The One You Left Behind


As minutes tick over, the hours drag on,

And so does the beat of my heart carry on.


Though rhythm is sparse, it still keeps a beat,

As in through the window comes the sound of the street.


The people walk by with joy and with cheer

The sound of laughter and singing I loved to hear.


But here in my darkness the memories give way,

And slowly but surely my sanity does fray.


Has it been days or has it been years?

All of your letters are stained with my tears…


They lie here dog-eared, faded and stained,

The bits and pieces of you that remained.


Surely these feelings will someday give way,

But an engraving weathers not in a day…


So in stillness I sit, smothered by the past,

Hoping that none of these sensations will last.


So here I sit slowly growing numb

Whishing, like you had, eternal rest would come.