dylan: *look at park to remember memories about dennis or mark or friends years* mm
Henry: *look at the tree* So is this is the tree where you met grandpa?

dylan: *smiles and nods* yes, great nephew and jin sato too
Henry: Oh ...*looks amaze*
dylan: *chuckles* yeah...
Cecil: Let's see if I can climb this tree...*climbs on the tree trunk and clings onto it*

dylan: be careful, cecil
austin and dustin: ha cecil likes to climb
Yasuo: Well, it's not possible...
Henry: *sees Yona and Kimmy again* Did we just saw those girls back in the beach?
austin and dustin: yes we think so, henry
kimmy: whee! it's nice here, yona
flint: *sneaking up at shun*
Yona: Yeah I see that...
Shun: *holding his father's hands* Can we go and get some ice cream?
flint: *sees shun's father*
kimmy: ooh is that henry?
Aku: *look down at Shun* Well, you know your mother is acting like a child and your sister is a baby
Shun: What's wrong with ice cream? Are you scared of it?
Aku: *his face turned red* No...I'm just scared of the cold
flint: *cover mouth to stop snickering*
dylan: *sees aku* oh hello aku are ya visiting here in this park?
Aku: *look at Dylan and nods* Is this is where my father meets you?
dylan: oh yes *nods* same place where near this tree
austin and dustin: hey, henry it's shun is here
kimmy: *look at henry and waves hi to henry*
Henry: *look away from Kimmy*
kimmy: guess he still shy
Shun: *look at Henry* So Henry, guess what I brought...*smiled* Rui's creepy stuffed tiger!
Henry: *look at the tiger and shrieks and he jumps super high into the tree and clings onto the branches*
Cecil: Oh my, that's some big jump!
Henry: *suddenly, his hand made the tree wilted as dead*
dylan: Oo! ohh henry!

austin and dustin: *stares at shun* not cool
Cecil: *gets off the dead tree and sees Henry lowering down* Now you just killed the tree
Henry: *look at Cecil* Sorry, I didn't mean to
dylan: *sighs* it's alright i will fix this*get henry down and hand on tree to makes spell on tree is alive again*
Cecil: That's ok Henry, it's just a tree.
Shun: *crosses arm* Not any kind of tree *nods* I wonder where's Rui and Xiao?

xiao: *behind shun* ya call us?*look at tree* nice save, dylan
dylan: *pats henry as forgiven*
Shun: *look at Xiao Yeah..and who's watching mom?
xiao: ah, my sung taking care of your mom, shun
dylan: *watching henry playing with kids*
Shun: Ok and also, where's your son?
xiao: he's behind ya, shun
Shun: *turns around and saw Rui and gasps*
Rui: *smiles* Hello Shun and I see you got someone behind you
Shun: *turns around and saw Flint* It's you again
flint: *chuckles and waves at shun*
Shun: If I see your face one more time, I'll put ice in your pants!
flint: haha nice trying to scare me and ya don't know my name if ya want to know my name
dylan: *chatting with aku and xiao about memories of past*
Shun: Well, it's Mint!
flint: ...so close enough but it's flint hmm cool tiger ya got, shun
Shun: Thanks
Henry: *sees another black cat crossing his path* What's this cat doing here?
flint: *chuckles* no problem *hear henry* hmm
kimmy: maybe cat looking for fish?
Henry: *goes for it and tries to hug it*
kimmy: ohh careful with your hand, henry
Henry: *didn't hear what Jimmy said and he hugs the cat*
Zhi: *bites Henry's arms*
kimmy: oh my
shadow: meow! zhi!
Henry: Ow! *let go of Zhi*
Zhi: *turns into fox form* Pay back for throwing pocky sticks at me!
shadow: ohh
austin and dustin: ya did tossed sticks at zhi, henry?ooh not cool zhi was your grandpa's pet, henry
Henry: *whimpers*
shadow: *calms zhi* he didn't mean to ya know because he's too young to understand to meet ya o:
dylan: *goes to henry* what's wrong…ohh *to zhi* i wish ya shouldn't bite him, zhi

