How did I end up here? I wondered to myself as I sat on the cot in the cell and put my head in my hands, as my five friends all sat down beside me. This night was a complete and utter disaster. How did a wealthy 17 year old end up in jail, you ask? Well I guess it all started this morning...

I woke up late to my butler, Henry, knocking on my door.

"Master James, if you don't get up now you are going to be late for school," he said in his British accent.

Don't get me wrong I loved the guy, he's always there for me and he looked after me and he makes the best lasagna ever! But right at that moment, I found him quite annoying. Here I was trying to sleep and here he was yelling at me. Well not really yelling, but to my sleep deprived brain, any noise was too much. So I just groaned and pulled a pillow over my head.

"Master James, your Dad said that there would be dire consequences for you if you were late for anymore of your classes this term."

His voice came closer than last time, he must have came into my room. My theory was proven correct when the pillow was pulled off of my head.

"Arg, why does he even care?" I snapped as I pulled my sheets over my head.

"Must we go through this every morning?" He asked exasperated as he then pulled the blankets off my head, "And in response to your previous statement, because you are his son and he loves you."

I groaned again as my last protection from the bright light was taken away from me, he must have opened the stupid blind. I groaned again as I sat up and looked/glared at him, "Must you wake me up so savagely? And no he doesn't, he just cares about his image."

"If you got up with your alarm, Master James, there would be no need for me to wake you up, 'savagely' or otherwise," he said as he was getting my school uniform out, "And no he doesn't. Master Richard loves you. You should hear how he talks about you."

"Yeah about how bad I am and how he wishes he never had a son," I said as I headed towards the bathroom to have a quick shower.

"Oh don't be so dramatic, Master James, you know that's not true. He took all night off just for you remember? Would he do that if he didn't love you?" he said then didn't wait for a response before continuing, "You have 15 minutes to be downstairs at the table."

After that he was gone. I rolled my eyes and I got ready for school. I hate school. I go to this private school where everyone is so stuck up. I only really have two good friends there, the rest just pretend. They would sell you out the first opportunity they had. I always wanted to go to public school. I think it would be cool to go to a school where everyone doesn't wear the same thing every single day. or always compare you to your father. Or aren't rich snobs. Or don't just be nice to you because you have a rich dad.

I have a friend who goes to public school, Resden. His Dad works with my Dad, we met at a picnic thing Dad has for work every year, back when we were like five and have been best friends ever since. He has two friends from public school who are pretty cool and the six of us hang out a lot. But anyways here I was innocently getting ready and in exactly 14 minutes and 58 seconds I was downstairs, sitting at the table, by myself.

"Where's Dad?" I asked when Henry came with my food.

"He had to go into work early this morning, he had a meeting. He said to tell you he loves you very much and he's sorry he couldn't be here this morning. Oh and he also said to make sure I told you to behave yourself."

"I only believe the last part," I said as I started eating my breakfast. I knew that Dad wouldn't say that, well except the telling me what to do, but never here to enforce it part, he really liked doing that.

"Believe what you want Master James. Eat up, you have to leave in the next 10 minutes if you don't want to be late."

"What if I do want to be late?" I asked just for the sake of being annoying.

"Let me rephrase that. You will leave within the next 10 minutes or else I will personally drive you to school," he threatened.

"You're bluffing."

"Try me," he said in a very serious voice accompanied with a 'don't mess with me' look.

I groaned again and went back to my breakfast. It took me a while to finally get to drive myself to school, and I wasn't going to mess it up now. Besides I had been surprisingly good these last two weeks. Why you ask? Because last time I got in trouble, my Dad said if I stepped even one toe out of line I would have to go to this stupid charity ball thing. You had to get all dressed up fancy and take a girl and dance with her. Then you had to make pleasant conversation with rich old people. The ball was absolute torture! This year my Dad finally said the decision to go was up to me (I think my constant complaining last year might have helped ware him down), so of course I wasn't going. Then he changed his mind, and like every evil father out there, is using it to his advantage. I only had one week left, I could do this... I hope.

I finished my breakfast and got my backpack before leaving. My Dad bought me a new car when I turned 16 and got my license, I loved it. It was the best gift I ever got.

I got in and drove to school. I got into my first class and sat between my friends, William and Simon, just as the bell rang.

"Nice timing," William or Will, whispered as I sat down. Simon just nodded at me.

"I couldn't have timed it better if I tried," I replied back just as the teacher came in and started talking.

Class dragged but finally it was lunch. We all sat down at one of the tables in the cafeteria.

"So what's the big plan for tonight?" asked Simon.

"Christi's parents are out of town and she's having that party tonight, remember?" Will said around his mouthful of food.

"Oh yeah I forgot about that, I heard there's supposed to be alcohol and everything!"

"So what time are you picking us up?" Will asked me.

Normally on a Friday night there is nothing I'd rather do then go to a kick ass party with my friends, but this Friday was different. My Dad had been working hard and late all month so I have barely saw him at all, but he promised that tonight, after my basketball practice, we would do something together, just the two of us. Now I know it's not real cool to hangout with your Dad, but he is really busy with running his company that he doesn't have a lot of time for me, especially this last month.

"Can't, I already have plans," I said.

"What? With who? I know for a fact that Resden, Lucas and Matt are coming, so you're not hanging out with them," said Simon referring to our public school friends.

"How did they get invited anyways?" Will asked.

"I'm not too sure, I think they know someone who knows Christi's sister or something like that, but that is not what's important at the moment. What's important is why James here isn't going to what's supposed to be the sickest party of the year!"

"Because I already have plans with my Dad,"

"Oh I see," Will said. After that they both dropped the subject and moved on to a different topic.

I was a little embarrassed to be missing a party because I was going to spend time with my Dad, but I knew my friends understood. I have commented/complained about it enough this last while for them to know that Dad had been real busy this past month with trying to get a big deal closed, that he hasn't had much time for me.

After that school passed in the same slow, boring manor it always had, but finally it was over. Basketball practice usually went by faster than it did today but finally it was 5:30 and time to go home. I just changed quickly, I would shower at home. I always hated the school showers, they were really gross, so I just opt to shower at home.

I drove home quickly, I couldn't help it, I was really excited for tonight.

I got home and walked into the house. First I saw Henry.

"Hey Henry, is Dad home?" I asked trying to contain my excitement, I couldn't stop smiling.

"Yes he is, but Master James..." He started but I cut him off.

"Okay cool, I'll just go find him," I said as I turned to go find him.

"Master James, just listen for a second," he tried again to get my attention. Now in hindsight, if I would have listened and turned back around to hear what he had to say, the events of tonight would have gone much differently. You see, Henry always had a way of gently breaking to you bad news, to make it seem less awful then it was. He also did it rationally so that one wouldn't over react. So instead of hearing the news calmly and rationally, and perhaps responding in the same way, I found out the hard way.

So I walked out of the kitchen, through the dining room and into the main entrance area. That's when I saw her. I froze where I stood. I couldn't believe my eyes. There right in front of me stood Myra. Or as I like to call her, the gold dinging bitch from hell.