Behind the moon's gaze

Afar from the starlit road

There stood a tall girl

With hair like gold's song

And eyes of the sky's long depth

She stood so softly

Whilst monsters may dare

And creatures do like to creep

This girl stands untouched

If something comes near

She looks over at its eyes

And far away it runs

Behold from afar

She pies the dash of a boy

And smiles for him

He draws nearer now

And she sees the brownest hair

And the bluest eyes

"Hello," he says first

"Who do you be?" She returns

"Dane," is his reply

"What do you want here?"

He smiles before he speaks

"You've been called away

'I've come for you

You're wanted back home today"

And she turned from him

Perhaps she could run

And hide somewhere far from there

She could not go back

"I'm needed," she said

"It is here I must remain

I must watch the gate"

But the boy just said

"No one had come through for years

The gate has no use"

Being there so long

The girl could only agree

But still she argued

"What if someone does

There will be no one to watch

And it won't be good

'What if they are bad

Or a threat to all of us

Who will save us then?

His head only shook

"The gate will be destroyed soon

You must return now"

The girl on the road

Who stood behind the moon's gaze

The starlit road far

Turned from her soft spot

With the boy she started home

With tears in her eyes

A/N So I'd like to write more and get a whole thing going, but only if people like it, so please say whether you do or don't