Nothing ever really changes
You just tell yourself it does
And all of the anger rages
And all of it because
One simple choice you coulda made
That you fucked up like you do
Now nothing is what you thought
And your thoughts are misconstrued
Enraged by my present
And pissed off by my past
Nothing that i fuckin want
Will ever fucking last
No matter how hard i try
No matter how much that i take
Its always the same shit
And in hell ill be safe...
Chained up from sins
And held by my truths
Everything i did for you
Was because u were my noose
I hung myself so fuckin high for you
Now watch the rope swing and snap
Just like you expected
Once again i broke my back
Nothings ever good enough
And nothin will ever be
So no need for your bullshit
Hurry up and let me be...
Hurt by betrayel
And enraged from your lies
Instead of dealin with you
Id rather fuckin die
Im so sick of how you treat me
Like nothing was ever there
So let me go, jus let me go
And let my screams fill the air
Theres nothing you can say now
Cause everytime i see your face
I remember all the fuckin hurt...
I remember all the hate...
I wish that it was different
Although im sure your so content
Living in your little world
While im broken down and bent...
Ties that bind around my soul
When i see her little face
Enraged by jus a thought of you
Taking sumones place...
This wasnt supposed to be like this
But ofcourse you had your way
And i sit in misery alone
Drinkng every night and day...

What more could you want from me i beg to know
Is it my soul that you want cause u ripped it long ago...
Nothing else is left within this shell
A tattered husk i relive hell...
And i relive hell...

Deceit has laid its hand on me
And i am just condemned...
No matter how much i could do for you
To you my will just wouldnt bend...
And for that i lost everything
Because i wanted something more...
No look at me...jus look at me...
Enraged by a whore...