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I knew what I wanted to study. Psychology. Maybe then I'd figure out why some people were such jerks. And anyway, its awesome. You would learn a lot about how people act and mostly why. And I already figured it out, I want to be child psychologist. Because I mean, there's always psychologists for adults.

Did you know child psychologists could stop future Suicide victims, self harm and anorexia? Yeah. They're that awesome.

Why am I thinking about this at a volley ball game? Good question.

As if on cue, the ball started my way almost hitting me in the face as it did. But I was too fast, I hit the ball with the palm of my hand as it flew towards Alinah. We were loosing, 3-1.

And we weren't exactly playing to well either. Hence the fact we were loosing.

Yes, unlike the soccer team which always lands first place in the tournament and even makes a good performance when they get to nationals, or the field hockey team, or the basketball team. Or any team actually. We suck. Badly.

As soon as we finished the game, which let me tell you. They kicked our ass. I spotted Eric in the bleachers, I gave a sigh. Trust me, I enjoy my time with Eric but I had avoided him as well as Jake all week. I had even avoided Mia and Alinah, who wanted to know what happened. I felt stupid for being so scared but at the same time I was angry...angry because I had been scared, I had nightmares and to everyone else it was a sick prank. Just that, a prank.

I had all right to be angry, and I didn't want Mia and Alinah, and Dez to be all 'poor you', 'were you scared', 'OMG'. I hadn't even told Eric I was leaving, I simply up and left. In a running, crying frenzy. How did I avoid, Mia, Alinah, Dez, Jake and Eric? Easy! I'll explain.

Monday, I faked sick. My parents weren't home and our maids cared for me.

Tuesday, I was sick. I couldn't move and had fever.

Wednesday, I had a doctors appointment. He told me it was just a cold.

Thursday, I spent lunch catching up on homework. I 'felt' bad so I went to the nurse's office.

Friday. Friday was a fun day, instead of sitting with my group of friends, I caught up with an old friend called Jess. I spent lunch with her, and she promised to come today.

While I was zoning off, said friend came over, hugging me tightly. "I'm sorry you guys lost" she said, releasing me from her embrace.

I chuckled at that, and ran a hand through my hair in order to remove the hairband that was holding up my pony tail. "We lost because you left" I grumbled playfully as Alinah joined.

"Yeah. You just had to go and abandon us for cheer" she whined, shaking her blonde head around.

Jess pouted, not as playfully and ran a hand through her almost perfect black hair. Jess had been the team captain before Alinah, and did they make a perfect pair. We were the three musketeers, we always worked with each other making sure we won. If Mia had joined the team while Jess was still here, we would have a chance at winning...Nationals.

But since our friend decided on Sophomore year, she really liked cheerleading. So she was now a cheerleader. Sometimes she still ate with us, and hung out with us...but as Dez's ex-girlfriend it was kind of awkward for her.

"Don't worry." I mused. "At least thanks to you, we can safely state not every cheerleader is stupid" I laughed, patting my friend's shoulder. "I'm going to change" I informed our brown-eyes friend. "We should go for smoothies later" I added, before jogging over to Mia who was squealing in delight as we made our way to the locker rooms.

"Andrew asked me out!" She finally confessed, jumping up and down excitedly. I couldn't help but smile, Andrew was a real nice guy. He had sandy brown hair, and honey-colored eyes and he was part of the soccer team... But anyway, he was like crazy in love with my dear friend Mia. He had given her flowers, poems, teddy bears, sung to her. I was surprised anyway, I thought he was to shy to ask her out.

"Give me all the details!" I squeaked, hugging her as we entered different changing rooms and started to change back into our normal clothes.

"Well he came when they put me out of the game, and he was like about to start his soccer game and he, Oh-mygod Scarlette. It was just so beautiful, he passed me a note. Like with sparkles and flowers I swear his little sister drew it. And while I read it, he also whispered it to me. And at first i was like..umm but then!" As Mia continued telling her story I grinned. That was so freaking sweet, like adorable. I gushed and 'awwed' for everything, until we were fully changed and we stepped out. I hugged her tightly.

