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Precisely a week had passed since I had over heard a private conversation, still to this day I caught myself feeling conflicted on whether or not I should talk to my father about it after all the matter might be urgent however I would consistently tell myself that everyone is trustworthy. They have to after all in order to lead everyone and ensure our safety. As of now I will just have fun with my friends Hannah and Karrie as we had our 'girls-night-out'. I looked at myself in a full body mirror of the clothing area of the mall, I may have gotten my hazel eyes from my father but the hair and olive tone skin belonged to my mother, it also seemed like my durability and speed was from her as well.

Popping seemingly out of nowhere Karrie presented a cute blouse that had a sea foam color to it with black lace. "Hmm…green looks good on you…but I see more of a sexy red when I look at you, after all you do look extremely good in that tacky school uniform we're forced to wear" she looked to me thoughtfully.

I smiled despite my slight bashfulness at that thought of wearing something 'sexy'.

Her blonde curls bounced a little as she hopped on over to a different rack and pulled out a deep red casual dress with black lace that had been made to look like roses, "this will look great on you!" she exclaimed with success at her finding.

I gave the outfit an uncertain glance, it looked very lovely but I wasn't certain it would look good on me, so I shrugged as I took it into my hands to think it over. "We're going to the observatory, so do you think it would be a good idea to wear something like this?" I inquired.

The Observatory was around 45 miles away, at the east edge of the city. After driving those miles you had to walk up a small hill, so wearing a dress didn't sound all that much of a good idea which Karrie seemed to instantly understand. "Well you should buy it anyway, another occasion".

Hannah's head gazed over to us over racks of clothing, "we can just go casual, oh and Karrie I found something in you size!".

Karrie's hands clapped together as she walked over to Hannah. Looking over to them was rather funny, Karrie was a pixie like girl with platinum blond hair that was naturally curly with fair skin that was like porcelain along with deep set of blue eyes that gave her an almost doll like appearance. On the other hand Hannah was a girl with jet black hair always in a bob with creamy skin and some sign of freckles on her face that might be slowly disappearing. A girl who seemed like an over the top partier and the other who looked like she could make a could business woman. I on the other hand couldn't quite say what I resembled.

The three of us soon made our way to the more casual section around ten outfits later, I carrying three including the red casual dress Karrie found for me, Hannah only having two on hand while Karrie had the rest of the five that she really liked. Scanning some stylish jeans I found some with a butterfly decorating the back pockets, even in this day and age some things never come out of style. Jeans was one of them.

My eye caught sight of a few shirts that looked good, light weight and would be nice to wear to the party plus they didn't look to overly fancy.

"Hey! Lets go to the food court then try another place!" Karrie piped up jovially as she struggled to juggle god only knows how much clothes in her arms. Both me and Hannah had to quite honestly laugh, our friend was a definite super shopper.

After buying the clothes we grabbed our bags and went down to the food courts to pick out a place to eat, instead of choosing one we all decided to go to three different places, order what was good on the menu then find a nice table where we could all share what the each of us had ordered. I had gone straight to the Italian while Hannah grabbed Chinese leaving Karrie to the Mexican. As we all mentioned on different food Karrie spoke with her mouth slightly full, "you know- I wonder what Mexico is like?"

Hannah shrugged as she grabbed something from my tray, "I heard it has a few popular spots, if you end up in the right city, as of now I here there having problems with protesters arguing about the walls".

"I hope we don't get an embargo on Mexican food, that would be a tragedy! Their food is awesome" Karrie said rather dramatically.

I chuckled, "don't worry I'm sure that wouldn't happen".

"Besides I think this city pretty much grows and makes all needed things" Hannah pointed out as she sipped on a juice drink.

Karrie giggled, "oh yeah".

The three of us chatted away about our parents, school, and mostly movies we all wanted to watch or have already watched then after much thought into it I had to ask something that I had been curious about for a while ever since we planned on going to that party.

"How many we actually know going to this party?"

"Hmm…a few other kids from our school and I believe it will have some people from the public schools, probably a few Blackwood students" her eyes averted away from the two of us leaving us slightly worried about what might happen at this party. Great and I had gone on ahead and reassured my dad that everything would be fine too.

Hannah cleared her throat and casted Karrie a belabored glance, "do you have any idea what that school's reputation is?"

Like a child caught doing something bad she didn't make any eye contact, "yeah… bad kid school as the rumors say".