shadow: he was confused remember, zhi when he was baby toddler
Zhi: Well...also, did you know he killed some fox animals too?
dylan: *sighs* again? i told him to wear the glove but he don't want, zhi, ya see ya know he didn't mean to kill because it's hard to control power of death hand
Zhi: Well imagine if the death hand could kill himself
shadow: zhi! ya know he is dennis's grandson
Zhi: *lies down on the grass*
dylan: i know ya are mad but ya should know he didn't mean, ok? give him chance
Henry: *looking around and sees a ghostly figure standing near by the swing* Hmm?
dylan: *to henry* ya ok?
kimmy: what ya looking at, henry?
Henry: *he goes near by the ghostly figure*
dylan: hmm?
shadow: *cheering zhi up*
flint: *hugs shun* isn't he silly, rui?
Rui: Um why are you hugging, Shun?
flint: i dunno why but i don't help it when i like him *blinks at rui and tilt head* but he's funny
kimmy: *goes to henry*?
Shun: *look at Flint* I AM NOT FUNNY!
Henry: Hello? *spoke behind the figure*
Dr. Ewell: *turns around and notices Henry* ...*studies his face* Are you..the grandson?
dylan: *notice ewell*?!
xiao: ohh ya met my dad, guys
Henry: *nods* And who are you?
flint: aw come on shun ya always make me laugh
Dr. Ewell: I am Dr. Ewell, I am a former Ghost Striker Agent
xiao: *rolls eyes* huh…no one hear what i said
Henry: What's a ghost striker?
Dr. Ewell: You don't wanna know.
Henry: *look at Dr. Ewell* Why are you dead?
Dr. Ewell: *sighed* Long story, your grandpa killed me.
dylan: *walks to them and look at ewell* ah long time no see
Henry: *didn't look surprise and sees Dylan coming to get him*
Dr. Ewell: *sees Dylan* Oh hey twit.
dylan: don't call me "twit" and ya know i do have name *sweatdrop* well, what bring ya here?

kimmy: are ya ok, henry?
Dr. Ewell: Walker let me free
Henry: *look at Kimmy and said nothing to her*
Dylan: ah alright and my guess ya visiting here too?

kimmy: ? *smiles at henry* did i something wrong?
Henry: *look at Dr. Ewell* Ooh what do you really do?
flint: *hold up boxers* guess whose boxers?
Dr. Ewell: I hurt ghosts, kid.
Shun: *look at Flint and ignores*
flint: *chuckles* it's yours, shun i have no idea ya like tigers on this boxers, shun
Shun: Blame Rui
Rui: *sweatdrops*
flint: ha why i blame rui? waaaait...ya and rui are….?
Shun: Because he brought the influence
Rui: I'm just his servant you know
flint:...*stares at rui then look at shun* ya own slave, shun?
Shun: Yep
flint: ssssswweet

xiao: *goes to ewell* hello, dad
flint: i wonder what ya plan with your slave, shun
Dr. Ewell: *sees Xiao* Hello son and what brings you here?
xiao: oh i came to visit with my son when my sung taking care of kristy
Shun: The plan is..Rui brings me the cookies, sweets, juice, make cakes, and food
flint: ahh…what about dress him to wear girl clothes?
Dr. Ewell: *roll eyes* Whatever *look down at Henry* You better watch out for your powers, your powers could eat you and turn you into a skeleton. *walks away*
kimmy: why ya ignore or not talk with me, henry?
dylan: hey! be nice, ewell
Henry: *blinks at Ewell and look at Kimmy and looks down sadly*

xiao:….ya are not visit to see us, dad?
kimmy:….? aw don't be sad, henry
Dr. Ewell: I'm only here to find the grandson to give him a message from his God...
dylan:...?! *sighs* oh boy...ya sure? *look at henry*
Dr. Ewell: Only the matter of times if he reaches sadness at his peak.

dylan: *squeeze hands* i won't let it happen
xiao: *blinks*
kimmy: wanna play with ball, henry?
Dr. Ewell: Anyway, I better go..*walks and disappear*
Henry: *look at Kimmy* I don't know you.

