Chapter 18

Charlie opened her locker at school the next morning. She was still rather sleepy-eyed for her mind required many cups of coffee to function at that hour. She struggled just to get the combination correct on the locker. She popped open the cold metal door, she removed her black winter coat and hung it on the hook. She wore black denim jeans and a red sweater, her hair combed back with a red headband. Charlie favored the large oversize sweaters in her apparel for she could easily hide the revolver inside her waistband and no one was the wiser.

Jennifer waltzed into school wearing her ever so popular black designer jeans and a golden blouse. She smirked as she spotted Charlie at the locker and walked right up behind her.

"Charlie," Jennifer stated in a confident tone.

Charlie let out a sigh, her eyes rolled back in her head as she asked, "What is it, Jen?"

Jennifer became ever so smug as she positioned herself next to Charlie, she informed, "Here's the deal...You do what I say and I won't blow your little secret."

"Secret?" gulped Charlie.

Jennifer became aggressive, "Oh, I know all about you and Mr. Richards."

Charlie cocked an eyebrow, "You do?"

"I saw you with him," she informed.

Charlie puckered in thought, "You did?"

"Ah-ha," she cheered.

"And?" asked Charlie.

"You stay away from the football team," she informed. "Kip, Corey...Stay away from them. And you are also going to be paying for my gas for the rest of the year."

Charlie casually asked, "And why would I do that?"

Jennifer held the phone before her with the pictures she took; she smiled mischievously, "If you don't...These go viral."

Charlie looked upon the photos and could help but ask, "You took these?"

Jennifer proclaimed proudly, "Oh yeah."

Charlie nodded, "I'm impressed...Wow, trespassed on private property and eavesdropped through a window. It was what? Ten degrees last night! I bet your froze your ass off last night."

Jennifer postured back; she wondered why Charlie was not begging for her to not release the photos. She gasped in confusion.

"You will do what I say or these go out," she reminded.

Charlie smirked, "Why not use your super powers for good instead of evil sometime? It took a lot of balls to do that."

Jennifer assured her, "I will post these on the internet."

Charlie laughed, "Go ahead!" She smirked back, "I would love to see you explain how you got them...Sneaking around a teacher's home."

Jennifer warned her, "I don't think you get it, Charlie. I post this...It goes viral and the whole wide world knows Mr. Richards is having an affair with one of his students."

Charlie asked, "Are you trying to get him fired then?"

"No," she admitted. "I just want you to know your place."

"Which is?"

Jennifer snapped, "Where I say!"

"Why are you doing this, Jen? Why does the football team matter to you? You already are very popular, you're very pretty, and you have good parents and drive a nice car. Hell, you drive a nicer car than what I got stuck with. And that is not enough? Do you just hate me on a personal level or am I some sort of threat to you?" asked Charlie.

Jennifer gulped, "You are no threat to me. I have a far better shot at getting that crown than you."

Charlie's shoulder's slunk, "This is about some stupid crown?"

"It's not stupid," insisted Jennifer. "I'm first in line to be the prom queen and I'm not losing it to you."

Charlie closed her eyes for a moment, she let out a sigh, "Jen, I don't want that crown. I'm not even sure I will even be going to the prom...I certainly hope it doesn't come to that...It's all yours...Not even Ashley is that concerned with it. You don't have to try to ruin Kyle's career to get to me."

"You're on first name bases with him?" she asked and then winced as she realized it was a stupid question.

"Of course," replied Charlie. "You got the proof! Hell, I'm practically living with him."

"And your folks don't mind?" she asked in bewilderment.

Charlie shrugged, "They really don't know."

"Huh?" she asked, "What about your aunt?"

"Carol?" asked Charlie. "She could care less. You're the only one who seems to give a shit," she informed hoping to make the issue seem less than worthy of blackmail.

"How did Ashley take that?" asked Jennifer curiously.

Charlie replied candidly, "I think she wanted me to be her sister but I'm turning into her mom."

"What?" she asked confused.

