bodies and sweat and music push you,

back and forth and side to side.

you grip tight to your best friend with one hand

and hold the other high into the air.

the drums, the bass, the guitar, they bring you home

and you fly, your heart millions of miles away from here.

shining in space along with the stars.

your best friend, she leans in close and says something,

but you can't hear, can't hear anything but pounding.

the music, it's making your heart beat.

instead of answering whatever unknown question she asked,

you smile bright and wide and take her hand,

place it on her chest, so she can feel it too.


it shakes your entire body.

and you think it's all sorts of wonderful, that for one moment,

in a crowd of bodies and sweat and music,

everyone's heart is beating

at the exact same time.