Looking back on things now, maybe trusting someone fourteen years my senior was not such a good idea. I mean, he was really sweet and kind, and we seemed to have everything in common. He had this tendency, though, to thoroughly explain how much he wanted to have sex with me. Warning bells much?

So here I am, locked in basement and writing in a journal. Believe me, I've done anything and everything to escape, but they've all failed. After the last attempt, he took a knife and cut a long line down the side of my head, squeezing lemon juice into it. I have little hair so there was nothing to maybe lessen the flow of blood or help it clot. I passed out and woke up much later with stitches and a Pepsi. It was delicious.

Soon afterward he came back downstairs and brought me up to his room. I should have probably mentioned I was only wearing a black tank top and boxers (courtesy of my captor) since he torn my underwear in half in a sex-crazed rage. He sat me down in front of his xbox and we played Halo for a few hours. He would cuddle up to me and put my arm around his shoulders. I didn't fight it; I was no match. And plus, the cut on my head was really beginning to throb in pain.

Oh, God, I think he's coming. I hope he brought another Pepsi. That means only video games.

I heard chains rattle. Oh no, not the chai-.

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