The next month and a half passed rather uneventfully. I was finally ungrounded and got to spend time with Christi outside of school. I was on my best behaviour to give Dad no reason to extend my grounding or ground me again once I got off it.

That all came to a stop one Friday afternoon. I was hanging out by the pool with Resden, Will, Simon, Lucas and Matt. That afternoon we had skipped school to go to the beach with the girls. It was a really nice day, and we weren't doing anything important in class anyways, so we decided to go. I had intercepted the email that the school sent out (I knew Dads password) informing Dad of my absence, but what I didn't count on was the call home they recently started sending out around 6.

We were all sitting around the pool when I heard an angry "Jameson!"

That's all the warning I got before I was pulled up by my ear.

"Oww Dad, what?" I asked confused.

Then the worst thing ever happened, Dad turned me to the side and swatted me twice. I thought I was going to die from embarrassment.

"Get inside," Dad said sending me in my way with another swat.

I don't think I ever moved so fast in my life. The sooner I got away from my friends the more I could hope this was all just a really bad dream.

When I got to my room I threw myself down onto bed and buried my face into my pillow. How could such a great day take such a nasty turn so fast?

I heard my door open, but I didn't move. I didn't want to see my Dad or anyone for that matter at that moment.

"Okay James up. Your friends are gone. Lets get this over with," I head Dad say as he close the door. I didn't move.

"Up," he said again before I felt a sharp swat on my bathing suit clad behind.

I squeaked, but didn't move.

"Jameson if you're not up by the count of three, your getting a spanking before and after we talk about you skipping school."

When I still don't move he started counting.


Why wouldn't he just leave me alone?


I won't let him have the satisfaction of knowing he was getting to me.


"Okay, okay I'm up!" I cut him off as I jumped out of bed. There's no way I was taking two spanking today.

"Good boy," Dad said as he grabbed my hips to pull me in closer, "Now, why did you skip your afternoon classes?"

I looked down at my bare feet not wanting to answer. I knew that going to the beach was in no way shape or form a good reason.

"Jameson, answer please,"

When I still didn't say anything he reached around and swatted me twice.

"Ow! We went to the beach with the girls!" I exclaimed not wanting anymore.

"And why couldn't have you guys gone after school, or better yet, this weekend? You know how important school and your education are, James."

"Yeah I know, but everyone wanted to go today because it was such a nice day out and I didn't want to be the only wuss saying no and besides we weren't doing anything important in class anyways," I said trying to defend myself.

"James, saying no to doing something you know is wrong isn't being weak," Dad said calmly.

Yeah I've heard that one before. "Come on Dad it wasn't like I was doing drugs or something, we just skipped a couple classes, it's no big deal!" I said in maybe a little less than calmly.

My answer got me three swats on my bare thighs and a sharp, "Jameson that's not the point and you know it. School and your education are important, as is me knowing you are where you're supposed to be and safe. I trust you that when you go to school you stay there. When you're not where you're supposed to be, you lose my trust in you. If you keep it up, I will start to wonder if you're ever really where you say you are."

I felt a tear roll down my face at my Dads words. Trust. So easy to lose; so hard to gain. "You don't trust me anymore?" I asked in a tear filled voice.

"Oh Sweetie," Dad said as he pulled my into his arms, "It'll be okay, you didn't lose all my trust, I know your still my good little boy."

Dad held me for a bit then asked, "Ready to get this over with?"

I nodded and pulled away.

Dad grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap before pulling down my swim suit.

"Okay why are you about to receive this spanking?"

"For skipping school and breaking your trust," I responded easily. I know I screwed up.

"Not breaking, just slightly denting," Dad said giving my back a quick rub before beginning.

He swatted hard and fast. I think he was trying to get this over as quick as possible.

Not long after he started I couldn't help but squirm to try and get away from the hard swats. Dad's response was to pull me in tighter to his side.

It wasn't much longer before he started to lecture me, "You are not a hooligan, and you do not skip school. You need to be where you say you will be for people to trust you and for me to know that you are safe!"

