People like to hate on the word YOLO1. Almost as soon as it left former Degrassi star and current most popular Canadian rapper Aubrey "Drake Wheelchair Drizzy" Grahams mouth it became an almost overnight cultural phenomenon quickly replacing swag as the go to word to use around square whit people, and almost as soon as it started appearing on t shirts and snapbacks the backlash began. Fueled by cultural elitism and latent racism young men in old suits quickly denounced YOLO and the supposed lifestyle around it as a sign of the decline of western civilization2 The level of hate reached an apex in early 2012 when two young men wearing snapbacks and Jordans were viciously beaten by a group of college republicans after one was heard saying Why you scared to swag on these ho's bruh yolo" The Police declined to prosecute citing a lack of eyewitnesses although the Chief of police was later heard off the record saying "We really don't give a fuck about black people" Nationwide protest erupted but nothing actually happened.3 I wasn't sure if sharing my thoughts on this was a good idea but... YOLO. That's my motivation for writing this, I want to prevent anymore tragedy's like this from happening in the future by clearing up any and all misconceptions about this word, and hopefully laying down a blueprint by which you can use YOLO in your own life.

YOLO isnt just an acronym. Most people think it means you only live once and while that's technically true it is so much more than a Canadian Carpe Diem or motto for bros at EDM "concerts"YOLO is an all purpose tool as effective as a hammer and as versatile as a swiss army knife, its two syllables roll off the tongue and the capital O sounds tend to dominate any sentence it occupies. Needless to say if YOLO had been camped out at Wall Street in 2012 not only the entire financial system would be reformed but we would be well on our way to economic equality for all4.

YOLO is life affirming its a shot of motivation in an apathetic world think of all the good that could be done if instead of being glued to the tv people said YOLO and did stuff, like I'mma be environmentally responsible YOLO, I'mma work as an activist for an issue I care about YOLO, or even YOLO I'mma go back to school/start my novel/try acid. YOLO is a word that goes against the negativity of modern life YOLO is open and permissive instead of saying no you cant it says yes you can, you can make the team ask the girl out or get the job. It instills courage and fights fear Its current status as slang obscures the fact that Shakespeare himself could have coined it had he been alive today5.

1I like to call these people haters or in certain cases republicans.

2If only

3Partly cus I made the story up but it sounds like it could happen.

4YOLO is not a friend of Ayn Rand

5Whether Drake is the reincarnation of Shakespeare is an entirely different discussion althou I prefer to think he's A.A Milne