Soul mates are extraordinary, it is the red thread that connects two souls that are meant to be with each other until the end of time, no matter where, no matter the time, there was all always this invisible force, pulling two strangers together. In a club, the stranger that inexplicably holds your hand in the dark, in a café, when you're reading Harry Potter and a stranger comes up to you to talk to you about it. Even when you're on the way home and you see the stranger that was sitting in the park the day before on the train, holding onto the hand rails beside you. Then, you think, what if you decided to watch a midnight movie or stay home the day your friends pushed you to go to that new club. What if you went to a different café or decided to go to the library instead? What if you were one second late and missed the train?

It's inevitable, the meeting of two people that are meant to meet and fall in something even deeper than love itself.

What is it that defines that?

Two souls coming together to form one intangible mould of utter completion, that nothing could break that bond or fathom it.

Have you ever really ever thought about it?

Really think?

That out there somewhere there is t a person that will know the motive to your every movement, the lines between your every word and memorize the way you bite your bottom lip when you're nervous, the way you'll duck your head down when walking into a crowded train. A person that will know what you're trying to say with just one a glance at your eyes. So much that a simple look into their eyes and you would know what they want to do or say. Someone that will trail their fingers down every scar and bump on your body and relish each one with such tenderness that you'll wonder why those scars and bumps ever hurt. Their touch like electricity touching water and their every kiss takes your breath away until the world fades into oblivion.

If you had a watch that counted down to the moment you met your soul mate, your one true love, the person you would marry, have children and grow old with. A guaranteed life partner. Your missing puzzle piece finally found and completed. Would you want it?

Everyone was born with what we called a soul watch. A glassy, almost plastic looking strip that was embedded in the skin of our left wrist. It counted down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the moment you would meet your soul mate. Imagine, finding an indisputable person that would fit your soul perfectly, like putting shards of glass back together to form a whole again. There would be no more awkward dates, first heartbreaks or trying to find the 'right' one. Your life partner, your soul mate would meet you at the perfect time, and a watch was there to count down the moments to it. That's what everyone would wish for, dream of, and fantasize of. That perfect moment when you look at that person and you soul kind of goes, "Oh, there you are." Everything would suddenly make sense and that person would have the power with a simple look or touch to make you realize why you were born and put on this earth for. To experience this immense love and adoration.

I dreamt of this when I was little again and again…

But what if I told you, I was born with my soul watch reading 0000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds?