Chapters may include course language, and violence. Don't know what else but a warning will pop up so none of you will get offended.


Similarities of name, appearance, or whatever else is purely coincidental since I have not read every single story out there or seen every show/movie in existence.

Like I said in my one shot if you have read it I am not all that familiar with first person but to broaden my horizons I shall keep trying it, I can confidently say that I might have had a few awkward moments in this chapter, but that only means I need to improve. Don't know how long this story will last but I hope for as long as it goes I hope you all find it somewhat enjoyable. Like my one-shot this story is a 'why the hell not?' sort of thing so lets see where this goes :)

Anyway Enjoy!

Breathing heavily as my feet dashed across the wooded land, my legs weren't long after all I am only a mere child but my legs found no problem maneuvering around within this majestic new territory that I could only see from afar, the world of technology was a harsh and cold world full of adults who say they know all however I want something else in my life. My heart compels me each night to run, allow the wind to caress my cheeks and my nose catch the scent's of dew and the pure essence of nature.

Although I have run for a while now my little body was still full of bursting energy like water full of spirit as it rushed down stream after long being restrained by a dam.

Coming up a large tree that seemed taller then any other tree around, the king of all tree's as it touched the skies, pride of it's long life alone was impressive. The urge to climb was roaring in my ears but perhaps this should be left for another time, instead I will look around and collect little things that mattered to me but not others much older.

The sound of trickling water reached my ears as I ducked under an uprooted branch that looked rather sturdy, big enough for me to take a nap on and not fall off.

My eyes caught sight of an insect that had a very lovely shell, brilliant greens and maybe even a hint of blue. The beetle's wings made a rather noisy sound as it flew away from its resting place, most likely it didn't like being stared at by children so I carried on to something else.

The more I explored, the more could be found. Flowers with brilliant colors, birds singing to the skies, insects making light sounds like a psalm, now and then animals can be spotted though they soon would run from my sudden appearance, now and again I could get close if I was quiet enough this resulted in an excellent view. Once finished with that my eyes went back to looking at pretty rocks along with flowers.

I stopped at another tree when I spotted something rather odd.

Peeking around the large trunk I saw another child, around my age, he was a rather thin looking boy with messy black hair, along with fair flesh. He seemed preoccupied with staring at something in the river as he crouched near it, for a moment I felt content on observing him.

Didn't look like he was from the city, however being alone wasn't all that fun.

Breathing in some courage I walked over to him.

Very slowly and carefully.


A twig snapped under my shoes causing both me and the boy to be startled, we both stared at each other. Time passing by as birds flew over head.

This wouldn't do, so I made the first move by reaching inside my little purse. He looked as if he was ready to make a run for it however he hesitated upon seeing what I had pulled out, it was just a small flower. The name was unknown to me, all I can say is that it looked like a white sunflower.

His gaze became curious which allowed me to smile with confidence.

"Hello, want to play?" I asked.

Like a shy deer he observed me for a second but seeing my peace offering he slowly smiled, "sure".



The sun hit my face with powerful rays that caused me to quickly recede back under my covers, however my alarm was relentless as it tried to awaken me. Stubbornly I wanted at least five more minutes. When I didn't press the off button on my alarm a mechanical voice resounded within my room. "Myra Corbel, please awaken to prepare for school".

Groaning I slowly began to arouse, the light beep could be heard again as the mechanical voice of the smart building tried to make me get up. Before it could say a word I spoke up, "I know! I'm getting up…"

Last night had been a killer on the nerves. Studying subjects I'm the worst at, worried over tests, everyone pretty much knowing what they want to do down to their last minutes on earth, and just general worries when your in high school. Is it sad to say that I feel generally uninspired? What you want to do in your life is such a pressurized question, in this type of world people like me could be thrown into panic attacks for not knowing what they wanted to do as a career. Though that wont happen since I wont neglect my health over the matter.

My feet made contact with the cold floor of my room. It was a wooden floor since carpet had long been something people stopped getting, to cumbersome. The biggest fad nowadays was synthetic marble but I on the other hand preferred the wooden look, it gives my room an almost old fashioned appearance to it. Stretching my body like a cat awakened after a night rain, I finally got up off the bed to start my morning routine.

Taking a hot shower, my nose enjoying the cherry blossom scented shampoo that mixed with the steam from the water. Once that was finished and I felt revitalized, I quickly dried off then brushed my wavy dark bronze colored hair afterwards dressing into the school uniform. A burgundy skirt that came in whatever length you wished my own went past my knees by just a centimeter, a short sleeve white button up that came with a long sleeve version of itself during cold season, a matching burgundy blazer that had the proud gold colored school emblem on the left breast side. A Kestrel looking off into a far distance.

Once my white knee socks and dark loafers were on with my long hair tied back I went out into the kitchen of my home. Breakfast was a simple sandwich along with my lunch being a simple salad along with yogurt and rice with tuna mixed into it. If I ate anything too heavy I would want to take a nap afterwards, pretty sure that teachers from a private school wouldn't be to happy about students sleeping during lessons.

