I realized that using magic in my state was a stupid idea. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it back to my rooms anymore. That had weakened me more than it should have. Damn.

"Fine," he finally said, gruffly, snarling at me. "Believe what you want. It is late and you are tired. I will send someone to take you to bed. Goodnight, princess." He turned and walked out stiffly, waving to a servant to take care of the details.

That hadn't gone well either. Not at all. I sighed and let myself get escorted back to my room. Again I didn't bother trying to memorize the route. It seemed pointless and this juncture anyway. I let the maids help me find something to wear to bed and crashed into it exhausted. Also still hadn't gotten my birthday cake. Stupid unlucky birthday cake. Stupid snarly male. I snuggled Mai to me, crying myself to sleep that night. I didn't quite get how things had gotten this bad. Though I didn't feel that I should apologize to him for it either. I didn't understand how I had upset him, but I had the feeling I might be able to help him. He didn't want my help, though, as I recalled.

I only slept a few hours and decided to explore the castle once I had woken. I wanted to find that library. Mai was feeling better enough that I could use her help to pick an outfit. I wasn't going exploring in my pajamas. It just wasn't happening. Even though it was winter here, all of the clothes were thin, obviously not designed for leaving the castle in. That made sense. I doubted that I was leaving here anytime soon. I also figured that soon I'd want to write a letter to my family to let them know that I was okay. However, even in the castle, the dress I ended up with wasn't very warm. I looked through the closet again, but nope, all of the dresses that were there were summer dresses. Stupid castle. It seemed the residents of the castle wanted to make sure I wasn't going to try to escape. I guessed they thought I was a good match for their prince.

Mai still wasn't up to helping me too much to find anything, so I summoned a tool which would help: a slim long cane. I could use it to keep me from running into things and hopefully from falling down the stairs. Because that would be embarrassing, probably painful, and would reassure the staff and the prince that I couldn't do anything for myself.

I left my room and started checking every door I came to, but wasn't doing so well finding the library. A passing servant decided to be helpful. "I can show you to what you're looking for," he told me. I smiled.

"The help would be appreciated," I replied to him. I took his arm he offered and he led me through the passages of the castle. He opened the door to a room for me in another wing of the castle.

"This is what you were looking for, princess," he said and closed the door behind me. I realized quickly that the room was occupied already. By the prince. This was his bedroom, definitely not the library. Why on earth had the servant led me here?

"Um... excuse the interruption," I told the room. I wasn't sure if he was awake or not. It was rather late. "You're not a library..." I mock pouted. Maybe if I talked to him like we never had the fight, things would work out okay. I reached for the door handle behind me. "I'll just keep looking for that library..." I babbled a little awkwardly. I hoped I hadn't bothered him too much. Stupid servant for leading me here. I heard a snarl in the dark, and hoped that I wasn't wrong about the prince's true nature.