Chapter 1

~17 years later~

Late September, 2013

It was a bitter September night for Seattle, Washington when the unthinkable happened to Olivia Price. A senior in high school, she never expected it to happen.

But, then again, no one expects something this horrible to touch their lives.

The evening had gone normally for Olivia, as the youth group of Church of Christ Westside finished its session. Olivia enjoyed her youth group, and her small group sessions. She often found herself moving her busy schedule around Wednesday nights so she could make it to church. She never wanted to leave after small groups were over—she always wanted the small group to last longer, because she felt she learned the most during the after-discussion of what Michael's sermons were about.

Almost everyone else had left, leaving Olivia and Dana, her small group leader, still deep in discussion about how she wanted small groups to look this year.

"Honestly, Dana, small groups is the best part of youth group for me. It's the best part of the week. I can come here on a horrible day, and come into small group and feel completely changed on my outlook of my entire day. Sometimes I just wish that we could just do small groups." She wondered if, as the head pastor's eldest daughter, if she could make that happen.

Dana smiled. "I'm glad you feel that way," she said, "maybe we can meet as a small group once a week or so and just have small group discussions."

"I'd like that," Olivia smiled.

The two women got up from their seats in the small room, and left, beginning to head towards the lobby of the old church.

"Does your brother still have your car?" The older of the two asked, as they walked down the hallway.

Olivia nodded. "Jay needed more night hours, so I lent him my car while Mom's is gone and Dad's is in the shop."

"Would you like a ride home?" Dana offered.

Olivia shook her head. "I live just a few blocks from here; it's no trouble to walk home. I could use a twenty minute walk, anyway. It gives me some time to get the message to sink in."

Dana checked her watch. "This late at night?" She asked apprehensively. "It's starting to get dark." As the two reached the lobby, they looked out of the window, which revealed a dark night sky.

"I'll be fine, really." Olivia assured. "I'll take the bus if it makes you feel better."

Dana sighed nervously. "Just…be careful, okay? If anything happens, you can call me. I won't mind taking you home, you know."

"I'm always careful." Olivia smiled. Waving, she opened the heavy door, and left.


A cold burst of wind brushed past Olivia as she walked down the dark sidewalk. Olivia shivered slightly, and zipped up her sweatshirt, pulling the hood over her head. She noticed a car passing slowly in the opposite direction she was heading. It had a Massachusetts license plate. As it passed, it sped up, turning the corner and disappearing onto 8th.


Suddenly, Olivia's phone vibrated in her pocket, distracting her from the strange car. She pulled it out to read its message. Hey, sweetie. It was from her boyfriend, Matt. I didn't get to see you after youth group tonight.

Olivia smiled, as she replied. I stayed a little late with Dana. You could have stopped by, she wouldn't have minded.

Matthew Holloway had been Olivia's boyfriend for the past two years, ever since the two entered their sophomore year at Garfield High. The two had met in their freshman year, becoming good friends by the end of that year. By the end of their sophomore year, the couple had gone exclusive. Olivia smiled to herself as she remembered how nervous he had been when he'd asked her out.

The eldest of five Price children, a senior in high school with a hard-earned 4.0 throughout all four years, and the leading striker in Garfield's varsity soccer team, Olivia Price was truly blessed.

Lord, thank you. You are truly amazing, I am so blessed. You've given me more than I could possibly need, and I couldn't ask for more. You are so good, Jesus…so, so good…

Olivia stood at the curb, waiting for the light to turn. It was only a half block to 10th Avenue and Halladay, where she would meet the bus. She'd get let off at Kinnear Park, and from there it was a ten minute walk home. She let her mind wander along the dark streets lit up by the city. She and Matt had a wonderful future laid out for themselves. They had both had received athletic and academic scholarships for soccer and football to Calvin College, a private Christian liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, where they planned on majoring in nursing and youth ministry.

As she walked onto the first stretch of 10th, a car pulled alongside the sidewalk, slowing to her pace. She felt her heart quicken when she recognized the same Massachusetts plate.

"Excuse me," A disembodied male voice called from the black Mercedes, "I'm a little lost. Can you tell me where Marshall Park is?"

"Oh, sure, I live right by there. You take a…"

"It would be easier for me if you got into the car and told me where to drive…I could drop you at your house if you want. A pretty girl like you shouldn't be walking alone at night…"

Somehow, Olivia didn't trust this man. She knew better than to get into a car with someone she didn't know.

"No, I can walk. I'm just about to the bus station. Now, if you take a right at this next intersection, and then drive down Olympic, you should arrive there just fine."

"Thanks," the man said gruffly. He quickly drove away, leaving Olivia confounded. Why would he want to go to Marshall Park at this time of night? Olivia reached for her iPod, plugging in her headphones. Tuning the iPod to Tenth Avenue North, she walked the rest of the way to the bus stop.

The ride took a little over ten minutes, dropping her off between Olympic Way and 7th. She still had a few blocks to Comstock, and she quickened her pace, feeling uneasy as sky grew darker. She passed Marshall Park, and thought of the man in the Mercedes. Did he get what he needed? Was he there right now? Olivia's walk quickened from its already fast pace, as she hit the middle of the park, and saw the same Mercedes driving past once again. The car stopped, and its headlights turned off. She saw the man get out of the car, and calmly walk towards her. Olivia quickened her walk again, and so did the man. When Olivia burst into a frantic run, so did he.

As he caught up to her, he grabbed her arm, pulling her closer. Olivia cried out in pain as the man's grip tightened against her struggle. The man was able to pull her into the bushes. Olivia cried out again. He clamped his hand over her mouth, calling her obscene names in a sharp whisper.

"Shut up," he said quickly, his words harsh. "You shut up and do what you are told."

Tears streamed down Olivia's face, down the man's hands. He laughed.


Olivia didn't reply.

"Don't be," he whispered into her ear. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

His hands quickly skirted down to undo her jeans. Olivia tried to push herself away, but shrunk back when he struck her face. She tried to retaliate, but was struck again. Several times she was beaten, until she was beaten to submission. She gave up fighting.

"Good girl," the man whispered, slowly tugging the girl's underwear.

He fingered her slowly, pulling his own jeans and boxers down, just enough so if he needed a quick escape he could make one. He hated doing this in a public place—how could he possibly have time to fully enjoy it without being caught?

He slowly moved his hands up her shirt, eventually cupping his hands around her bra. He thought for a moment, wondering if he would have time to take it off and feel around her breasts.

The girl underneath him squirmed uncomfortably, as he moved around the bra and its straps to feel her breasts. Moving his hands down, just underneath her breasts, he pinned her to the ground so she was unable to move. It always made his job harder when they squirmed. She murmured a cry of pain—he had already bruised parts of her ribcage before, and was only making it worse. Covering one hand over her mouth, he was able to pull her head down, almost forcing her to look him in his eyes.

"Don't make a sound." He whispered between clenched teeth. "Or you're going to have worse to deal with than sex."