I could feel the vibrant colors scheming through my feet as I dance to the undulated movement of flexibility in the speed of light, reflecting my whole skin, letting it glow in the dark of an illuminating night (delineated). But no one paid any attention nor little do they know where I was located somewhere far from visibility. I felt a disappearance swaddling me all over with instability, no sudden pace because while I was putting a performance to show the whole world my enthusiasm, ignorance occurred, but I was entertaining a hidden talent, alone without full-support. So it took me a while to analyze on how the system works when it comes to fortune, fame; in-take by passion, pressure and obsequiousness that consumed my emotions sway into the deep blue oceans that layers away, I can barely notice it from a mile away. I want to detox all my frustrations, soberness, and sudden outburst of hostility to rinse myself off from the trembling fiat to transmute into purity once again in order for the thundershowers to rain over me after the storm is over. Soon, I will appear as a doppelganger of a person who's determined to give herself a second chance of attending a functional, practical, and long-lasting aesthetic dimension collide to the moon and stars, loaded with joy and happiness unlimited where unconditional love is near (Acupuncture). One day, you will see the paragon of me; a beautiful smile across my face fulfilled with abundance. It will be an amazement seeking into the bright sun arise when we wake up in the morning, smelling the fresh scent of our hair decomposing, which will freshen our memories of childhood growing up to transform into a icicle sculpture of an aggrandizing rapture of a colorful feathered swan swimming gracefully in a beautiful, calming lake passing towards Poland spring. If the wound lingers on my skin once time goes off quickly, It will soon be a recovery as a healing talisman, for a reward for patience and optimism of more than hard work, but tranquility. outspoken from the heart, not what the mind says. Come seek into the portal of a better future. Heaven and earth awaits once so ever, bringing peace into humanity. Now I'm free. Alas, VICTORY.

Overcome your disadvantages of fear and anxiety and let your heart speak, captivating the emotions when they're expressed. Ms. Stress (No more), it's gone.