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Hate is misguided love -unknown author

"It started with a stupid bet, and now look where we are! It's all your fault!"

"Of course" I agreed, drapping my bag over my shoulder. I straightened up, and raised my arms to let down my pony tail, as my red curls bounced back over my shoulder and back I looked at my best friend who was drinking water from her Volleyball bottle.

Alinah raised an eyebrow at me, as she shook her head making her blonde hair fall over her eyes. "Are you sure?" She asked again.

I groanned and gave her a nod. This conversation again? Ugh, but even as I groanned the memories flashed into my mind as I walked in on my ex boyfriend and some raven haired girl in the middle of well... That.

I could feel my heart begin to race as I thought about it, but I quickly pushed it away. I only felt disgust toward Kyler, and maybe some regret on my part. Good thing I hadn't gave him my V card...

Me and Kyler met in middle school when I moved from New York to Vine City, of course in eigth grade I hated my new school and the city. Vine city is actually a real nice place... But it's sort of small, there is only one high school, one middle school and one elementary so every one knows each other since they were little kids but of course Like always there are always groups of the popular kids and the not. And our city is divided three ways. There is the rich and stuck up part of town where my father lives, and everyone has butlers and maids and five cars with a chofer and their kids are spoiled brats. There is the picket fence part of town where the houses are big and small, with nice families some with more income than others and kids and dogs and white picket fences and green yards, Alinah lives there. And then there is the part of town like really south where every house is left un painted or gray and people live in small, cramped apartments and have worn down clothes...but the city is joined by the mall, the schools, city hall the theaters and stuff like that which makes every one practically know each other since the stuck up kids have to go to the same mall as the others.

Anyway Kyler was a Basket ball player, with short spiky blonde hair and glasses which gave him a bad boy nerd look... He wasn't exactly popular and since I was new we became fast friends we started dating in Freshman year after he had a huge boost of popularity but lost the cute kid stuff, and stopped wearing his hair spiked up and wearing bad boy t- shirts and he also left the glasses behind for eye contacts and some expensive eye surgery. Three years, I assume sometime during that time Kyler betrayed he and lost his virginity because it certainly wasn't before and it wasn't with me either, but anyway so last year as had fought a lot and he became sort of forceful and pushy and towards the end of the school year I walked in on him, and I shouted at him and broke up. He tried apologizing but I was done.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a sharp finger proding my ribs. I turned to look at Alinah who was rolling her eyes and pointing towards something, I turned to look as well. Giving a snort of disgust I looked at Alinah. "He really is a pig" I stated, shaking my head.

Alinah nodded. "What do you expect? Soccer star, good looking-"

"Good looking?" I interrupted. "Since when is Jake good looking?"

Alinah gave me a look that said read really? "Oh come on Scarlette you can't say Jake isn't good looking" she sighed. "As much as se hate him... We've got to admit that"

I rolled my eyes playfully and gave a short nod. Well... Jake was attractive, and very far from ugly. He had tousled dark brown hair with blue eyes, but not those kind of blue eyes that are mixed with green or yellow no, the kind that are just blue, a clear pretty blue. He has a perfect tan and washboard Abs along with very strong biceps. But he isn't like a body builder, he just has a nice body. Or that's what girls say... I just find him annoying, apart from 'good looking' he is the soccer star of our school, and in our school soccer is big. And plus. He is Jake Terrance, his father Mr. Terrance is the owner of this huge store around the country called SportsClub, they not only sell sport stuff they sponsor athletes and the Terrance Family is about the richest family in Vine city tied with the Vondersons. So in summary he is good looking, star athelete and rich, not to mention arrogant, annoying, a man whore who sleeps around with everyone and a jerk.

Alinah was pointing towards Jake and his new lady friend, as they made out and his hands ran up and down her thighs. I wanted to throw up as we stepped infront of them, trying to get back to Alinah's car. I turned away from the couple as Alinah started to babble again over something on the volley ball team.

"Hey O'Herah!" I froze in my spot, as I heard Jake's voice call my name. Alinah narrowed her eyes as she looked at me, and her lips curled into a smirk, returning the smirk I turned around to face Jake, who was jogging towards us.

"Where's your little boyfriend?" Jake sneered as he stepped infront of us.

Did I mention Jake and me hate each other for no reason? And he hates Kyler too?

"What do you want?" I snapped back.

"No need to get mad" he retored, rolling his eyes. "Do you have your friend Mia's numer?" He grinned.