Charlie tried to change her mind, "Listen," she started, "if you really want to make a big stink and cost Kyle his job then by all means, post those pictures. You can't hurt me with them...Only person you will hurt is Kyle. He will be placed on a paid leave of absence and a sub will be brought into the school to teach his class until I leave. I will not be kicked out no matter what you do to me. Remember the fight? I could kick your ass again and nothing will happen to me. You cannot touch me. Only person you can hurt is yourself. You will look like the fool if you post those." Charlie slammed her locker door and made sure it latched, "If you want to be friends...I will be your friend. I'm not your enemy. You can't get to me! And you can pay for your own damn gas!" She walked away from the teen trying not to get angry for the mere fact that some teenager tried to blackmail her did make her angry.

Jennifer stood and watched Charlie simply walk away. It wasn't the reaction she dreamed of and now wasn't sure just what to do. She looked at the phone in her hand and debated her next move.

Moments Later

Charlie walked into the first new class of the new semester. She never imagined she would still be in the school, she thought she would have been done and over with this assignment long ago. Her new mid semester class was Health and Human Reproductive Science.

She walked into the room and found the teacher before the blackboard; she was a short woman, a bit chubby and wore the loudest plaid coat and slacks. She sported curly red hair and wide rimmed eyeglasses. She tried to cover up her wrinkled face with loads of make-up. Charlie could believe her eyes, it was her science teacher, Mrs. Connors.

Feeling confident, for she had recalled Health class from her days long ago, she took a seat and waited for the class to fill. As the students filed into the classroom, Ashley made her way into the class followed by none other than Jennifer and her friend, Becky. Football stars Kips and Corey came in after the pair.

Charlie figured this class should be easy and once more she would have to simply act like a student.

Mrs. Connors smiled bright-eyed at her class as the bell rang and the students all sat down. She walked over and closed her door as she spoke to the class.

"Good morning people," she cheered as she shut the door. She walked back to the blackboard and stared before her new class. She started calling off names for attendance. As she came to Charlie's name she paused and looked up at her. "Your name is Charlie Peters?" she asked.

Charlie nodded praying her old teacher wouldn't recognize her, "Yeah."

Mrs. Conner replied, "I had a young woman named Charlie Peters in my class decades ago. Are you any relation to her? My, you do look like her."

Charlie fell back on the cover, "She's my mom."

"Oh," she smiled. "I remember your mom, she was so sweet...Nicest student I ever had. She was always helping people," she stated.

Kip added, "Yeah, her father is the sheriff."

"Really?" asked Mrs. Connors, "Harry is your dad? Hmm, I never would have figured Charlie and Harry for a romantic relationship. We're they ever married?"

Charlie shook her head, "No, I was an accident."

Jennifer gave a very strange look as she wondered how on earth Charlie could be living with Mr. Richards and her father not even care for he was the sheriff. The whole notion made no sense to the girl.

Charlie wished to change the subject, "What are we learning today?"

"Human reproduction," stated Mr. Conner.

Jennifer smirked, "Better pay close attention to this class, Charlie."

The class started to laugh.

Ashley placed her head in her hands and hoped she wouldn't be embarrassed.

Charlie wrinkled her face in disgust, "Please, Jen...I know all about the bird and the bees...It's a very simple course."

"Right," stated Mrs. Conner, "Today we will start with listing ways people express sexual feelings for one another. Charlie, tell me one way people express sexual feeling for one another!"

Charlie gave a very strange look, "What? That was never part of the course. Sexual feelings?"

The teacher replied, "Isn't intercourse one such way?"

"Yeah," she nodded wide-eyed and unsure of this new course.

"Name another," stated the teacher.

Charlie gulped, "You mean like...Touching each other...Down there?"

"That's another one," Mrs. Conner agreed and started to list the ways on the board behind her.

Charlie mouth dropped as she read off what was being listed, "Anal Intercourse? Are kidding me?"

Kip made a face, "Ewe...That's gross."

Mrs. Connors stated, "This is part of the new state curriculum designed to empower teens."

"By what?" asked Charlie, "Telling them how to have exotic sex? What happened to the basics? The sperm cell fertilizes the egg cells and that's conception...Basic, 'birds and bees' basic."

