Jin: Get it off! *sees a girl handling a bucket to Jin* Oh thanks little ugly girl *throws water on fire*
Girl: *evilly smiles*
Jin: *looks back and stares at the girl*...
dylan: *goes inside with kin and matt* is everything ok?
kin: is fire out?
Jin: ..*stares at the girl and then turned frozen as stone*
Girl: *pokes Jin and then he fell as stone* He's dead..
Matthew: Jin?
Girl: *disappears into the TV*

dylan: no way!
kin: *goes to jin*
kin: jin! *shake him to wake up*
Jin: *not moving, but frozen as scared to his death*
Matthew: I think he's dead...*look at his skin* It's gray...

kin: ... ok now i am mad! but sad too...
dylan: calm down guys he did turned into ghost form when he was burned photo like that!*check jin's pulse*
Matthew: Wait a minute...he's always gray.. *look at Jin* Oh man...his eyes are like staring blank...
kin: he's frozen in shock, right?
dylan: yeah i believe so
Matthew: I think so and maybe a heart attack too...and I think it's the end of his seven days

dylan: nonsense, he's young like us, matt because his heart is young, not old and it means his heart is frozen
kin: let's use the CPR
Matthew: Yeah I think so...*hears sirens and look outside in the front of the house* Oh no not again!

dylan: that means dennis's "frozen shock" too *using CPR on jin as doing best*
kin: i will take over and ya two go check on dennis
Matthew: Right *nods and goes with Dylan to Dennis' house*

dylan: *nods too and goes too*
kin: *doing CPR on jin*
Matthew: *check out Dennis' home and sees Dennis on the stretcher when his eyes close and Matt goes to his aunt* Aunt Ming, what's wrong?
Dennis' mother: He can't breathe and I tried to bring him back but no use...
dylan: what about CPR?
Dennis' mother: Well..the professionals tried it but it failed then the ambulance came...

dylan: oh boy *sighs and to matt* guess we go after that girl to undo this
Matthew: But how? The girl won't come to us...
dylan: well, dennis did said the well and video, right? video is one of clues
Matthew: Well...yeah we have to watched the video...then suffer for 7 days after the call and then die on that seventh day...

dylan: i know, but where video from? mm? i believe it have address
Matthew: Well...let's check out if Dennis still have the video...
dylan: *sighs* oh great...alright
Matthew: *start looking around the living room area* Well..it should be around here and ooh there's a video tape *look at the tape* Hey it's Rush Hour 3!
dylan: umm that's video name they did mentioned
Matthew: Yep and let's rewind it...*puts it in the VCR and rewind the tape*

dylan: great wheee we're going die
Matthew: *plays the tape and together they both watched it till the very end*

dylan: hmm
Matthew: Wow...that tape is lame...
*the phone rings from the kitchen*
Matthew: Then the phone rings ...
dylan: yep
Matthew: Well...are you gonna pick it up?

Girl: *over the phone line* Hi..what's you're name...
dylan: hmm? hello, but what about YOUR name?

Girl: I am a businesswoman and you and your brother got seven days to live...and get torture...

dylan: oh it's ya...ya did this to my cousin and my friend *growling* ya don't scare me, girl
Girl: What cousin and your friend...I don't know but you heard me already..I know you watched the tape.

dylan: so? my bro's idea because we going find ya and i don't like what ya did to my cousin or my friend because they are frozen if ya want our names then tell your name if ya want rest in peace
Girl: *makes feedback* What? I can't hear you? *makes more feedback* We're losing connection *hangs up*

dylan: *sighs and hangs up* this girl's odd huh she won't tell us about her name ha
Matthew: Wow.. but wait...Dennis knows her...

dylan: i believe, yes she was dennis' one of classmates he did mentioned maybe the school book about photos
Matthew: But wait...Dennis has a diary that he keeps for himself come on! Let's invade his personal private! *goes upstairs to his room*
dylan: *facepalm*

Matthew: *searching through his drawers until he finds a dark hard cover journal book* Aha! There it is *going to the right date entry* Hmm where is the day when Jin saw a hands out of the toilet...

dylan: *sighs* yeah i remember they did told us
Matthew: Aha there it is "Hi...Today...it was one torturing day since I watched the "fake" movie which isn't really Rush Hour 3...The Chinese Harp players attacked me and almost killed me to death. After it attacked me, I noticed the same girl from the video that I just had watched. She looks like one of my classmates named Karin. She is the most evil girl in my classroom way back in 5th grade and she's after me. I can feel it. I remembered that I was the one who ended her life by pushing her to the well. Man...did she cursed that video tape on me and Jin?"

dylan: hmm! so her name is karin...
Matthew: Karin...right and Dennis killed her? O.o That is wrong. Just wrong.

