From the Heart

Poem 1

A True Gentleman

A true gentleman will be there for the one he loves,

To shower his love with affection and care.

A true gentleman does not make himself more than his lover,

He makes his lover feel like they are more.

A true gentleman should not demand,

He should praise and cheer on the one they love.

A true gentleman should not feel jealous if their lover achieves more,

He should encourage his lover to go even further.

A true gentleman does not f*** around,

He makes love.

These are my beliefs into what defines a true gentleman,

I sincerely hope I can be that gentleman...that prince...that lover, who makes their true love feel that much better. I do my best, is it good enough?

When I see my lover's smile, hear my lover's laugh, and feel my lover's heartbeat go on with happiness and harmony...then I know, to always be a true gentleman.

Just to make that special someone...feel special.

Hello everyone. So this is my first released poem. Hope that you've enjoyed it and that it was good. Let me know if you do, it'd be very appreciated, thank you. Poem 2 will be coming soon.

I dedicated this story to my lovely girlfriend :) You make me feel special.