Without saying a word, Drew pushed River out of the way and grabbed my wrists. He yanked me closer to his body and lowered his head.

»What do you think you're doing? « he hissed, his furious eyes boring in mine.

I managed to wrench free of his grip. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I asked him raising my voice. He narrowed his eyes as his eyes traveled from River to me again. "Well, I'm definitely not the one who decided to kiss everyone on this party," he hissed, clearly still furious on me and now I slowly started to get what was going on. Either he was jealous – which I doubt – or he was annoyed by me kissing anyone else but him.

A smirk crawled on my face. "I don't know what you're talking about, Drew," I said and looked at him innocently. »This, « I pointed to River, »is my best friend, River. And no, we did not make-out before you rudely interrupted us.«

"Oh yeah?" said Drew ironically. "Oh well, then I must have misunderstood your position, where he pinned you against the wall and leaned in as if he wanted to kiss you. Sorry, I guess I didn't know that's how best friends talk these days."

I opened my mouth to respond, but I couldn't find a proper answer. There was no point in denying what he saw, so I just closed my mouth again. Thankfully, River cut in.

"You must be Drew," he said and offered him a hand. Drew shook it and raised his eyebrows. "Yeah, how did you know? Is Megan talking too much about me?"

"Yeah, she couldn't shut about some asshole that has been harassing and hitting on her since she came to the camp and seeing you here I thought that guy might be you! And it looks like I'm right!" River replied and I started laughing. Drew spun towards me, his earlier confident expression now turned to disbelief and anger.

When I stopped laughing, I faced him again. "Seriously Drew, why exactly are you here?" I asked him. His eyes met mine and I knew he wasn't exactly happy with me teasing him.

"Well, I came here to tell you the ride I ordered for us is coming in about 5 minutes, so unless you want to spend your night in the house full of puke and alcohol bottles I advise you to come. And hurry, because I definitely won't wait for you." With that words, he spun around and opened the door. He looked at me with his eyebrows raised. "Are you coming or not?"

I bit my lip as I looked up and caught River's gaze. "So … I guess I have to go now," I said, even though I could stay longer. I didn't want to, though, because then I would either say or do something I didn't want or something I wanted to but would be bad for our friendship.

"Yeah, I guess you have to …" he trailed off and smiled at me. He probably knew I was uncomfortable, otherwise he'd have probably said something to make me stay. I stepped closer to him and hugged him tightly. I smelled his nice scent and wished I could stay, but I honestly couldn't. My mind was a mess and I didn't exactly know how to understand the things that happened between us today. I needed a day to think about it, sober.

I let go of him and stepped away, towards Drew. "I guess I'll call you tomorrow?" I said and he nodded. "Definitely! I have some things to sort out nearby, so when I'm done, I'll come and visit," he winked at me and I smiled. "That would be great. I hope I'll see you soon!"

With that, I spun around and followed Drew down the stairs. I caught his hand and managed to drag myself between the crowd that was still dancing and drinking on the dance floor.

When we finally came in front of the house, I let go of his hand and breathed the fresh air. Drew went straight to his car and I followed him. "Didn't you say you ordered us a ride?" I asked him and raised my eyebrows. "Or was that just to get me out of the house, away from River?! Because if that was the case, I swear I'll –"

"Shut up, Megan," he cut me off and looked at me furiously. "I did order us a ride, but if you'd rather continue your 'talk' with your 'best friend'," he emphasized those words sarcastically, "then go ahead, be my guest. But don't put the blame on me tomorrow when everybody asks why didn't you return with me."

"Why are you talking so angrily to me?" I asked him with my voice raised. "What the fuck is your problem?"

His eyes snapped and he took a few steps towards me, until he was just a few centimeters away from me. "Are you seriously asking me that, Megan?" he asked me, his voice now dead serious. I raised my eyebrows. "What the fuck is my problem, you ask?" his voice was getting louder and he was eliminating space between us with every word he said. "My problem, Angel, is, that I don't like sharing. If I make a deal with a girl I don't want to see her flirting with every guy at the party, and I definitely don't want to see her making out with anyone." He was now breathing heavily, his dark eyed bore into mine. I narrowed my eyes and stepped even closer to him, so our chests were touching.

"And what do you suggest, huh, Drew? That I'm playing a good little girl, being yours whenever you want to while you go around and fuck other girls? Do I really look like that kind of girl to you?" I challenged him.

"Well I wasn't the one who hooked up with three people today," he hissed and I looked at him furiously. "First of all, I hooked up with two guys. Second of all, you were challenging me!" I was now screaming. "You told me to go and kiss the hottest guy in the room, and I'm sorry to inform you, but you aren't the hottest one to all of us!"

He was quiet for a second and I mentally high-fived myself. I didn't let that bastard get to me and I gave him something to think about! Go Megan!

"Fine, you are right about that," he admitted and backed away from me, leaning on a truck. "But we still have to make a deal, Angel. You have to know I don't like sharing my property, and yes," he raised his voice just as I was about to cut in, "you are my property now, and I'm yours. So that means no hooking up with other people until the game is finished. Do you agree?" He looked at me and I licked my lips.

"So that would basically mean we are in a relationship?" I scrunched my eyebrows and he rolled his eyes. "Call it whatever, I won't share you with anyone else." He suddenly grabbed my waist and pulled me against him, so I was leaning into him while he was leaning on the car. "Is that clear?" he looked into my eyes and I bit my lip.

"I don't know, do you think it's worth it?" I asked him seductively and tilted my head on the side. He smirked as he pulled me even closer. He started kissing my neck and went down my neck to my collar bone. His hands slipped down and grabbed my ass as he started sucking on my collar-bone. Then, he went even further, slowly making his way down the neckline of the dress. His kisses were becoming lighter and lighter, until his lips barely touched my skin anymore.

"Do you think it isn't worth it?" His hot breath on my cleavage made it impossible for me to breath and I couldn't handle it anymore. I grabbed his face and kissed him ferociously. He pulled my lower body even closer to him, so that he was standing between my legs while I was almost straddling him. He pulled away from me. "So we have a deal then?" he asked me, breathless, and I smirked. "Oh yeah, we have a deal." I was just about to kiss him again, when I noticed that car lights lighted us and – being in the position I was in, I quickly jumped away from Drew, breathless and with the dress almost above my butt. He kept his hand around my waist and pulled me right next to him. I squinted my eyes to see who interrupted us at such great time, even though I already knew who was there.

"I can see you're finally having a good time," were the words of the first person who jumped out of the car. My dearest sister, Naomi.

"Good job girl!" That was Ryan, cool as always.

"Gee, girl, that was h-o-t!" Who else than my greatest friend, Alli.

I rolled my eyes at my friends, who were standing just a few meters away from me, grinning at me, and I knew exactly what they were thinking.

The old Megan is back.

And she isn't going away soon.

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