WARNING: This story is a continuation of He's a Bastard. Though it might be read as a stand alone, it is advisable to read HAB first.




Intro- Best Men


"Did you have to bring that thing with you? Didn't it cause enough trouble for everyone?"

I shifted my gaze from possible wedding gifts to my partner's incredulous face. I took a deep breath and let my gaze fall back to the objects on display. "He promised to behave. And, if he doesn't, he'll face my wrath." I replied as my hand subconsciously began to pet the top of my miniature companion's head. Vianis began to rub and butt up against my fingers in a show of affection.

For the past year, the water serpent had been encased in a jar of blue Vim. Day after day, I would stare at the jar and a miniature set of navy blue eyes would gaze back with a mixture of woe and respect. After much arguing with Revelin, he allowed me to release the grateful water serpent. Vianis had remained in a miniature form and took to my side ever since.

"I owe my newfound freedom, life, and respect to Wanderer Cyrus," Vianis hissed towards Revelin. "He bested me at my peak of power, but chose not to kill me. Until the day that I can return such a debt, I vow to be by his side and protect him."

Revelin let out a snort beside me. "How do you expect to protect him if you can barely protect yourself?"

"I should ask you the same question!"

"Alright, you two, knock it off," I chastised when I caught the two of them glaring at one another. "We're here to attend a wedding, not crash it."

"Don't you mean two weddings?" Revelin pointed out.

"Does it matter? A double wedding then." I retorted.

"Prince 'brat' will be Prince Saul's best man. Then, the brat will marry Prince Damien, where I'll be Prince Damien's best man…"

"And I'm Prince Duncan's best man," I finished. "It's not as complicated as it sounds."

"Why is everyone in such a rush to get hitched anyway? They only needed one pair for the peace to be upheld between the two kingdoms." My partner mused aloud.

"Revelin," I stated. "Just because you and I have just about the biggest commitment issues in the universe doesn't mean that others are just as afraid to take the plunge…"

"So, you admit it's a frightening plunge!" He teased with a grin on his face. I couldn't help the small smile on my face as I shook my head at him in disbelief.

We did our best to find adequate gifts for the two couples and headed back towards the castle. As we passed through the entrance hall, we caught sight of two- no, three familiar faces. Alexandra's hair had grown down to her shoulders, but Verity's hair remained short and pixie-like. Next to Verity sat the same arctic dragon that had aided in our efforts to take back Revelin's family mansion the previous year. I glanced at the dragon and raised my eyebrow at Revelin. "Now, what was that you were saying about my bringing Vianis along…?"

Verity squinted her brown eyes at the small water serpent draped over my shoulders. "I still prefer dragons."

"At this point, so might I," Revelin muttered.

"Hey, I heard that!" I huffed. "Leave Vianis alone, everyone deserves a second chance…or perhaps a third, in his case." I added in a slightly deflated tone of voice.

"Can I hold him?" Alexandra asked, holding out her hands as I passed him over to her. "Aww, how could someone with such soft scales be so bad?"

"…" Revelin's face turned red with frustration for a moment. "Fine. I see what it is. Since none of you were the most directly affected by the wanna-be eel, it's easy to forgive and forget all of last year's troubles. To. Each. Their. Own." He concluded as he stomped off towards our room.

"I…better go help calm him down," I said as I turned back towards Alexandra and Verity. "Do you two think you can keep an eye on him for a little while?" I asked. After seeing them both nod and smile, I leaned down to look Vianis in the eye. "Remember your vows and behave."

"I will behave, but I do not hold myself accountable for the other people around me." Vianis conceded.

I rolled my eyes. "That'll have to do for now." I walked in the direction that my partner had taken, figuring that he'd gone to our room to sulk. But, as I turned the third corner of the hallway, my hazel eyes widened. Some strange man had all but thrown himself at Revelin and I could have sworn that I saw his tongue disappear into my partner's mouth. I didn't even recognize the growl that rumbled in the back of my throat as I walked towards them. "I thought that my days of finding you in compromising positions with other people were over long ago, Wanderer Revelin Eferize."

I caught sight of Revelin's trembling blue irises briefly before my fist collided with the side of the stranger's cheek.