I see you waiting in the rain.

I hear your voice from outside.

You're humming out a melody,

And I know it's from our song.

Three knocks apon the door

Is all it takes for me to know

That you're not going back on what you said

All those many, many, many nights ago.

"I'll never stoop so low,"

You whispered in my ear,

"As to do what they did to us,

By feeding off our fears."

"But what if…

The day comes when you know…

You know that they were right?"

"Right about what?"

"How we deserve to be alone?"

You're calling out my name,

Your voice is filled with desperateness;

It's whispered out so fiercely,

I can hear it in my chest.

"I know that you can hear me!"

As I'm running to the stairs.

I'm tripping on the way down,

Just to be caught in your arms.

"They never will be right."

You looked into my eyes.

"I'd rather sell the truths I know

Then listen to their lies."

"But what if…

You realize that I…

Am not the one you love?"

Dear God, you're smiling at me.

"Little girlie, I think you're mad."

"Do you love me?"

As you held me in your arms.

"How could you ask that?"

I whisper into neck.

You touch my skin with fingertips.

I know that I was wrong.

"I'm not going anywhere,"

As you breathe into my hair.

"Do you remember?"

You ask me on the stairs.

"When you sang me your song?

The one you wrote for us?"

"How could I forget?

You said you loved my voice.

I realized I was in love."

"In love with whom, may I ask?"

"I think you know, you idiot."