I rolled my eyes, of course he wanted Mia's number. Mia was a new student from England, and she was very pretty. She had honey blonde hair and perfect green eyes, she was tall and tan and very nice. She had also tried out for the volley ball team, and I had played volley with her every day at the beach during summer, we had become good friends. But, like any other girl, she was head over heels for Jake... And appearently he was intrested in her too. Poor Mia, she didn't know what she was getting into.

"Yes." Alinah answered, bitterness lacing her voice.

"Well?" Jake looked at us, as if he was waiting for something. I rolled my eyes, pushing past him. He thought we would give it to him. Sweet, really sweet.

Alinah followed and we started walking only to realize Jake was walking next to us. "Why won't you give me her number?" He asked, impatiently.

I glanced at him with a scoff and continued walking silently. "Why would we give it you?" I asked.

Jake snorted. "Because she's your friend and she likes Me" he smirked arrogantly. "Isn't that what girls do?"

It was then Alinah's turn to scoff. "Get lost pig" she demanded walking faster, I caught up with her groanning as my bag weighted on my poor shoulder.

I heard Jake chuckle as he caught up to us. "Why jealous I like your friend and not you?" He asked us.

I couldn't help but laugh, to his annoyance. "Trust me Jake I wouldn't like you in a million years, and much less be jealous"

Jake rolled his eyes, he didn't exactly like me either and usaually stayed clear of my way unless it was to taunt me and make my life hell. "Just give it to Me" he snapped. "I'll get it anyways" he sneered.

I turned around to face him, already tired of his voice. "Did you not hear? Get lost!" I hissed.

"Or what?" Jake retored, his eyes darkening. "You'll call little Kyler to beat me up?" He spat. "Because last I heard he was screwing some girl because you wouldn't let him" Jake's flashy smile as he said those words made me want to slap him, but I didn't so I took in a deep breath.

"Get lost pig" I repeated Alinah's words. "We won't give you Mia's number"

Jake scowled and snorted at us. "Well then I just wasted my time with to witches" he remarked, turning on his heel and leaving.

I looked to Alinah, as she opened the car door. "I can't stand him" I growled.

"I can't either... Or any one in the soccer team" Alinah sighed.

"Except Dez" I pointed out. Our little group was made out of four: Alinah, Mia, Dez and me. Dez was my best friend, other than Alinah, he and I had known each other since we were little and I used to come visit my grandmother here. Dez was her neighbor so I played with him all day. Before, Kyler used to be in the group too but then he became almost like Jake but more aggressive and mean.

"Yeah" Alinah smiled, her eyes were moony as she agreed that Dez was the only human being in the soccer team and the rest were girl eating monsters. I frowned as her voice became moony and smooth. Did she like Dez? Well that was new.

The drive to my house was silent and quiet. I usaually sleep at Alinah's home because my father has a lot of bussiness trips and my mother spends all her time in cruises and vacations -she says its because she wants to see the world but I just know it kills her to be home without my brother and worrying if my father has betrayed her- and my brother went to the army so to be alone in a house full of creepy statues so I sleep at Alinah's but today my mother was home.

I waved good bye to my best friend as I dug out the keys from my bag and opened the door to the big house. As soon as I entered my room I took a shower, letting the water plaster my red hair to my pale face. After that I stood looking at myself in the mirror, my pale hazel stared back at myself. I put on some simple jeans and a dark red sweatshirt and walked through the long hall way towards my parent's bedroom when I walked into the bedroom, i had been there few times... No. I had a nanny to sleep with me at night so I wouldn't disturb my parents... But when my father was away my mother made a tent out of blankets and pillows and she, my brother and I had sleep overs.

"Mom?" I called softly. My mother came out of her walk in closet And embraced me into a hug, she talked for hours and hours and I listened with a smile as she told me what she had done. I laughed and talked and heard her stories. Hours passed, we kept talking and we ate popcorn for dinner and watched a movie.

I sat up with a huff as I stared at my history teacher and how he dreaded on about some boring thing. When I heard an arrogant chuckle and a snicker I turned my head, catching two familiar blue eyes. Jake. I snorted when they kept laughing, and I was about to turn around when Jake's best friend pointed at me and Jake nodded, suddenly turning very serious. I wondered what it was about, but turned back. When class ended I quickly gathered my books and left the class, I was however stopped when Jake stepped infront of me.

"Out of my way pig" I snapped. I was going to be late to Chemestry.

"Do you want to go out with me?"

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