With everything ready I made my leave out the door followed by the computers automatically locking it up tight, with my parents always busy only a computer was my company as well as sense of security.

My legs took me far as I ran to the bus stop, ever since I was a child my long legs have helped me run far distances without exerting myself too much. I wasn't an athletic sort of person and probably never would be but I was prideful of the little things in my character.

I arrived on time as the vehicle stopped on the side of the busy road. Big, yet never spews gas like vehicles of old, it also helped that the streets were smart so it was almost like vehicles were super glued to the road. The driver, an mechanical man called Harry greeted me with a slight bow of his head. After sitting down the door closed, then the bus pulled out into the road to start the last of its rounds.

As the bus drove and made a few other stops I stared out my window.

The city had very high walls, making it all feel very restricting. 'To protect nature outside as well as ourselves' they all say, why does it feel more like something was taken from us? Within these walls were massive buildings with booming technology that was advancing almost everyday, when the streets weren't busy with vehicles the roads above were certainly busy. Even though we had all advanced beyond the use of gas fuel, sometimes I could feel a lump in my throat, like my lungs were filled with something unpleasant or had an absence of something that needed to be there.

The bus ride came to an end as it pulled into the driveway of the school, a huge building that had a classic brick look to it, from what I heard and seen in old photo's its an imitation of schools back in England so it had a very elegant appearance. The very grounds almost seemed to emanate knowledge as the neatly cut grass swayed in the wind along with the few trees sprinkled on the grounds to give it a peaceful look. When parked the doors opened up again allowing all the students to hop off the bus to head over to the building, "bye Harry" I said with a small wave before leaving.

Heading straight to the entrance and to my first class rather then stopping and talking.

When I entered my history class my teacher Mrs. Carmichael smiled pleasantly, for a teacher she was a very lovely woman with flowing blond hair often up in a stylish bun and wearing clothes that made her look like a confident woman who should be a lawyer or assistant to a politician. Nonetheless she made a very great teacher.

"Did you finish your homework?" she inquired.

I grinned, "of course".

My eyes glanced down to a certain spot in the empty room only having one desk that was for the teacher. Bending down slowly my fingers lightly touched the spot on the floor, in a swift motion that spot on the ground began to move, the floor receded to allow a folded item to unfurl until it was most obviously a student desk then the floor came back to appear as if the desk had always been there.

Sometimes technology could get pretty old but sometimes I found myself smiling in spite of that, watching the desks rise from the floor was like watching a flower burst from the fresh potted soil in an agricultural class.

My hands worked busily as I started to prepare for the class and finish a few last things on papers from other classes, when the bell finally tolled throughout the school Mrs. Carmichael allowed another magic to occur when she touched the bare white walls. Suddenly the front came alive with pictures fading to other pictures taken throughout time, while others had posters accompanying them. They were holographic pictures that respond to touch causing a blank room to come alive with color, plus if the teacher was tired of one poster she could buy another online to decorate the wall. One of them on the right near the window was a life like image of the Declaration of Independence.

This sort of decoration technology was what made the science room the coolest place. That's my personal opinion though.

As soon as the students were seated the room took attendance, the class had started.

"Alright students I expect that you finished your homework, please be sure to upload it and by tomorrow you'll have your grades, now open the text book to page 155" she cleared her throat and continued off with yesterday's lesson. "Year 2015 brought the third war, the results of it devastated not only humanity but the earth as well, radiation caused damage and mutation as well as bringing out the depravity of one scientist who created subhuman's known as Elves. Sadly not as friendly as the ones that were in myth."

My hand took notes as the lesson went along, in retrospect calling the 'mutant humans' elves felt very much on the edge of ridiculous. On the other hand when people recount experiences it didn't sound so funny.

She began to go through photo's that made a few people wrinkle their nose, or look in slight interest of mankind's mistakes and progress during that time.

As for me I felt interested but why does history matter so much? We can all see clearly that we still repeat mistakes so that can't be used to answer this question. Like certain area's in math what will history provide us except something to excel at in school in order to graduate?

This question was burned in my brain, pretty much one of many questions that swirled within my mind.

Pushing this away for now I went back to listening.

"At the end of the third war in 2024, the world became in disrepair thus almost halting scientific progress until 2026. During those years Peter D. Sullivan, a mad scientist of his time crossed the boundaries of ethics and morals by doing a series of experiments on live humans. When the year 2030 came about he unknowingly created a virus that caused a slow mutation that quickly gave us the sub-humans known as elves" the teacher chuckled. "Back then those generations feared a zombie virus, we got the name for the sub humans since the scientist called it Elfen Project, 'in hopes of one day mankind can obtain health and medicine that is something from myth' as he said when his illegal activity was discovered".

I sighed, we had many strange things happen in those years.


Classes flew by fast until finally lunch had begun and I could leisurely enjoy my lunch with friends. Sure I was a quiet person but I had them like any other.

