I had to plump up, and re-plump my pillows, they were far too soft I sighed as I sank back down into them. I rubbed a hand over my face. It felt like something wet had been wiped onto my hand I pulled it away from my face blinking down at it, my fingers were covered in blood, I shook my head scrunching up my eyes, then looked back down at it there was no blood, only my pale-peach skin. I swallowed, and breathed out heavily. My mother's high pitched voice raised, I could just about hear her arguing, "No, I won't allow it! More scans please, you have to find something!"
The doctor mumbles something that I can't quite catch but, it must be bad because my mother gasps something I haven't heard in years. I grimance to myself, part of me wanting to find out what's wrong with me another part wanting to never find out. I run my fingers through my hair, it felt disgusting, I felt disgusting, I was itching for a shower but I'd probably have to have supervision I sighed gripping my hair harshly for a second the loosening my grasp letting my hand fall back down to my side.


What day is it? It was near the end of September when I passed out, and now is the third day, it's the second of October, my eyes slid and my vision hovered over Ned, it's his birthday.
He stretches himself out keening over slightly, his arms crossed on the bed his head resting on them, I place my hand on his head stroking his muddy brown hair tinged with red "Happy Birthday"
I murmer softly "Idiot".

I stroke his hair gently, proped up against the pillows, I watch the sky the stars seeming to shine brighter against the black of night. They dim slightly then shimmer brighter than before,
beautiful, I smile to myself sighing with contentment. He mutters something in his deep-sleep state and nuzzles further into his arms, I snort patting his head then pulling it away crossing my arms over my stomach. The door handle judders, catching my eye, I turn and look at it then the door is pratically torn from it's hinges as it opens and crashes into the wall with a bang, the noise making me lurch back and startling Ned he's shocked from his slumber tumbling to the floor I smirk down at him, as heels click against the floor as my mother and the doctor from before walk towards us, she looks triumphant and he looks worn out, not a good sign.
She grins at me, and I frown back. "Miss Travers? You are being let out within the next hour"
I shake my head at him,

"That's my step-father's name not mine" Me a Travers? Hilarious. My mother glares at me folding her arms opening her mouth as if to say something but the doctor cuts in and she shuts it, good.

"R-right. We know you have a case of Insomnia but there is something we're missing so you will have to come back in a weeks time, for some examinations, X-rays and such the like" He gives me a small smile, probably, to reassure me "However, in the mean time I would like you to take these" He pulls a small orange pot with a white lid and lable "One every night, around ten pm, for your insomnia, it will help you to sleep and hopefully put a stop to you passing out" He walks around to my left side, "Do not try to take two, or with any other form of medication" He tries to pass them to me but, I wouldn't take them from him I shook my head at him.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not taking these" My mother and Ned gape at me, the doctor just frowns "Yes of course I want to fix my Insomnia, and have a normal sleep pattern but, I'm not going to allow myself to be put into a commatose state willingly, and I never will"

"We need you to take them, they will make the examination process much easier on you" I shake my head again then look pointedly at him.

"I refuse."