i'm haunted by the shadows,

of lost boys swinging through the trees.

don't you understand, peter?

no one is meant to live forever.

i can't love you like you want me to,

and you can't love me at all.

was it that hard, to get older?

was it that hard, to hold my hand,

imagining it wrinkled and frail in yours?

peter, i told you, no one lives forever.

and you can't ask me to stay.

peter, can i go back home?

we both know that this isn't love,

we're holding on to something that is

cracking and coming apart in our hands.

peter, you aren't a child anymore.

the pixies have all flown away,

the magic all dried up.

i can't be your doll, and,

please, won't you understand,

neverland is dead,

and i refuse to die with it.