Local man way too excited to win employee of the month

Aaron Thomas is way too excited about winning employee of the month. The Cr8zy Lanes Bowling Alley and Arcade employee said it was an honor to receive the award. "After three years with this company I'm proud to have finally won this thing, I thought I was gonna get it last month but than Carol got rid of a bum who'd been panhandling in the parking lot." When asked why he was awarded his manager said "He was the only person who hadn't won it yet and he's been pretty down since his girlfriend dumped him so I was hoping he'd stop talking about that every second of every day." The 32 year old Thomas said he had been thinking about quitting ever since he got passed up for the assistant night manager position "For that asshole Drew Gates" but says he's "really excited" about waking up to work each afternoon. He even framed it in the bedroom he's renting. When asked to comment a coworker who wished to be kept anonymous said "he's always been weird but he's turned into a huge prick ever since he won that shit, if he keeps it up we're probably gonna try to get him fired." We asked Aaron his thoughts on the future "I think things are finally looking up for me, I remember my high school English teacher told me I wasn't gonna be shit but look at me now bitch employee of the month."