dylan: well, remember it was accident when he was in school long time ago, bro but he didn't kill her because he did mentioned she did fell in the well i believe it was misunderstood
Matthew: Well...I guessed so...I think Dennis pushed her because he was really mad.

dylan: but he didn't say he did push her in wall because he did yelled at classmates when he was mad ya remember we met his old classmates and it was accident still when we did found out so, she was misunderstood then she turned herself into evil when she is mad
Matthew: Ooh okay...*suddenly remembers something* Wait what about Jin?!

dylan: hmm...good question and i believe kin took jin to hospital but why she mad at jin? that's no reason that's clue how jin know her when jin is not in dennis's school? hm...let's go jin's house if they know something about her
Matthew: Well duh, the tape of coarse *crosses arms* And did you noticed she's after us?
dylan: pfft she don't scare me but yeah and i won't let her try do to us
-At the hospital-
kin: oh jin hang on, ok?
Jin: *still frozen in the same position*
Doctor: I think he's stone and dead...

kin: oh my they both froze like ice *to doctor* don't be silly, doc but they just in shock right? i know they are not dead i am sure
Doctor: Well I never seen like this before *suddenly Dylan and Matt came in*
dylan: hey kin how's they doing?
kin: well, same as froze ice
dylan: hm, i see
kin: what we doing?
dylan: well, we waiting for that girl
Matthew: No ice on him, but frozen in the same position as he was scared, scared...and we're just checking
kin: oh just scared shock then but why waiting for her?
dylan: ah, because we need her to undo this
Matthew: To come here and also where's Dennis, have you seen him?

kin: oh he's with jin as roommates
Matthew: *pull the curtains to the other side and sees Dennis* Oh..

dylan: we can see him
kin: why she do this?
Matthew: *points at the tape* THE TAPE OF COURSE! The cursed tape!

dylan: well, she's misunderstood ghost but she was dennis's one of his old classmates...*hear matt* yeah this tape
kin: oh my!….wait ya saying ya watched that tape?!
Matthew: *look at Dennis* Where's the monitor? Did the doctors pronounced him dead?
dylan: well…it was matt's idea...

kin: oh the doctor did not pronounce him because i did explained at them about they just frozen scared but they don't know how fix them
Matthew: Hey I thought she would come...*look at Dennis* But he's not breathing...
kin: well, he was but like, switch on and off to breathing, matt they don't stop doing CPR on him many times
dylan: i see but if she come here?
kin: well, i didn't watch video… sorry but i stayed with jin and dennis to make sure they keep safe
dylan: ah i see
kin: remember, matt they are just frozen, not dead
dylan: yeah yeah we are not deaf
Matthew: Ooh okay...*hears a knock on the door*

dylan: stay back, guys and stay with patients to protect *goes to door*
kin: *nods understand and protect them*
Matthew: Okay...
dylan: *open door*
Karin: *evilly smiled and blasted a confetti cannon at Dylan and Dylan crashed through the window and falling at high heights* *she evilly laughs*
dylan: ooofff! *floats* that girl knows how use tricks = *fly up to window*
kin: Oo! if she is ghost...how she bring that cannon?!
Karin: *then blast a confetti cannon at Matthew*
dylan: *grabs matt dodges it* that was close bro

Matthew: Yeah I know...

kin: *protects jin or dennis*

Karin: *takes out a chainsaw by the side of the confetti cannon and buzz the chainsaw and evilly crackles* Mwahahaha!

dylan: *stares at her and sigh* oh boy ya need chill out, dudette!
Matthew: Chainsaw? Seriously?
dylan: horror movies, hello!
Karin: *charges toward them and points chainsaw at Dylan and Matthew*

dylan: *look at chainsaw* wait is that my chainsaw sword?! * did ya steal it?!*dodge it then kick chainsaw away*
Karin: *goes to Karate mode*

dylan: whoa! ya know karate? hm
Matthew: What? Karate?
dylan: yeah
Karin: *kicks Matt in the chin*
Matthew: Ow!
dylan: i think she took karate class *block her attack*
Karin: *kicks Matt to the side and then private*
dylan: ooh that could hurt, bro
Matthew: Ow...ow!...My balls...
Zhi: *turns into a ball and hit him*
Matthew: Ow...oh Jesus...
dylan: *blinks*….zhi?
shadow: oooh busted!
Zhi: *turns into the statue of Jesus and whacks him*
Karin: *blinks*
Matthew: Ow...my pain! ...
dylan: um, karin? did ya do that?
Zhi: Here's the pain *but stopped by Matthew*
shadow: *poke zhi*meow?
Matthew: Enough! I never meant literally...