kimmy:...? but we met at beach remember? i did told ya about my name last time i thought ya want some nice friends
Henry: And I never saw you...my friends are my family. *walks away from her*

kimmy: but…. *pouts* is it because ya don't like girls?
Yona: *look at Kimmy and pats her shoulder* He has no feelings for real friendship you know, I wonder if he goes to school

kimmy: *look up at yona and look down*
Yona: You don't see him in kindergarten right? Maybe he's homeschooled and unsocial?
flint: hehe *whisper to rui* do ya like shun? like, "like-like"?
kimmy: guess ya are right but good reason about they makes sure he's safe because his "death hand" to keep kids away from hand well, his mom did told us last time at beach
Yona: The one with yellow hair?

kimmy: *nods* yes that's her
Yona: She looks old to me to be a mom
Shun: *look at Flint and growls* No. He's older than me *stomps Flint's feet*flint: ow! what for that?

kimmy: well, guess she's grandma, right
Shun: Can I say one more thing? *yells into Flint's ears* I HATE YOU!
Yona: Yep and also, I kept wondering about the Caller fight, I wonder if it gonna be harsh.
flint: *ringing in hear and slaps ear* ya mean ya love me
kimmy:….*look down worrying*
Shun: NO! *jumps into Aku's arms* DAD! I WANNA GO HOME! TAKE ME HOME! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!
flint: see, rui? he's funny
dylan: hmm? is your son okay, aku?
Aku: *look at Shun and sweatdrops* Now he's acting spoiled...*sweatdrops again and then teleports to him home*
flint: aww
Rui: *look at Flint* Because you mess with his mind I gotta go when the master leaves *teleports*
Cecil: *laughed at Shun's attitude* Omg, he acts like a four years old
xiao: guess it's time to go back to aku and my sung *sighs* sorry dylan and see ya *teleport after rui, aku*
Henry: *sees an X that marks the spot* Ooh..*steps on the X*
flint: hmm? aw it was just beginning fun *pouts and goes back yona and kimmy*
dylan: wait what ya doing, henry...
X: *turned into a hole and made Henry fall into the ground and the X closes up again*
dylan: *grabs henry away from spot*oh great...this spot "X" trap
Cecil: Yay...I wonder who made it *steps on the X and waits*
X: ...*nothing happens*
Cecil: *stomps on the X more*

dylan: allow me, cecil...*goes on X* i gonna blast this "X"
Cecil: Ok *moves away*
dylan: *blast X to open it*
X: *appears to be a long hole and dark*
dylan: henry! ya hear me?
austin and dustin: ooh it appears be secret tunnel!*goes into hole* wheeee!
dylan: *facepalm*why i feel like going to "alice's wonderland"?
Henry: *by the end of the tunnel he meets a Demon World and fiery and hot* *starts sweating*

dylan: melanie, jin, keep eye on kids and i going find henry and twins *goes into hole*
jin: oh great why they always after grandpa dennis' family, huh, melanie
Melanie: Because of grandpa's curse of being a dark halfa?
dustin and austin: *sees henry* hey whoa! it's hot here
jin: guess so but we hope someday henry will free of this silly curse
Henry: *look around and saw lots of cat demons down here* Cats!
austin and dustin: oooh cool! they are cat demons, henry
dylan: *comes to them and notice cat demons* ahh i know this place...
Henry: *sees the leader of the cat demon*
Bakeneko: *look at Henry and Austin and Dustin and Dylan* Ooh look do we have here
dylan: ah hello old friend
dustin and austin: ya know him?
dylan: yeah i met him years ago when i fought bad dragon
cat spirit: *appear next dustin* meow meow hello bakeneko!
Bakeneko: Yep *nods*

dylan: *chuckles* well, i notice your secret tunnel but why use this tunnel?
austin and dustin: *pats cats*
Bakeneko: Also, there were some cat spirits were complaining about Henry was killing them too
Henry: *feels bad and takes a step back*
dylan: *facepalm then sighs* ya know he really didn't mean to because he doing best to control to his "death touch" and he's too young to understand about this, ya see he's good boy as sweet one and and he don't want wear glove for his reason
austin and dustin: we are sure he's sorry and we hope ya forgive him
Bakeneko: Hmm ok *accepted the facts* But also, we heard about his death from Clockwork

dylan: ...?! which?
austin and dustin: uncle clockwork was here?
Bakeneko: Teen Henry and yes, an hour ago and that's why I put an X on that spot. About his death, Henry seems to suffer from depression and lies down in the hospital bed and his powers were eating him inside to death well, i just won't let that happen, bakeneko

