MAUD: Freshman at Coldwater High, age 15. Friend of Dan.

DAN: Junior at Coldwater High, age 17. Friend of Maud.

STUDENT #1: Freshman at Coldwater High, age 15.

Setting: Center stage, two rows of desktop computers on long wooden tables; face each other, vertical to the audience. Behind the desktops is a backdrop of shelves stacked with books. On one of the shelves a yellow flyer has been taped there advertising the Coldwater High Spring Cheerleading tryouts. There are some students working in the background. All of this is in a low light except for the last two seats that face each other closest to the audience, where the spotlight is. The rest of the stage is in darkness.

Scene: The library setting is in a low light and a few kids are working on the desktops. The last two seats are illuminated by the spotlight. A girl, Maud, sleeps on the left seat, monitor on and she sleeps on the keyboard as well as the papers she has left littered on her desk. The right seat and desktop across from her is empty. A boy, Dan, enters stage left and taps Maud on the shoulder, waking her up as he takes the empty seat across from her and turns on the monitor. Maud opens her eyes, but continues to rest her head on the keyboard and papers.

DAN: Good Mornin' Sleepin' Beauty.

MAUD: Ugghh. Whadda want?

DAN: You're cheerful as always.

MAUD: Leave me alone Dan, I just wanna to sleep.

DAN: That's what nighttime is for.

MAUD: Not if you pull an all-nighter.

(Other students are slowly filing in; entering from stage left, and fill in both Maud and Dan's rows.)

DAN: Ha! You freshmen, always working so hard. Idiot.

MAUD: Shut up, Dan. Didn't you come to the library for some other reason than to annoy me?

DAN: Good, you reminded me! I need to start my essay!

MAUD (curiously): When's it due?

DAN: Today.

(Maud lifts her head from the desk to stare at Dan over the desktop as he starts typing away at the keyboard. Maud smirks at Dan.)

MAUD (taunting): Who's the idiot now?

DAN (sarcastic): Nice keyboard imprint, Maud.

MAUD: Humph.

DAN: So did you finish whatever you were working on?

MAUD: Yeah, an essay for Western Civ. That…

(She holds up the papers she had been sleeping on and examines them before putting them down again.)

MAUD (proudly): …I managed not to drool on.

DAN: I'm so proud of you. What is this, the first all-nighter essay you didn't drool on?

MAUD: Ha, funny. No, I make sure not to drool –

(Maud yawns, covering her mouth while doing so, before continuing to speak)

MAUD: …on any of my essays. Or any other homework for that matter. God, why does school start so early?

DAN (sarcastically): Because the administration is aware of how all the students are responsible and get plenty of rest so they're up at the crack of dawn for school.

MAUD (heavily sarcastic): Yeah. And each class doesn't assign an hour of homework and the sky is purple.

DAN: Obviously.

MAUD: Yep.

(Maud lays her head back down on the desk and shuts her eyes as Dan continues to type on the keyboard.)

DAN: So how many all-nighters have you pulled in a row, Maud?

MAUD: Whu'? Why do you say tha'?

DAN: 'Cause of the huge bags under your eyes. Y'know, if you got more sleep then you could look almost as good as me.

MAUD (scoffs): Oh please, mountain trolls look better than you.

DAN (mock horror): I thought you'd promise to never speak of that ever again!

MAUD: You asked for it. Besides, who comes to the first ever midnight signing of Harry Potter dressed as a mountain troll? That was one hell of a first impression.

DAN (smirking): That has nothing to do with your lack of sleep.

MAUD: If I slept as much as you I'd never get any work done.

DAN (mock innocence): That's not true. I'm working now.

(Maud breathes out an exhausted sigh.)

MAUD: Jus' shut up, work on your essay, and let me sleep.

DAN: Fine, fine. G'night.

(Maud falls asleep again and Dan continues to type his essay. Student #1 enters stage left and is about to wake Maud with a tap on the shoulder, when Dan speaks up.)

DAN: Dude, can't you see she's using the computer?

STUDENT#1: She's sleeping. And I really need to use it.

DAN: Well, I'm sure if you looked you would find an open one. Or instead of going to the library you would go to a computer lab, where there are many more open computers than in the library. After all, she's still using it.

STUDENT#1 (frustrated): As a pillow! Which is not fair to the people who actually need to get work done!

DAN: You need to work so badly?

(Dan stops typing, stands up, and stalks over the Student #1, Dan's height towering above him a good two feet. Dan glares down at Student #1.)

DAN: Then I'll say it again, slowly. Find. Another. Computer.

(Scared of the upperclassman, Dan, and feeling threatened, Student #1 hurries away and exits stage left. Dan continues typing for a few more minutes until the bell rings off-stage and students pack up their things and leave. Dan follows suit and then taps Maud, waking her up. He waits for her to pack up her things, then, together following the other students, the two exit stage left and the lights go out.)


A/N: Yes, the play does end here and no, I don't plan on continuing it. This was my first attempt at writing a play. Kind of a fluff piece if you will, dipping my toes in the waters of playwriting. Let me know how I did!