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Chapter Nineteen


Mama placed himself protectively between Alex and me and the door. He held me in his lap, his hands stroking my hair, whispering soft words of comfort to me. Alex was sitting in front of me, holding my hands in his lap.

I could feel my mama shaking under me, and that scared me, if these shifters scared my mama, then they had to be powerful.

My mama leaned down and rested his head on mine. "Kira, Lex, why don't you two try to get some rest." He said.

That was easy enough for me, I felt exhausted, so I just reached out for Alex and the two of us settled down side by side on the ground. I knew by the awareness in my twin's eyes, he wasn't going to sleep.

Mama let me sleep for hours, and when I woke up, Alex was snuggled against my side, his breathing slow and deep. I glanced up at my brother, he was sleeping deeply, a deep frown on his lips.

I jumped when my mama scream echoed around the room and I looked up. Mama wasn't sitting in front of Alex and I anymore, he was across the room, crumpled underneath a tall man with short black hair and deep black eyes. "Mama!" I shouted as the man knelt down beside him.

Mama opened his bright violet eyes and the tall man looked at me. "Ah, it looks like your baby woke up." He said, his voice low and smooth.

"Don't touch my son!" mama shouted, his body lowering to give himself over to Engel as he shouted.

The tall man smiled and as he smiled he flashed his pearly white teeth. I saw it then, his elongated canines, he was a vampire.

"Mommy," I whispered.

"Don't worry little one, I'm not going to hurt your mommy." The black-eyed vampire said. "And I won't hurt your children," he turned back to my mommy. "I'm going to make you a proposition Luka and you have five minutes to think it through and either accept or decline."

"And what if I don't want to hear it," Mama growled.

"Then you can and your sons can suffer through whatever Conner has planned for you." The vampire said, his teeth biting into his lower lip.

"Mama," I motioned to stand but my mama shook his head sharply.

"Stay there baby, stay with Alex." He said. "I'll hear you out,"

"I'm forming alliances across the country with supernaturals of all kinds, shifters, fae, witches, you name it," the tall vampire said.

"Why?" mama asked.

"To fight against the arising demon army." The vampire said plainly. "Your pack is one of the most powerful in the area, if I could get the cooperation of your mate, he could rally the other shifters into action."

"What are you suggesting?" Mama asked.

"I will take you and your sons away from here, if you will hear out my plans and assure me to cooperation of your mate." The vampire looked very confident.

Mama laughed. "Zack is stubborn, he won't team up with vampires."

The vampire laughed along with mama, but as mama stopped laughing, the vampire vanished from our sight.

"Kira!" he screamed and I felt cold hands grab me around the waist and pull me up, his cold hands holding me tight, I felt my heart racing in fear.

"You see, that is also where you three come in, sometimes, you just need a little push to get stubborn people to cooperate, and I think the prospect of having his family safe will be too much for your mate to resist." The vampire looked my mama over with careful eyes. "Does he know that you're pregnant again?"

Mama's eyes widen with shock then he shook his head.

"Won't that come as a lovely surprise for him," the vampire said and lowered me back to the ground, as he did so, the ropes on my hands and ankles broke. "My coven can take care of Conner once and for all, all you need to do is agree to help me."

Mama looked between me and to the man, to Alex who was now waking. "Fine, just please, don't hurt my babies," he said, tears forming in his eyes.