"Bad kid school? Really?" she raised an eyebrow then quickly spoke again. "Yeah, there's only a few kids with criminal records of hacking and arson, oh…yeah lets not forget that story about one guy who had to go to the hospital because of a fight. Karrie if we dress 'too' nicely then we might draw unwanted attention".

Karrie rolled her eyes at Hannah's words, words that I actually kind of agreed with.

"As long as we're smart about everything we wont, besides the two guys will be there to so it will be like having a body guard. Not like I go unprepared, I'll have something in my purse the entire time, anything bad happens I will defend myself" her voice was confident and sure of itself as if she had the entire night planned and wouldn't fail to make sure everything goes the way it should.

"Still…lets try to be careful" I said in order to appease them both. Now I was even more nervous, what the heck would I do if something bad happened? In my mind I can't imagine myself as a fighter, the most I could probably do was kick and scream. Though if my cell is in hand I could call the police to help while whomever there handled it. God that sounded a bit cowardly didn't it?

Both girls seemed to agree to just be careful and not argue over the matter since that didn't do much good. With a few last bites of our shared meals we grabbed our bags and began shopping again, this time we all headed over to a goth shop since they had awesome accessories and not to mention awesome looking shoes.

When we arrived the two of us couldn't help but notice how much Karrie's bright hair clashed with the dark look within the store and the severely goth customers in the shop looked at her as if she were some strange species entering into an unfamiliar habitat. Greeting us at the accessories were lots of silver, black and skulls giving us the evil eye. The entire barb wire look perplexed me since it always seemed rather dangerous in appearance but then again that was the point wasn't it?

My hand picked up a hat with a grinning cat on it that looked slightly zombified as the tip of the right ear slightly bent in an odd direction. For the fun of it I put it on and looked to the mirror, I chuckled. It was oddly cute, however I put the hat away and kept on looking around along with my friends.

All of the sudden Hannah said, "you should go goth".

I looked to her with slight shock, "come again?"

"I'm serious! Aren't I right?"

Karrie grinned, "yup".

My head tilted like a curious cat, "how come?"

"The dark look would give you a more Amazon princess look, or maybe some queen of darkness in a fairytale" Hannah explained. "Plus you would make the look kind of cute".

I gave them both in incredulous glance, what the hell where these two prattling on about? In the end I raised an eyebrow in question, "my skin is a little light to be an Amazon princess don't you think?"

They both shook their head at the question.


I fell onto my bed once I was back home and my arms felt a rush of relief after I set the big bags of stuff down. Thankfully Karrie had called her limo to pick all of us up, the plan was to have a sleep over but I declined and told them I needed to do a few things like homework so I didn't get in any trouble with my parents for going somewhere and neglecting my homework within one moment. The small robot that does chores came wheeling in at my presence making a few rather cute beep noises, this one looked like a capsule pill with a light baby blue beret on its head and little dots to indicate eyes. Other houses had some that resembled dogs or cats, like Hannah's which looked like a cute little frog. Mine was simple but unique and I could swear it had its own character as its thin mechanical arms came out of small slots and began to sift through the things I had brought. After a moment it began to organize everything and put it in my closet.

I laid my back on my bed. Listening to the small robot make small sounds as it did what it was programmed to do I started to go through my own internal file system to see what I needed to do tonight, among the most important was doing my math homework, a subject that I could very confidently say I didn't like very much. Sometimes I was sort of good at it but numbers were like the enemy to me, in math they looked jumbled together with all the division symbols and variables. When it came to numbers in science it looked like some sort of strange alien language as they sat next to triangles among other things. Another task to be performed that popped in my head was looking in our storage area to see where my mothers favorite antique gun was stored, she had forgotten it up till now. The minute she remembered it she had the desire to want to hang it up somewhere, like above the bed.

I could see now why my dad was skittish around her when she first became a cop. My mother had an odd fascination for old gun models from back in the 21st century.

Deciding it would be better to do that before anything else I slowly got up and looked to the small robot, then I started to leave my room to head for the storage area. The home itself was large and pretty fancy. Always pristine clean with its white walls, tiled style floors, the best matching baby blue furniture with a vase or two with flowers in them, none of them were fully natural beings as they grew in a lab and were genetically altered. Like the brilliant blue roses near the couch and in the middle of the white dinner table.

After reaching the door that was almost long forgotten I stepped in front of it. "Please open the door" I commanded calmly.

