With Passing Months

* A Warm Day *
I was talking to this lady Emily who I have known for a while. She just had a baby girl and she looked absolutely adorable. We talked for a bit near the cereal aisle about nothing in particular. But she ended up mentioning that Daniel's sister Suzy works at Rhinos down the street and happened to find an interest in new guy. I know Suzy back from middle school and we talked a few times but nothing more than that. Supposedly she likes how reserved he is and they exchange conversations all the time when he comes to visit her at Rhinos. Well Emily said that Suzy and him were planning on having a get together sometime with some friends. So that ended up with Emily inviting me because she doesn't want to go alone. I said okay and I guess we are meeting up this Friday. Secretly I know one of Suzy's coworkers who I am hoping will be there. He is pretty handsome his voice is quite... nice. Maybe I should dress a little more than casual. Anyway I think this will be fun and a much needed outing!