Untameable love

Impossible To Know

Summary: Can it be him... no it cannot but then what if... no it's just luck... but still all the same... what if.. No it is impossible... but the face... must have been a dream and the voice... oh no it is just sheer luck...but ... what if... who can it be... it was real... no.

Chapter one:

A police station is absolutely the last place I want to start my college year in. The holding cell us small and dingy, and the police man just dumped me inside, before leaving me there, tired and starving. I waited. And waited. I hate waiting. As the minutes trickle by much slower than they should, I can almost feel my patience draining away along with them. What is taking them so long? I tap my foot against the floor. Tap. Tap. Tap. I wish they'd hurry up.

After what feels like an eternity, the police man finally comes in. I shoot him a glare, but his face remain impassive and matter-of-fact, with a hint of disdain in his eyes. I scowl.

"I want your statement," he says. He sounds bored, as though I'm not even worth the trouble. A spark of anger shoots through me. "Just a short and precise version will do." His words sound gentle enough, but his tone carries the silent threat that I'd better make it short and precise, or he'll come after me. Huh, I think. Whatever. I just want to get out of here.

By now you must be wondering, what am I doing in a freaking police station? Am I a drug dealer? Or thief? Or some other sort of criminal? Well, here's my story. It all started when - well, I guess it can speak for itself.

Here goes nothing...

"You morons have only two options – give me my cell and let go off me, or have me punch your guts out, which is something I manage to do quite well, you know." My knees were shaking slightly and I was tied to a tree by a rope fastened at my waist, but I managed to keep my voice calm but threatening. Reckless anger blazed through me. Yes, I thought savagely. If those idiots didn't give me back my phone, I would punch their guts out. They didn't have any right to throw their weight around like this and act like everyone was beneath them.

Paul, Marvin and Marvel Oberon stood before me. They were a neighbourhood gang who never could give me any rest. They were all smirking that horrible smirk that made me want to strangle them, one by one. I gritted my teeth, trying to control my anger as Paul leaned in close to me, grinning.

I leaned back, trying not to gag. Paul was a wiry guy with a disturbing amount of acne, wearing a sleeveless shirt and grotesquely tight jeans, as though that might make him handsome or something. His teeth were yellow and stained with god-knows-what. There was still a faint mark on his cheek from where I had slapped him earlier that morning.

He pranced in front of me, laughing.

"Oh, do you want this?" He taunted, waving my cell in the air.

I struggled blindly to free myself from the tree, but I only succeeded in making the rope pull painfully at my stomach. Curse them! Now I was helpless and weak as before my eyes, Paul snatched it out of the way and threw it into the pavement behind me with a sickening crunch. Before I could react, he went straight up to it and brought his foot down right onto the small black screen.

"Oopsie," he drawled. "Guess I lost my balance."

I screamed in rage. I was so angry I could kill him with my bare hands.

"That cost me two years worth of savings! I'm going to the police! I will hit you so hard that your teeth will rattle in their sockets! I will -" I was yelling incoherently now, all my anger and frustration released in a scream.

Paul cut across me.

"My, my, Zia, still angry aren't we? We know you can hit well but now we don't want that do we friends?" he asked, walking towards where I was tied, trying desperately to free myself. I cursed. I hated feeling so defenceless. All for that stupid crush for his.

Apparently, he had some stupid crush on me, which encouraged him do what he did this morning. After doggedly refusing to leave after I had politely said no countless times, he had earned that slap on the cheek. Boys.

I spat at him furiously. Then someone's fist collided with my nose. Blood flowed out, and I gagged, dazed with pain. Still, I managed to keep a steady face.

"That's it! I will -"

"You will what?" Marvin snarled. Without another word his boot crashed into my nose. There was a sickening sound of a breaking bone, and more blood gushed out, staining my shirt. I cried out with pain, spots dancing before my vision. My eyes burned with pain, hatred and anger.

"Be careful," I said with as much confidence as I could muster, fighting desperately against the ropes holding me to the stupid tree. "I'm a black belt at martial arts."

Marvel snorted and spat on the ground. "Yeah, well, good for you! But seeing as you aren't exactly attacking us now or anything..."

"I'm tied to a bloody tree!" I yelled. "How do you expect me to do anything like this?"

"Let's shut her up, what say?" Marvin asked lazily and took out a white handkerchief.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh honey, just for a fact, I so would."

Then he gagged me. Struggling and kicking, I bit at the cloth as hard as I could, but it stayed lodged in my mouth, blocking back any sound I could make. I closed my eyes, panting. My body ached, and my shirt was soaked in sweat and blood. Stupid gang. I would see them rot in hell.

I could hear their raucous laughter and the clink of bottles as they got wasted. I could feel the time skipping by. Mustering my energy, I tried a new assault at the rag in my mouth. Slowly, very slowly, it was dislodged. I spat it out when non of them was noticing. My mouth was free. Good. Though what my mouth could do against the three of them, I had very little idea.

Time for Plan B, I thought. What was plan B? Escape.

I started rubbing my hands against the bark, biting my lips to the point of blood to contain any groans or whimpers I might release and draw the gang's attention. I felt the pain of my skin grinding against the rough bark, but I gritted my teeth and kept going. Soon, the rope was frayed and damaged. I yanked at it as hard as I could and at long last, it broke. My hands were free. I arched my back against the trunk and pulled my hands as far back as possible to free my bound ankles. As soon as they came loose, I took off running at full speed. Wind whipped my face. I had gotten away!

Then I stumbled on something - trip wire. My foot caught in the mesh and I crashed forward onto the ground. They had actually booby trapped the whole place with trip wire.

It was enough to draw the boys' attention. By the time I got up, the three gang members were surrounding me, leering. Shit.

"Somebody got free, huh?" Marvel slurred. I shrank away from the alcoholic smell of his breath.

I raised my fist and punched him in stomach. He doubled over, wheezing. I seized the opportunity and shoved him out of the way, sprinting between him and a startled Marvel. I spotted a nearby tree and tore toward it. When I reached it, I grabbed the lowest branches and hoisted myself up, climbing up as fast as I could. The boys charged after me in a mess of yells, fighting limbs and the stench of alcohol. They tried to climb, but they were too heavy and wasted to do anything except fight among themselves in a shower of breaking tree limbs. I scanned the area, and then jumped onto the other side, away from them, landing on my toes to keep free of the wire.

I ran, hearing the sound of the gang members tripping over their own wire as they tried to pursue me. I smirked, turning back to look at them.

And then something hit me at the back of the head so hard stars swam before me eyes. I stumbled, crumpling to the ground. The world swam in a kaleidoscope of chaotic colour.

Then I blacked out.

I woke to the sensation of something cool rubbing against my forehead. I was lying on something soft. My body throbbed and my head ached as though I had been run over by a truck. I opened my eyes, squinting. The light was too hard for my eyes. Colour swam in and out of my fogged vision. At the corner of my vision, I made out the vague image of Julian, my twin brother.

"Zia!" he cried, a smile lightning up his face.

I tried to nod, but even that small movement sent jolts of pain arcing through my head.

"Hey Jud, I got breakfast." My best friend Brownie's voice floated into the room from the door. Julian got up.

"Thanks Brown! Look! Zia's finally come to."

"Well, the zombie lives."

I could hear her teasing voice as the bed springs sank a little under her weight. I tried to reach out to her, but my arms felt like they were full of splinters. Pain shot through my head again, and I moaned involuntarily.

I blacked out.