"That's just awesome!" I giggled, linking my arms with her. "Come on, we're going out for smoothies!" I smiled, walking out. "Alinah hurry the fuck up or we're leaving you!" I snarled playfully.

I heard Alinah mutter something and then come rushing out of the locker rooms with one shoe on. I laughed at the sight, even though we had lost and I had a crappy week, I was already in a better mood.

I loved Volleyball, but I knew our team sucked. And I wasn't serious about it. I just loved playing it. "Come on, we should go get smoothies" I said quickly, trying to ignore the fact we would have to pass by the soccer field, where they were playing.

"Hey you played great." I jumped at the sound of Eric's voice, as he fell into step behind me, leaving Jess, Mia and Alinah to talk on their own.

I gave him a look and chuckled lightly. "Really?" I asked rhetorically.

Eric scratched the back of his neck, and gave me a nervous smile. "No..."

I smiled at him, as we stepped onto the track.


"I'm sorry for avoiding you. I just..was busy." I cut him off, offering another small smile. We were near the soccer field, and it seemed they were in half-time. I could feel my anger and resentment bubbling again, as I spotted Jake talking to someone. I occupied myself with conversing with Eric. I felt bad for not actually listening to him, as he talked about some history test he had and some tutor he needed but my eyes were glued on Jake's head, his dark brown hair being whipped back by the wind.

He turned around, -probably because I was glaring- his water bottle still in his hand. Jake froze when he saw me, since we were walking I could tell his face paled. I turned to Eric with a tense smile. "Come on, we're going for smoothies" I said as fast as I could before staring to walk quickly towards the halls.

"Wha- Um Scarlette? Why are we walking so fast?" Eric mumbled, as he tried catching up with me. I grasped his elbow and tried to walk faster, of course Eric was reluctant. Dez had spotted me and was giving me a cheerful wave. I waved back with a tight lipped smile, and then I saw Jake jogging towards us.

I still wanted to run, because Jake was a jerk and I didn't want to talk to him. But this time my hand went from Eric's elbow to his hand, and he laced our fingers together. We weren't too far from the soccer field when Jake caught up with us.

"Hey" I glared at him as he spoke. "Can we talk?" He asked, running a hand through his dark hair.

I didn't protest as Eric put his hand around my waist and glanced at me curiously, I simply smiled back at him and continued to walk.

It didn't seem to please Jake a lot, because he stepped infront of me, and gave Eric a harsh glare.

"Can we talk?" It was a question, but his voice said otherwise, as he waited expectantly. "Alone" Jake added.

Eric looked at me, as if saying 'oh come on'. I wanted to keep walking, and distract my thoughts from Jake with Eric. But my body didn't agree with my thoughts and willingly followed Jake when he stepped away. My feet followed as my lips tightened to a thin line, and I glanced back to see Eric looking displeased with my actions.

"Scarlette look, I'm sorry for what I did. I didn't know it was you and" Jake took a big breath, looking nervous.

That's when I snapped out of my stupid numbness, and glared at him. Before I could continue, I spoke up. "What?" I hissed. "You didn't know it was me, so if it had been any other person it would have been okay?" I snarled.. "How it would it feel like if I did that to you?"

"I didn't know it was you." Jake repeated, running a hand through his hair. He was clearly frustrated. I could feel anger and resentment boiling up in my veins, as I glared t him.

"So? It-

"I said I'm sorry!" Jake snapped, glowering at me.

I arched an eyebrow. So what? Saying sorry makes it all better. Jake was a jerk. Not only for the prank, but for everything. He betted on me, and then... There was the Holly thing which made me scowl.

Jake ran a hand through his hair, once again his blue eyes searching the floor as if he had lost something. "I'm sorry." He repeated. "I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry for the bet and Holly, and the prank. I'm sorry for scaring you, and I know I'm a jerk..-

"Why didn't you apologize before?" I blurted out before I could stop myself. I had laid in my bed wondering, if Jake felt even a tiny bit or regret. Or something...

