~ What do you want from me? ~

Another internet chat, another giggle to cheer me up.

Pardon? What did you just say? I look back over my history, yes, I was correct.

You have a wife, children, cars, jobs, perfect fucking everything for you.

I've had my time in 'family hell'.

I've been the daughter, sister, girlfriend, fiance, wife, mother, adulterous.

Now I'm the divorcee.

One time a girlfriend, and once the 'other woman'.

He got his decree nisi and now I'm on my own.

Now I'm me.

I hold my head high.

You banter, you flirt, just cheekiness you suppose.

But really you are the sort looking for someone to be your next affair.

Mr Launching Place, Mr Morwell, Mr Geelong, Mr Ballarat, Mr Ferntree Gully.

Mr Your Town, I think not. Call it prejudice if you wish.

I've had enough, searching for love.

We laid down, whenever I awoke you were always there for me to cuddle.

Arms wrapped around to keep me safe.

When you awoke, you'd reach out for me to cuddle you and make safe too.

One Tuesday the sky and air changed. One Tuesday the world fractured. One Tuesday I couldn't speak.

I wanted to say "Stay, please don't go? What are you talking about? I just don't understand."

But maybe my heart and gut pulled the real me into submission. Dumb struck.

After the shock waves, I am so appreciative that you abandoned me, but not us.

Is this what you want for your wife, your children, your perfect family?

Is this really what you want for you?

Please reconsider, I'm somewhat flattered but I think, I thank you not!