2nd June 2015

It is OUT.

That's right. The published version of Engaged to a Rockstar is finally out on Smashwords.

It took me a long time to revise the story, adding more details and spicing things up a little. So the story is much longer now with a few changes but nothing too major.

And sad to say, I will be removing the story on Fictionpress now since it is published.

But FEAR NOT, my other stories will not be removed. And now that I have finished working on the published version, I will continue Jeremy's story over here. As for Jake's story, I may or may not publish it with a revised version as well. I guess it depends the overall reception I receive.

So to purchase the book do check out the link below: (remove the ~ and spaces)

w~w~w. smashwords. c~o~m/books/view/547625

The link is available on my twitter as well: theredcrayon_

For my Fictionpress readers, you have a special 30% discount as usual if you quote: GP56P when you purchase the book.

Please support me. Thank you!