dylan: *sighs* ok ya didn't do this, karin

Zhi: What...he needs something...he said Balls, Jesus, and then pain
shadow: meow? zhi? why ya hurt matt? oh yeah he did read dennis's diary

shadow: *giggling* yeah he did
dylan: *facepalm*….
Karin: *growls and then kicks Dylan in the head*
dylan: karin? could we talk?*block kick**flips her on wall* hmph
Karin: Not until you die!
dylan: why?
Karin: You watched the tape!
dylan: never mind tape! but well, we found out about accident, karin i believe my cousin didnot kill ya, karin
Karin: I know I know...Dennis threw and pushed me to the well and my parents hated me because I was bratty and evil...
dylan: wait wait… your parents? if ya were stuck in well then they didnot get ya out?

Karin: My parents didn't care, even though Dennis too!
dylan: that means your parents did killed ya when ya were starved to death...hold on, karin! i am sure my cousin didnot mean to because it was accident well, it was shadow thing did this huh but if something made him mad, he turns into bad
Karin: Oh he really mean it...and I already knew he was a monster back then...because Zack told me...

Zack: *whispers to Karin* Hey Karin do you wanna know something about Dennis?
Karin: What?
Zack: Dennis is more evil than you and also he's a monster...
Karin: *stares* Nobody...gets in my way of evil *growls* I'll see him later in recess...
-At Recess-
Dennis: *sigh sadly and sitting on the well*
Zack and Karin: *both stormed off to Dennis*
Dennis: *sees two people coming at him* Really guys? Are you gonna bully me more?
Zack: Yes and also Dennis..Karin got a little surprise for you...
Karin: *yells and then attacks Dennis off the well and stumble on the ground*
Dennis: Ahh! *tries to push her off* Stop it! Stop it! *his eyes flashes red and he growls more*
Karin: *punches Dennis and kicks him* Nobody is the best of being evil other than me!
Dennis: *growls and then hits her head to the well and then pushes her* Stop pushing me around! *growls and pushes her to the well*
Karin: *screams and falls into the well*
Zack: This is all Dennis' fault *goes to the teacher*
-End flashback-
dylan: oh ya DID made him mad because ya BULLIED him, karin, duh! zack is not bullying him anymore because he found out truth about it was misunderstood accident because his shadow powers he WAS cannot control his powers but now he controlled powers and your old classmates forgave him and they befriended him again BUT he didn't mean to because it was hard for him because shadow but he's not evil now! but zack don't remember because HIS dad almost kill zack, to make him forget what happen truth! but now zack's father died and they forgave him, and forgave dennis too! but now zack and Dennis are frienemy! ya were alive in well but zack LIED at ya now ya were dead in that well because no one rescue ya why zack didn't ask teacher to help ya get out of that well
Karin: I don't care...you watched the tape..you, your brother, Dennis, and Jin...a curse is a curse..it can't be control...*growls* Also...about what Zack said was all true...Dennis is a monster and I saw his eyes of anger. Eyes of evil inside of him just like me *tackles Dylan down*

dylan: oooofff! shut up! he's not really monster because it was not his fault! *grabs her and pin her on wall* look, karin LISTEN! why your parents or someone rescue ya to get out of well when ya were alive?! what IF your parents are worried about ya when they don't find ya! how ya know IF they hates ya this curse is nonsense!
Karin: They hate me and they don't care at all...

dylan: well, maybe we find out TRUTH if ya let us help ya ya don't know what or why about them, right? like, misunderstood like zack's father
Karin: Did you know I was adopted and they hated me for doing bad stuff that I'm doing?

dylan: hmm! well, how ya know ya were adopted when ya find out?
Karin: They told me...and also I used to be an orphan...

dylan: ahh i see *listens* do ya know what happen about your real parents?
Karin: No..*sigh sadly and turning herself to her old human self appearances, but still ghost*
dylan: well, let's see, your adopted parents just don't like what ya did do bad things as good reason because they trying do best to be help but ya ignored their help when ya made them mad or disappointed...*look at her* ah ya look nice in your old human self ghost but do ya miss both adopt parents or real parents so much? mm? *let her go and let her calming down* maybe ya and your adopted parents both had misunderstood, karin i bet ya want to see real parents, huh?
Karin: *turns back to her ugly ghost self* Nah I'm just lying to you *growls and lunges toward Dylan*

dylan: ?! AGH! *sweatdrop and grabs her*...liar….*glowing eyes scary than her*...I DISLIKE BAD LIARS! *roar mad at her*
Karin: *hits to the wall*

dylan: *tackles her and wrestles her* GRRRR! no wonder why your adopted parents were mad at ya!
Matthew: Hmm I wonder if you destroyed and burn the tape...
dylan: then BURN it!
Karin: *gasps when she heard what Matt said*
dylan: *grins* looks like we found weak spot
Matthew: I don't have fire?

dylan: *groan frustration* what about your wand?!*holding karin*
Matthew: Lost it...and guess what...I put powers on my butt *sits on the tape and fire fart on them to burn it*

dylan: dude!

