Making a stand,

Holding a hand,

Letting go,

Ebb and flow.

Shouting in silence

And whispering with noise,

Counting your toes

And screaming from your fears.

Shaking and crying,

There is no denying,

The world is cruel,

And so are they.

Ankle biting,

Angels crying,

Mothers whispering,

And children suffering.

Unpredictable, subtle shrieks,

Ripping, bleeding flesh,

No more rosy cheeks,

Pale and blue dry lips,

Scratches and scars,

No aid and no love,

No hugs no kisses,

No "hellos" or "goodbyes."

No caution or warning,

No hope for surviving,

Prayers are hard to speak,

And eyes turn red.

Coughing up blood,

Losing those around you,

Being betrayed,

And knowing it's too late.

Unspoken words will never be finished,

Unspoken words are infinite and

Pain is approaching,