Mrs. Connors replied, "This curriculum is designed to give the student the power to know about all the different kinds of sex...Including how gays and lesbians express their sexual feelings."

The boys all made strange faces

Becky stated, "Two guys kissing is so hot."

Kip rebutted, "Two women kissing is hot...You know...A threesome...That's hot."

Ashley looked over at Charlie's very pale face; her mouth gaped as she tried to process just how much sexuality had changed in twenty years.

Charlie shivered in her seat; she looked at Kip, "No...That's every teenage boy's wet dream."

Mrs. Connors wrote on the blackboard, "That right, Charlie...Masturbation."

Charlie just sat dumbstruck, "What?"

Jennifer added sarcastically, "Don't forget kissing and hugging...In the kitchen."

The teacher wrote down the suggestion oblivious to Charlie's situation.

Charlie looked rather peeved at Jennifer and then spouted off, "Well, Mrs. Connors...Since the new curriculum includes sexual deviance lets truly spell out the ways. There are perverts only there who express their sexual desires by have sex with a cadaver or dead body. There are sick puppies out there that can only get off if they force themselves on a victim that was drugged and is passed out. There are sick bastards who show sexual feelings by strangulation as they force sexual intercourse on an unwilling partner and then relive the episode routinely over and over again while holding onto the victim's underwear that they kept as a trophy."

Mrs. Connors stood before the shocked class, "This curriculum doesn't address rape…That is not a sexual expression of feelings."

"Well, to the rapist is sure is," countered Charlie. "To a predator...That's nothing more than an expression. Why is the state having you teach about how to have gay sex? Why are they not teaching us how to protect ourselves against sexual predators? Which is more important? How to have exotic sex or how to stop a rape?"

Mrs. Connors looked at Charlie briefly and cocked her head to the side, she replied, "I don't make curriculum and I agree with you that rape prevention should be part of what is taught. But, it's not part of what the state demands you learn."

Charlie shook her head, "Let get this straight...The state says we need to learn about exotic sexual positions but not how to defend ourselves against sexual predators?"

"I'm afraid so," she nodded.

"That's really screwed up," stated Charlie.

The teacher nodded, "I agree. I didn't choose this new curriculum and as you know many parents don't like it either. But, I have to teach it for the kids to pass the test."

"The state test doesn't honestly have questions about having exotic sex, does it?" she asked.

Mrs. Connors nodded, "It does."

Kip asked, "Mrs. Connors...You think we can set aside some time for Charlie to teach us some self-defense moves? He parents are cops and taught her how to protect herself."

Mrs. Connors asked Charlie, "Would your father be interested in sending in a deputy to do a special presentation sometime?"

"I don't know...I'll have to ask him," stated Charlie.

Mrs. Connors stated, "Well, then...You ask your dad and I will make time in the curriculum for self-defense. Okay?"

"Alright," she agreed. "Please, no more exotic sex."

Jennifer smirked, "I'm sure you can show us some moves in that area as well, right Charlie?"

Charlie shot her a dirty look.

Becky asked curiously, "Why are some young girls attracted to old guys?"

"What?" asked the teacher.

Becky clarified, "Like...You know...A student attracted to her teacher?"

Mrs. Connors nodded, "Oh, that's the male dominance factor. Some younger women are attracted to older men because they are more dominate than younger men and can provide better for children...Have more money, set up in their lives, good providers." She mentioned, "The old cliché of a teacher and his younger student goes way back...It's usually a young teenage girl who get a crush on a teacher and nothing more."

Becky wondered, "Why is it nothing more?"

"Because," Mrs. Connors replied, "older men do not want a young teenage girl to take care of. Most men would rather have a grown woman. Usually, what happens is the student has a crush on the teacher but the teacher doesn't know or have feeling in return. It's just a cliché."

Jennifer asked, "What if it's not?" she shot a look back at Charlie.

Mrs. Connors replied, "Then that teacher has some serious issues and can be arrested. Sleeping with anyone under 18 is considered rape...Doesn't matter if it's consensual or not."

Jennifer looked directly at Charlie, who stared back in return; the pair was now in a stare down. The class started to wonder just what the issue between the two was.