Karin: *gasps* NOOOOOOOOOOO! *suddenly disappears to the light*
dylan: *let her go to light* good job, bro ha

Zhi: P-U...what's that smell?
dylan: *eyes turns back normal* whew! *to kin* how's jin and dennis?
shadow: yuck!
Matthew: The smell of my victory...
kin: oh lord!
kin: *hear dylan* oh let me check on them jin? *shake jin wake up*
Matthew: *look at Jin* Jin? The girl is gone...
kin: jin?
dylan: *shaking dennis wake up* cousin?
Jin: *his colors restoring back to normal* What? *shook his head* Wow...that girl scared the heck out of me...
kin: *relieved* oh thank goodness *hugs jin* i knew it! ya are not dead

dylan: dennis? *look at dennis*
Matthew: *goes to Dennis and pokes him* Dennis are you dead?

dylan: ? *tickles dennis*
kin: hmm?
Matthew: *feels Dennis' hands* Wow...his hands are cold...

dylan: kin! ya sure they did cpr him, right?
kin: yeah
dylan: then why he is cold?!
kin: i do not know! i put blanket on him
Matthew: I don't know and why is his face purple too?

dylan: it means he don't breathe!
Matthew: Hmm...maybe he's choking...

dylan: geez! cpr him again! *doing cpr him to unchoking*
Dennis: *a chicken bone came out of his mouth and his face turns back to normal again but not breathing*
Matthew: A chicken bone? *picks it up*
dylan: whew! *cpr him again to help him breathing*
kin: is that why he don't breath about bone?
Zhi: Guess so *took the chicken bone from Matt and chew on it*
shadow: oh my
Dennis: *suddenly breathes again and open his eyes as awake and rises up* Oh man...Karin...she's back *looks around* And where am I?

dylan: welcome back cousin ha no worries we solved this curse problem but ya choked by chicken bone...
kin: *giggling and hugs jin*
dylan: that karin went to light haha
Dennis: Oh I remembered now...Karin intangibly put the chicken bone in my neck and I choked on it...and glad that she's gone forever...
dylan: ohh that's why *sweatdrop*
kin: yeah
shadow: we didn't know she did that
Dennis: *looks down sadly* But I felt bad for what I did to her still...

dylan: oh! she did told me what happen but it was her fault to bully as wrong and i told her it was accident but she was lying about her parents
Dennis: Oh...
dylan: yeah *nods* no worries it was not your fault*hand on his shoulder* ya will be alright
Dennis: *stood up from bed* Okay..
dylan: mm? ya sure ya ok?
Dennis: I'm okay *nods*
Matthew: Ah...I just remembered the day in school when Carlos and Shang met Dylan...

dylan: if ya insist *hear matt*...haha i remember so what about that, bro?
Matthew: *heads in clouds and telling them a story*
The bell rings...
Carlos: Whoo! The first day of school begins!
Shang: *walks shyly into the school with Carlos* Help me please *stay close behind him*
Matthew: *by the hallway and talking to Dylan* Dylan, you are gonna meet my best friends of my life and they'll come to me anytime soon...anytime now..

Dylan: ah i will glad to meet them haha
Matthew: *sees Carlos and Shang on Carlos'back* oh here they are!
dylan: hmm?
Carlos: *smiles* Hey Matthew, I heard you have a half brother right?
Shang: *hides behind Carlos's head*
Matthew: Yes I do..*look at Shang* Oh come on Shang, Dylan is a nice person you know..

dylan: yo! *look at shang* mmm? *chuckles* why ya hiding?
Matthew: Dylan, this is Shang...the shy one and also...he is the nicest person I ever known in the school once you get to know him...and Carlos...he's the nice jock around the school...

dylan: nice meeting with ya boys! *winks*
Shang: Ahh! *grabs onto Carlos' legs*
Carlos: Will you stop doing that? *tries to walk around*

dylan: haha shang's cute when he is scared, bro

Matthew: Yeah..he is but don't worry, he'll get used to you..
-end flashback-

Matthew: *looks around and sees everyone missing* Dylan, Dennis, Zhi, Shadow, Kin, and Jin? Where are you?
Dennis: *from distance* Come on we're going home!

dylan: yeah come on, bro haha and i believe good times i met shang when shang's my boyfriend and mindy is my girlfriend *chuckles*
Matthew: Ahh! Wait for me *follows after them*