"I tried!" Jake cried out. He looked exasperated, his hair now messy. I noticed he smelt like sweat... Eww.. "I tried to call you, but your phone was off, and then I tried talking to you at school but you ignored me. You've been ignoring me for weeks. And every time I try to talk to you.-

"You never tried talking me." I scoffed defensively.. Alright, so when I saw him I ran... But that didn't count.

"Yes I did! You were always with that looser." So what if I spend time with my boyfriend. "And stop interrupting me!" Jake exclaimed. "I'm sorry for what I said when Callie was there, and I'm sorry for the party and Holly and the prank and every stupid thing I've done." He finished with a sigh.

I looked at him, part of me wanted to accept his apology and say sorry too, but the other part wanted to knee him in the balls and leave. He had hurt me, and I -no tragic back story- did not take well to being hurt.

"I already have someone to walk me home." I said slowly, reminding him of the jabs and attacks I had said to him the night of my father's party.

His blue eyes clouded in pain, and I stepped back.

"That asshole?" He snarled.

I scowled, Eric wasn't an asshole. Jake was. And I told him that, adding a few other nasty words.

I shouldn't feel angry, because his apology had sounded so sincere... But Eric was my boyfriend. And I wasn't a slut.

Plus, what good would come out of dating Jake? He would only hurt me.

Eric wouldn't hurt me.

Jake continued to curse out Eic, looking angry. I stood there and scowled, then straightened my shoulders.

"Shut up. You're the asshole. Leave Eric Alone"

Jake fixed his blue eyes on me, and I felt my heart flutter as it usually did. I forced myself to look at him, and tilt my chin ever so slightly. Defying him to speak ill of my boyfriend once more. Without letting him answer, I whipped around and stalked back to Eric.

I didn't care what Jake did anymore. In fact I never cared. Simple as that. He was a jerk, and I didn't care about him. And his apology was useless.


The ride to the mall was silent, we had agreed to meet there with Alinah, Mia and Jess. The silence was comfortable for me, it let me focus on my thoughts. But I think Eric had a different idea. He hadn't said a word, but the moment we parked he killed the engine, but didn't unlock the doors. I glanced at him questioningly, to find him scowling deeply.

"What's wrong?" I asked, with a touch of concern. He was my boyfriend after all, and I cared about him. I mean I liked him, and obviously I didn't love him but he was not only my boyfriend but a friend too.

Eric turned to look at me, not very pleased. "What did Jake want?"

He hadn't asked about that, until now. At first when we walked it seemed a little strange but I brushed it off. I thought he simply didn't care. "Nothing." I lied briskly, I wasn't going to tell him. I wasn't going to tell anyone.

"Are you sure?" Eric's normally warm voice had turned hard and cold. His brown eyes were glaring daggers at me, which surprised me. Because until now I hadn't noticed how rich of a color his eyes were. Like really beautiful brown, it reminded me of the bark of trees. The trees that are a hundred years old and have seen everything. "Because it sure didn't seem like nothing" He continued, his voice snappy.

I scowled and made a move for the door. "Eric it was nothing. He's a jerk."

"I know you guys had something" The words that came out of his mouth surprised me, but what shocked me was how much bitterness dripped from his voice.

I turned to look at him again, my hazel eyes darkening. "Exactly. We had." Well technically. We didn't. It was a bet, so But emotionally I guess yeah, we had something. "I'm not bothering you with any of your ex girlfriends" I retorted coolly.

Eric gave me a look, and snorted. "Yeah. Well i'm pretty sure he's not over you. I'm pretty sure you're not over him." Eric growled, his eyes fiery.

I could feel myself getting annoyed, and only that. You know how when couples have their first fight, they always say how much it scared them, and blah blah. I didn't feel that. I felt pure and utter annoyance. "Oh get over it Eric." I snapped, rolling my eyes and crossing my arms.

"No. You get over him."

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