The Bitten

"Come on Anna, I want to show you something." Lucas said, stopping to look at me. We were in the woods behind my house, usually I wouldn't have a problem with being out here, but we were far out. Plus, with the light of the full moon hidden by dark looming clouds, it didn't help the sudden anxiety I was feeling.

I shook my head, even though he wouldn't see it in the dark. "I-I don't know Lucas. I don't think its safe out here." I tried to keep my voice as calm as possible, but I couldn't keep the quiver out of it. Lucas's face turned up into a sneer.

"What Anna, scared of the dark scary woods? Huh?" He taunted, making me flinch. He had never talked to me this way. Suddenly anger rose in me. Since when was I a weak girl?

"You know what? Screw you." I let as much venom I could gather drip from my words. I couldn't believe he was acting like this. I turned to leave, but Lucas's hand shot out and gripped my arm.

"You're not going anywhere." He growled. Fear bubbled in the pit of my stomach. I tried to jerk away but his hand had a vice like grip on my forearm. This wasn't my Lucas. My Lucas would never touch me in a threatening way.

"Please let me go. I wont tell anyone." I pleaded, unsure of what I wouldn't tell. A crazed cackle came from his throat.

"You'll love me for this one day." was all he said until he sunk to the ground. I stood in a horrified shock, unable to move, as I watched my best friend turn into a half man, half wolf beast, right before my eyes.

His body shuddered and his skin seemed to roll over the bones that were breaking inside him. Fur sprouted, appearing on his body in waves. A loud, pain filled cry filled the air before it abruptly cut off, turning into a howl.

I stumbled back in fear, my eyes wide. Then, I did the one thing I shouldn't have done. I turned, and ran. And of course the beast was on me in seconds.

I cried out as it clamped its jaws around my torso. I tired to move, to get away, but his claws held me down, every small moment giving me a new cut.

The pain was indescribable. It was like a million sharp, alcohol dipped knives digging into my side, shredding my skin easily.

It seemed to only get worse when the wolf finally let go and got off me. I used what little strength I still had to make an attempt to get up, but I slumped back to the ground right away. So I laid there as fire flooded into my veins, my cheek resting on the cold ground, tears being absorbed by the earth beneath me,

Soon a blackness hovered over my broken consciousness, like it was asking for permission to engulf me. Was this what death felt like, I wondered as I slipped into nothingness.

So this is another one of my old werewolf stories i found. These werewolves though only change on the full moon, and they are half man, half wolf beasts with only bloodlust on the mind. On the full moon their humanity slips away and its all carnal instinct left. REVIEW!