Chapter 5: Asurath's Debut

Takashi, Ushio, and Aerojin finally arrived at the temple. There stood two large muscle bound black creatures that stood about 25.6 meters high. When our heroes came closer to the large gate, the guards immediately blocked the doors.

Aerojin then came up and said "Excuse me, we are here for the tournament that is going to take place."

The guards then looked at each other and began to laugh "You entering the tournament, with those two little men? You must be joking" guard 1 laughed out.

"Only the strongest of the strong can enter!" Guard 2 said.

"Oh is that so….well then we are sorry to bother you…" Aerojin replied.

Aerojin then tells Takashi and Ushio to head back. Later on Takashi and Aerojin were trying to figure out how to evolve Aerojin as Takashi did before.

"A-aerojin, why exactly are we doing this again?" Takashi asked.

"Come on Takashi, didn't you hear the guards? They said only strong Overlings can enter the tournament, so if I were to evolve again then we would be sure to enter." Aerojin answered.

Ushio was sitting under a tree watching the two continue their training. Ushio couldn't help but think that all of what he was seeing, and the world he was in was real. Ushio then heard something far behind the bushes.

"Hey, uh….I have to go to the bathroom…" Ushio said.

Aerojin then looked at Ushio as if he were stupid for asking that question.

"Seriously! Why!? Its too dangerous here! You could get killed!" Aerojin explained

"Then what the hell do you expect me to do! Piss on myself!" Ushio replied.

Aerojin (Insulted by the scolding) angrily stared at Ushio for a few seconds and then said," Fine! Go ahead and die if you want like I care!".

"B-but Aerojin!" Takashi said.

Ushio then interrupted Takashi and said," Don't worry man, I'll be right back".

Ushio then headed off into the forest. Takashi then sighed and continued training with Aerojin. Meanwhile while Ushio was in the woods, he then followed the sound of constant thumps in which he had heard before. Ushio then continued to follow until he noticed that the comic he strangely had in his pocket began to glow. It then turned into a thick terracotta colored book, with silver straps and a pow like bubble symbol on the front. Ushio being puzzled by this looked at the book for a few a while. But then all of a sudden, a shadowy figure attacks from above. Ushio then quickly notices and strikes the foe. He is then shocked to realize that the attacker was a grey bushy browed human-like creature that almost stood about the height of Ushio's knee.

The creature with its fists held up said," Who are you! What brought you here!" the grey creature said.

"What the hell are you talking about!? I came here on my own! I was just goin' to pee in the bushes and strangely enough I happen to run into you! I don't know what you are but you should know not to talk to me in that way!" Ushio replied angrily.

The creature then grew a shocked expression on its face. Ushio who was ready to fight became confused and scratched his head.

"What…wha….it can't be…..there's no way that you….." The creature said while looking at the glowing object in Ushio's pocket.

Ushio then noticed that the book was glowing intensely in his pocket. He then took the book out and looked at it then looked back at the grey creature.

The creature then kneels down and says," My apologies…..I never knew that a "tamer" would be in my presence".

Ushio looking even more confused began to here words coming from nowhere.

"Ushio…..Ushio…..come to the temple where you and your friend went to before, and there you shall begin your legacy….but first take the grey Overling with you, your new soul mate…." The voice says.

The voice then disappears and Ushio then stares at the book and at the grey Overling. The book then opens by itself and begins to write something. The book writes out "Asurath". Ushio then becomes really confused and begins to shake. The grey creature then notices his name and becomes even more shocked.

"M-me! Out of all the Overlings the grimoriore chose it chose me!?" Asurath says shocked.

"W-what?" Ushio says in a confused but scared voice.

"Huh? Don't you understand? That's a grimoriore! You're a tamer! Don't you understand anything at all?" Asurath said.

"What are you talking about!? What is this tamer crap you keep spilling out of your mouth!? I just got sucked in here and happened to find this in my pocket! And now all of a sudden I'm this "tamer person"! Why me!?" Ushio questions.

"What!? You mean to tell me you didn't even know you were a tamer!? What kind of idiot are you!? And to think I kneeled before some stupid ass idiot!" Asurath rudely replies.

"You know what! Who the hell do you think your damn talking to with that mouth!? Calling me an idiot! How do you expect me to know what's going on! I was just thrown into this!" Ushio replies back.

"You know what! I'm heading back! I don't wanna see your shitty ass again!" Ushio scolds.

Ushio then runs back to where Takashi and Aerojin were training. Aerojin and Takashi then noticed Ushio coming and then Aerojin so happened to notice the book Ushio was carrying. Takashi then noticed the book as well.

"Hey where did you get that book?" Aerojin asked.

"None of your damn business." Ushio replied.

Before Aerojin could say anything, he was then interrupted by a loud bird call. A note then dropped from the sky, and Aerojin then caught it.

The letter read:

Dear Takashi and Aerojin,

I noticed that the two of you have found another human in the Overling world. I also know that this human was chosen by a good friend of mine to become a tamer. What I instruct you to do is to bring him to the temple you were previously at. I also wish for you to bring him to the temple's owner. You will know why later but for now you must bring him there.

Sincerely, Orokishi

Aerojin then gave the letter to Takashi and after he read it he then told Ushio they had to move. Ushio being confused and curious of what was on the letter followed. The three of them soon got to the temple once again and before the guards could say anything they gave the note to them. The guards soon looked at the note in shock and let the three of them through. Another Overling that looked as if it was wearing a kimono and stood about 20.4 meters tall escorted them to an even larger gated temple. They were then sent inside. Then all of a sudden, torches lit up to reveal a giant muscle bound overling with six arms and a helmet with horns on it.

"Welcome, I have been waiting for you…" The giant six armed creature said.