Bad Dreams and Good Nightmares:
A Collection of Short, Sometimes Bizarre Fictional Stories From My Subconscious

01: Dracula

On a night in October, I went to the local store for some candies to selfishly snack on. While at the checkout, the cashier confronted me about how he assumed I stole some candy that I'd not paid for. I pulled out two pieces of hard candies and explained to him that I used to work at this store and that a supervisor invited me to have some. He insisted that I stole them, so I emptied my pockets, and surprisingly, more candy than just the two pieces came out. The cashier then asked if I spoke Hebrew, to which I replied, "No, but I can speak Japanese."

He said, "No, you can't!"

To which, I replied, "Nihongo ga wakari masu ka?" (At least, I think so) Translating to: "Do you understand Japanese?"

"What?" he retorted, obviously confused.

A crowd of on-lookers and customers laughed at him.

Later that night, I decided to head out to a supposedly haunted castle. It was large, dark, built a long time ago by barely standing broken bricks ready to fall at any moment. Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from wanting to go in.

Several strangers were there, possibly a group of tourists or maybe just some kids in their 20s wanting an adventure. I avoided them to search the castle myself.

Heading upstairs, the stark bitterness lingering in the air told me I shouldn't have been there, but so what? I do what I want, even in my dreams.

A short hallway hardly fifty feet to a window awaited me. No mysteries that I hadn't understood to be found, despite my wandering about. I didn't check each door or look into every room, but kept my hearing sharp. Then, as something in a breathless gust passed me, knocking me out of the building, comically, I kicked the air behind me and made it back inside the building. Broken glass littered the inside and outside of the hallway and outside.

I returned downstairs, dawn starting to approach when a small monster or creature approached me and demanded a fight. I agreed to fight and with less than a few minutes effort, killed the creature and began to head to the back of the castle, where I would find something I felt I needed to see. Instead, another, much larger and fiercer monster challenged me. I agreed to fight with this one, albeit reluctantly. I took a harsh beating and was thrown around like an old plastic doll before vanquishing the monster right as the sun started to shine. Eventually, I beat the monster and found myself walking toward an outside garden that was extremely deteriorated and covered in over-grown brush, weeds, and flowers.

I turned to my right, and in front of me was a coffin covered in moss and lilies.



lemmie know how you guys like this?

i'm basing all stories for "bad dreams, good nightmares" on any detailed / vivid dream i happen to have. i will write them immediately when i wake up (or else i'll forget a majority of them and that's no good~~) and publish them on the same day. is that alright? well, if it's not i'm gonna do it anyway. take that.

please let me know.

love you,