The cafeteria was too enclosed so I often ate outside in the grassy courtyard with a stone fountain of a maiden set in the middle, at least there I felt relaxed in this sometimes rambunctious environment. Of course my friends could be noisy too, but since they are friends I feel more comfortable with them.

Karrie often referred as 'pixie-girl' for her short stature but cute looks was the type of person who liked to whip up some excuse for everyone to get together after school or at night. Tonight happened to be one of them, "I heard that there will be a meteor shower party! We should all go" she piped up after taking a sip of juice.

Grinning widely from excitement at this suggestion was Hannah, along with Karrie she loved playing soccer. Somehow she could make herself look very clean and proper after being covered in dirt a few moments ago, she was also the one always up for something to make boredom go away. "That sounds cool, haven't seen a meteor shower before".

My eyes went over to the two guys of the group, Bryan and Colby. Bryan loved knowledge some a bit strange along with having an obvious crush on Karrie while Colby was your classic mischief maker who liked to make the teachers glare at him just before giving him detention. This was a private school but it still happened, technology only made it a bigger and much more fun challenge.

"Sounds good" I said casually, my nerves almost tensed at the word party.

"Can we set fireworks?" Colby asked.

Karrie grimaced, "sure…as long as you don't set fire to anything…again".

Colby rolled his eyes at her, "it wasn't a fire it was just a small incident with the smoke bombs, it wont happen a second time" he assured but bad feelings tend to be right, we all hoped there was something to douse flames.

"Lets just hope you don't drink anything spiked" Bryan remarked.

Hannah sighed before speaking again, "isn't it called the Perseids?" she asked.

Bryan gave a sagely nod. "Yup happens every year on the same month and day".

"In any case, ladies dress dazzlingly to attract some cute guys! " Karrie exclaimed with a smile.

Bryan deflated on what she had said which earned him some sympathetic glances from those who noticed, unfortunately Karrie was oblivious, couldn't really say how since he would give up a kidney for her.

Personally I had long given up on the quest, actually I couldn't say I even began such a thing. People will often tell me I'm pretty but too me who saw myself everyday in a mirror and can point out a few flaws or at least things that might be flaws, I'm quite ordinary. I will admit I did have crushes but they were just temporary things. My mind snapped back to reality upon hearing Bryan's question.

"So- time and place?"

With a grin she announced, "near the observatory at midnight! 24th of this month!" She then gave a thoughtful glance to me and Hannah. "Why don't we top it off with a girl's night out? I saw some really cool outfits that would look great on you two, and…I guess you two could have a guys night out, don't know how much fun that would be though".

Colby rolled his eyes at her. "Well your not a guy so I guess you wouldn't".

Both myself and Hannah casted a glance to the other, we preferred just grabbing whatever looked good for a certain day rather then over glorify with accessories and glittering clothes. The only time this was an exception was when it involved our families.

Believe me parties full of rich adults was the longest experience in your life, I hated it. Shaking hands, repeating my success's in school or plans to the point I wanted to find an escape route, and talking to people I didn't particularly care for.

In the end though we just nodded at the prospect of shopping.

Suddenly though Hannah's eyes went skyward, "I wonder what it would be like to do things like watching for meteors outside of the city and in the forest?"

After many historic events, mankind separated itself from nature. Cities were abandoned to create a large metropolis, then the walls were erected like the Great Wall in the east.

To answer the question Colby waved a hand, "not even I can get past security".

Bryan however was contemplative over the idea.

"Sounds like that would be fun, but yeah the security is to thick, but I kind of do want to see what's in the forest".

Karrie only shrugged, she always said she didn't mind soccer but outdoor's type of people haven't existed in a while, I myself can't really say that I would love to be out where all the animals and bugs were especially if the mutated humans were out there.

In the end I smiled despite myself, "I think a meteor shower near the observatory is good enough".

Being surrounded by what seemed like empty space full of millions of stars that seemed to fall from the skies above your head, racing into an unknown destination. It would feel much like being somewhere far from this city and into bountiful sweet freedom from all the expectations pressed on my body and spirit.

"Yeah your right" Hannah grinned. "Besides it would probably just be fun in theory!"

A slow agreement came from the others, quickly the conversation diverted into something more 'interesting'. But as they had their own conversation my mind couldn't help but wander away. A tug was in my chest, like my heart longed for something. The tug haunts me now and then, never have I know what it wanted from me or wanted me to do. Like someone tell you to go in a certain direction when you were surrounded by pitch blackness, not only didn't you know which way is which but you didn't exactly trust what could possibly be in front of you. A cold feeling touches your flesh, if you go towards the tug then maybe you will be warm again. Maybe I can finally feel reassurance and certainty but I don't know what steps to take in order to feel this powerful sort of confidence. For now all I can do is wander like a last soul in purgatory.

I hope I give you a better quality chapter on the second one, I was about to make this one longer but I figured I would just save that for possibly the second chapter, god only knows when that will be. This story is purely for fun like I said at the top, and something to help me with my writing skills.

Now and then I caught myself going to third person when I wrote this DX

Anyway I hope you will find this enjoyable in some way.

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