Under any other circumstance I would have commented on his use of the word 'hooligan', but I didn't think that it would be appropriate at the time. And besides his words really got to me. After his last comment I let out the first sob. More of a response of his words then the swats he was laying down... even though those hurt plenty.

Dad tipped me forward and started swatting at my tender under curve. I didn't last more then 10 swats there before breaking down completely and just laying limply over Dads lap.

He finished with another ten or so swats to my sit spots before stopping.

I just laid over his lap crying as he rubbed my back. I almost calmed down before realizing that my friends had witnessed me being swatted like a naughty little boy... that thought renewed my sobbing.

"Come on James, why are you carrying on so? I'm sure it was unpleasant, but you have had worse, what's wrong?" Dad asked after several minutes of me crying. He pulled off my wet swim trunks before grabbing the afghan off the bottom of my bed and wrapped my shivering frame in it as he gathered me the right way up on his lap.

"T-they a-all saw," I managed to stumble out through my sobs.

"Who all saw what?" Dad asked generally confused.

"Me get smacked like... like a little baby," I said pitifully into his shoulder.

"Oh James, your being ridiculous," he said rubbing my back in smooth circles, "I'm sure they don't think any less of you at all. Everyone gets in trouble. I'm sure your not the only one of your friends that is going to bed tonight on your stomach."

I didn't believe him. There was no way that anyone else but my old fashion Dad still spanks their 17 year old. But I was too tired to argue so I just nodded into his shoulder and worked on calming myself down.

Dad rubbed my back long after I calmed down until I was almost asleep, then he maneuverer me into bed and pulled the sheets up.

"Goodnight, I love you," Dad said as he kissed my forehead.

I mumbled something that vaguely resembled 'love you too' before I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and got ready for the day before I froze. How was I going to face my friends? They would think I was such a baby for still getting punished like that at my age. That's it... homeschooling for me, there was no way I could go to school, not ever.

I got back into bed and crawled under the blankets.

"James! What are you doing still in bed?" I heard Henry ask a couple minutes later.

"I'm not going to school today," I said burrowing further in my blankets.

"And why not?" he asked trying to pull the blankets off me, "I heard you showering this morning."

"Henry! Just let me die in peace," I said not relenting my hold on the sheets.

"What on earth is going on here?" I heard Dad's most unwelcome voice.

"I'm not too sure Master Richard. He was up earlier but now he's talking about death," Henry said sounding confused.

"Is he sick?" Dad asked as he walked over to my bed and effectively pulled the blankets off me with a couple well placed swats on my still tender behind, "Why are you laying in bed dressed and ready to go, yet claiming not to be going to school?" Dad asked clearly confused.

"Because I'm not going to school ever again," I said curling up into myself and covering my head with my pillow.

"Jameson," Dad said pulling the pillow off my head, "What's going on?"

"Nothing," I said

"Jameson I'm loosing my patience with you," Dad warned giving me a smack on my behind as warning.

"Oww Dad I didn't do anything wrong!" I said tuning into my back so he couldn't smack me anymore.

"Jameson you have 10 seconds to tell me why your not going to school today before I ground you,"

I think that may have been an idle threat, but I wasn't taking any chances. There was no way I was being grounded again anytime soon, "I'm not going because everyone will know what happened yesterday."

"That you skipped school?" Dad asked. I wasn't sure if he was playing dumb or he really didn't know.

"No Dad, what happened after," I said in what some may call a whinny voice.

"James, we talked about this," he said in a softer voice, "No one will care, I bet you that your not the only one who is still punished like that of your friends," he added rubbing my back soothingly.

"Yes I am. No one else still treats there 17 year old like a baby. Its embarrassing,"

"Its not a punishment for babies. It's just a sure way to make you think and stop doing dumb things. And besides, you are my baby boy," he said placing a kiss on my head, "Now up, you better get going so your not late," he said leaving the room before I could come up with a witty response.

I pouted for a couple of seconds before getting up and grabbing my stuff for school. As much as I didn't want to go, it wasn't worth the fight. This was one argument I was never going to win and I was not getting grounded again.