The voice recognition system worked its magic as it studied my voice, burglaries were very closely things of the past with these types of security. With a small beep the door slid off to the side and the lights inside turned on when it sensed my presence. I walked in and the door slid back to close as I started to looked around at all the compartments in the room. Press a button and the compartments spit out and become boxes so moving was always easy.

"Hmm…it could be with the miscellaneous things" I muttered to myself as I began to dig into one of the now open compartments, all I was finding were old cooking supplies and toys that I hadn't played with in a long time but not the item my mother wanted me to find. My eyes went to another compartment and pressed on it to open it up, it was filled with old papers consisting of bills that had been filed away just in case and pictures which were filled with some very warm memories of me and my parents back when I was a kid. Thinking back I was rather rambunctious, always wanting to explore every nook and cranny in this seemingly vast world. It was to the point I had to have nannies to watch my every move, but I enjoyed fooling around even then. Back then everything was amazing. I wanted to touch it and look at it.

Putting the photo's away I went to another compartment to see what was in it, what I found was what looked like a scrap book that my mom had bought me was I was five yours old, taking it out I looked at it from all sides. Most likely it had a neat look to it once but now it had doodles and stickers all over it. Casting a glance back inside the compartment I found a glass jar filled with of all things in the world, rocks.

Rocks of every shape and size, some that looked rather dull in color and others that looked incredible, these are natural right? I questioned as I picked one out of the jar. Looking at it in the light it seemed to have a black tone upon first appearance but taking it to the light it seemed to be actually a very deep purple. "Hmm". I put that one away then grabbed another that was actually quite stunning to look at. Smooth with a few rough areas, but with vibrant yet organized colors, like ribbons of color that upon study seemed to form a mountain like shape.

My hand held on while my left dub into my pants pocket to grab my cell, I quickly activated the scanning app and set it to give me information on what I was about to scan, when I was finished I let it do its job as it looked at this amazing looking piece of earth. For a moment it went through everything that matched then it finally came up with a conclusion.

"Agate. Microcrystalline variety of silica, formula SiO2 Silicon dioxide, classically associated with volcanic rock. Can be made into many things such as jewelry and pottery, back in ancient days it was a common material in hard stone carving" the computerized voice began to go into more specifics then I cared for so I cut it off and looked admirably at the item. "Its beautiful" I whispered.

Completely forgetting my intended task I began to look at more things from a part of childhood that I couldn't quite remember. Soon enough I found things called Apache tear, garnet, quartz, and kyanite. Each time I only half listened to the information my cell had given me, "so this is what amethyst originally looks like" I muttered in complete fascination.

Finishing up looking at rocks I opened up the scrap book to see if there was any other treasures to behold.

I came upon pressed flowers.

Each one was one I either recognized or didn't, they were all far different from the genetically altered ones, their smell was still fragrant even though they had long dried out.

With a smile dancing my face and my eyes locked onto each page and slowly flipped pages, taking in each and every one. Then I stopped.

There was a white flower.

Simple yet it made my heart jump.

The small smell was distinct on my nose.

My eyes blinked back something as I lifted my cell phone and allowed it to analyze the small thing.

The small beep sounded.

"Chamomile. Common name for the daisy like plants of the Asteraceae family. Was often used to make a tea with honey or lemon added to help one sleep however pregnant women were advised to never drink it since it can cause miscarriage, the plant has also been used in skin cosmetics for anti-inflammatory purposes as well as used to enhance the color of blond hair. The name itself means earth apple".

Laying my cell phone down I stared at the flower. "Friend….play…."I mumbled incoherently.

Images flashed through my mind, Memories.

A little girl offering a flower she found as a way to break the ice so they could become friends and play together, after all playing was much more fun when you had friends with you. The tense air had soon turned into smiles as the two became friends and began playing in the small river that he had been sitting alone at not long ago.

My hands shook as tears ran down my cheeks.

How could I forget such valuable things? I was a teen now but somehow they didn't lose any of their value to me.

So I sat there feeling guilty that I had forgotten a friend from long ago.

In the end when I had finally stopped I never did find what my mother had asked me to find, my hands grabbed the things that I had found without a second thought on my part. Setting both items on my desk I ordered the cleaning bot not to touch or move them from that spot, I will deal with them myself or perhaps not. They looked welcome on my desk.

As I stared at them I almost forgot about everything else.

My mind was dancing happily within nostalgia.

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