There is too much at stake.

My friend, we stand the same as you

We see how tyrannical he is

How he hides his evils

behind a veil of calming lies

"This is for you. Protection, my children."

Protection for whom, you cry?

Those deemed perfect by him, of course.

All else are unworthy of the Cruel Man's sight.

We see how strong they have gotten

But we have become stronger as well.

If we wanted

We could strike him down

Watch him crumble at our feet.

But what, then, my friend?

A child would take his place

Weak and easily molded to the same forces we defeated

Or worse yet

Something far more unfortunate than what we know of.

Would that truly be better?

Such a young creature

It would crumble even quicker than the Cruel Man.

Justice, or mercy?

Is it true justice, though, to let something so foul

So disfigured

So dishonest rule us?

But is it mercy to let us be managed by a child

One who would lead us to our deaths

Thinking it the wisest, safest thing?

Do you honestly want the blood of your followers

Staining the small hands of the person you put on the throne?

Too much can go wrong, my friend.

We shall wait until he

The Cruel Man

Forces our hand.


Well, that was a little piece of political poetry. I'm writing something not so dull as I type this, and if anyone would like to beta it, that would be a great favor. So, constructive criticism is always appreciated, and maybe we could do a little debate as follow up? I'd like to meet more of you!