The Infection

By Bob Evans & SoggySoul

The near future is here.

Our world lies in ruins after a plague of cataclysmic proportions swept across the planet. Billions lay dead while many return to life, their resurrected corpses destroying what little remains. A few walled cities like New Chicago are the only form of civilization left.

James "Ramsey" Scott is a young Militiaman working on the barrier that keeps the Infected out of New Chicago. Life has lost all meaning for him as those he once knew lay dead around him.

Janie Monroe is a young factory woman with a terrifying past, just trying to make it by. When her life is suddenly thrown in a fresh batch of terrors, the cost may be the last all she holds dear.

These two young people are about to cross paths in the most chance of circumstances. But as they meet, they will also stumble right into a conspiracy that started with the very Infection itself.

One that could spell doom for the last of humanity.

A Quick Note

This is a story that I have long neglected.

It began about four and a half years ago as a bit of game between SoggySoul and me. We felt like writing a story, but had little else planned. So we started taking turns writing about our characters' interactions.

It grew out of a game into something much, much larger.

Over the course of the next few months, our little game turned into this story you see before you. With time and edits it has remained largely unchanged since we started all those years ago.

But it has collected far too many cobwebs sitting on my hard drive in that time. So it was with much relief I am pleased to finally release it to the world, and to you, dear reader. Hopefully you have as much fun as we did when this thing first kicked off.