Bakeneko: Not only he can do the death touch but he can use the death touch against himself

dylan:...ah...i see
austin and dustin: so ewell telling truth, grandmom

Bakeneko: And also, that same curse that was haunting Dennis and Mark. It won't go away till they're Shadows
dylan: *growl frustration* i will make sure he free of that curse *sighs*

austin and dustin: are ya sure, grandmom?
Bakeneko: The only way was to break the curse was to let him go
dylan: ...alright i see

dustin and austin: wait but what about love? i mean, love helps him happy
Bakeneko: Only true love will save him from the curse if one can see through his face to prevent him from being a Shadow, but that'll only weaken him

dylan: hmm!
austin and dustin: well, if that could save his life
Bakeneko: Love could save him from depression and Shadow, but the Shadow powers will be weaken and helpless like Mark and Dennis. They died for love of their family

austin and dustin: *look each other and look at bakeneko* what if they remove shadow?
dylan: mark did not kill himself, bakeneko because he was murdered
Bakeneko: Not possible since the Shadow eats half of the soul and remember how his grandpa Dennis was cursed by Vera?

dylan:...yes i do remember
Bakeneko: It's like signing a petition permanently

austin and dustin: oh man
Bakeneko: But did you understand why love weaken Shadow of Evil so much, even though you're a soldier through the battlefield?

dylan: *sighs* yeah...

austin and dustin: *look up at their grandma then blinks as realized and look for henry*

Bakeneko: *look behind Dylan and Dustin and Austin* I don't know where Henry go

dylan: ohh...
Henry: *peeks out of the hole to the surface and gets out of the hole*
Cecil and Yasuo: *helped him*
austin and dustin: i think he went up to surface
dylan: *sighs* guess he didn't hear what we talked
Bakeneko: Oh looks like this is it, I think I'll see you next time, Dylan and kids
austin and dustin: *goes up surface to meet kids*

dylan: *nods at bakeneko* i believe, yes and see ya *goes teleport to meet them up surface*
Cecil: Hey Dustin! *pulls Dustin's tail to help him*

dustin: ahh! my tail! *sweatdrops when got out of hole*
Don: *look down at them* So how was it guys?
Henry: Good *smiles*

austin: *climb out of hole* well, it was cool *look at Dustin*
dylan: *appears at them*
Don: Where's - never mind but how was it?

dylan: *makes cover on hole by spell* ah...*sighs* it was okay but just old friend visit
jin: it's time to go back home, right?
dylan: wait where's matt and shang?
Don: They went home and so are the kids and people from the park too

dustin and austin: ah they are waiting for us at home then
dylan: *sighs* yeah
*everyone went home together with henry*
Don: Yep and also, you look worried back there, Dylan, what makes you feel like it?

dylan: oh they gave me messages future of henry's life like my dreams but long story, don
Don: Oh ok
Henry: *hears his name* What life?

dylan: oh nothing but ya will get strong someday *smiles tiny* ohh! i remembered i planning to see jin sato in the spirit world...
Henry: Yay! Let's go!
Clara: Nuh uh!
Henry: Huh? *look at Clara*
dylan: *blinks* ahh
Clara: You need nap *carries Henry and brings him to his room*
dustin and austin: guess ya go alone to see jin sato
Don: *sweatdrops* Ah ok, Dylan, I'll see ya later

dylan: she's good to be mother, ya know *chuckles* oh be sure keep your dad out of trouble, don
Don: Ok *smiles* See ya *goes to his room*
dylan: good see ya don and kids *teleport to spirit world to see jin*