Her Bestfriend's Brother

Jesse sat with her feet in the sofa as her parents hurried to their last min packing for leave for tomorrow morning to Fork land because Nanny Sia was in the hospital. And she couldn't go because it would look bad for her last week as a senior to take an early vacation that would be on her school file and the college wouldn't accept it or so say mom kept yapping to her a million times. She didn't get how her dad was ok with it but her mom wasn't.

"Mom can I please go?"Jessie tried her last beg.

"Jessie Izabela Scarlet I said no. You have school and I'm not letting you miss a week of it"

"But Nanny..."

"You know you only want to go so you can hang out at the house!". She had to admit the house was pretty cool. It had everything. Its own outside and inside pool, a hair salon, a closet in each room the size of her bedroom and bathroom in one, the library, media room...everything. "And don't think for one min I'm leaving you here by yourself"

"You have got to be joking. Seriously mom? I'm 18"

"Well I don't want you having a party in here and then burning the house down!"

"One time! That was one time mom! And it was the beach house!"

"So? And the beach house was rented. You would think that after 5 years we would be done paying for the damages"

"Gosh you are unbelievable" Jesse said and got up and stormed into her room and slammed the door.

"What am I doing wrong John?" she asked her husband as he held her small frame into a warm embrace.

"Maybe if you stop bring up the past. She has been through enough. And you know she didn't start that fire"

Missy swigged opened the door just as Jesse's feet landed the porch.



"I can't believe your mom finally let you sleep over my house" Missy, Jessie's best friend squeaked. "And when my brother is back too!"

"Wayne is here?"

"In the flesh and blood!" Wayne, Missy's older brother, said as he came out of nowhere onto the porch stopping right behind Jesse. Jesse slowly turned to the boy who was her first real crush, her first kiss, this college...BABE! He was now all muscles, that wrapped around his arms, thighs, chest and she bet his cute round butt. He was what girls fantasized about and read about. With his crystal blue eyes, full lips and a dimple at his mouth corner when he smiled...bittersweet memories!

"Close your mouth Jesse" Missy said as she pushed passes me to get my suitcase."I was just as surprised too!"

Jesse sat stretched out in Missy's bed reading a steamy historical love novel when Mrs. Nelson walked in.

"Now you sure you girls don't want to come?" she said. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson were two hips wanna be youngs with Mrs. Nelson dressing like a cheap slut and Mr. Nelson dressing like a gangster from the South. But they were great characters of a people with different views on how one should live there last days than everybody else.

"No mama" Missy called from the bathroom. She then turned to Jesse and she shook head and held up the book.

"Aw I see" she said with a smile. "Well Wayne will be babysitting while we are gone."

"I don't need a babysitter mom" Missy said has she walked out the bathroom with face cream on her face.

"Yes you do... Remember what happens when you take your medication. Oh do remember" she said and kissed Missy on her head. "Plus what if Jesse here gets bored and needs a little company" she replied as she backed out the room and closed the room.

"Gross mama!"Missy said as she heard her mom laugh while Jesse blushed uncontrollable. "I swear I'm the only adult in this house!"

Missy lied stretched out on her bed as the full effect of her medication took over. Jesse threw the sheet over her and tucked her in.

"How long would she be asleep?" Wayne said as he walked into Missy's room.

"I couple of hours I guess. Three to four" Jesse replied as she took up her book from the bedside table and headed out the room but before she could Wayne caught her arm.

"Why so hostile to me Jen?" he asked using the name she dearly hates just to get under her skin.

"Let go of me" she said as she pulled her arm away from him. "And get my name right!" With that she left the room.

When Wayne finally went to look for her, he found her on a lawn chair under a tree at the back of the house, reading one of those cheese boring love books girls so love to read.

"Why read when you got the real thing here?"He whispered in her ear from behind. She jumped with fright just as he had expected she would then she started to blush when she turned to him and saw him smiling.

"Because the book has my type of man" she said as he took a sit at the chair next to hers.

"Really, didn't know you had a type. It was just the other day when you and I first kissed..."

"I was a child then. I'm a woman now."

"I have notice." Indeed he had notice, fuller breast, curvy hips, nice round bottom, smooth slender legs and more mature in the face. Yeah he had noticed alright and had a boner and wild fantasies right after. "Look Jessie..."

"You said my name" she whispered loud enough so he could hear.

"Yeah I haven't forget the first girl who kissed me and I got a full boner. Well the only. And since you are 18 we can finish what we started". Jesse blushed deeply but was determined to do just that. After all she was an 18 year old virgin who read sex book, watched porn and used a vibrater to cease the sexual tension growing in her. Hell yeah she was going to lose her virginity before college.

As Jessie toyed with Wayne, his manliness grew and grew longer and fatter and seems to pulse to life when she gripped him firmly and started to twist and stroke. She slowly built to a faster pace all the while her hands ran along his entire length.

"I'm I doing okay?" she asked.

"Just great...too great if you ask me" he strained out as he held back the need to ram her mouth open but she was new at this and he would have to wait. "Suck my cock". Jesse lowered her head to his length and inch by inch took him in her mouth, he was a very large man and it would be physically impossible for her to take all of him. Again she stretched her lips to accommodate his size then sucked his cock while her hands continued the steady pace of stroking him until he cum into her mouth with a loud cry and she tried to swallow as much as the sticky moist ooze. She tapped at his balls where the rest of the juice escaped.

"My turn..."Wayne said.

Jessie was spread out on the Nelson's lawn chair naked with Wayne Nelson licking down at her pleasure spot like a feast he longed for. He ran his fingers up her legs and then spread her folds and applied pressure with his thumb. She released a soft moan when he pushed two fingers in and started to stretch her.

"So wet and all of me!" he said then lapped at her juice. He pushed deeper inside as she moans grew louder, replacing his fingers with his tough which was bless to be long and powerful when sticking. His tough reached to meet her smooth moist flesh. One hand grasped her inner thigh and the other her butt as his tough penetrated her sweet walls as deep as he could he could feel himself sucking and stabled her has she grew in making delightful little moans and begs. It wasn't long before it had a mild orgasm where he made sure to drink her juices.

Wayne adjoined the lawn chair to a flat as Jesse lay on her back with her bottom to the edge of the chair. He kneed down at her entrance as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He slowly and gently pushed into her to allow her to accommodate his large size, he deepen his penetration to the max as she felt him stretch her to the point of impossibilities. She didn't mind the pain at all as she picked up a much faster pace. The pounding of his big cock in her gave her vaginal walls the stimulation of a life time. He picked up a speed that was impossibly human that she could tell if he was in or out but it felt so good.

""Oh Jesse..."

"UMMM...now. You are...AWWWW YEAH...My first everythin'..."she broke off in split scream as wave after wave of ejaculation came into her along with her own juices. He limped on top of her as they fought for breathe.


"Missy?" both Wayne and Jesse said at the same time as they snapped their heads to the direction of the back door.