So... This is my first fiction story on this site and I hope I'll grow from writing here. This story is gonna be big but I will do other one shots once in awhile. But daily updates and maybe more a day on this one so enjoy..PEACE!

I sat down next to Ryan in the cafeteria. He was mumbling something about pixies while drinking a can of coke.

"Hey Santa's little helper." I joked.

He looked up and grinned when he saw me. He was my best friend after all even though he was an elf. Yup you heard me right my best friends an elf. You see, I grew up knowing about all the crazy magical creatures around me like elves and ogres and dragons. A lot of then lived peacefully with humans. Well you know because humans had no idea they were there. Unless you were a magical creature or a sorcerer or knight like me you were blinded by all the crazy creatures around you. But there were the evil guys. But I'll get get to that later back to reality.

"Hey Johnny boy, where's Stacy? Thought you were gonna stop by her dorm today to check out the dragon egg."

I jumped at this sentence."I totally forgot about that! "Oh jeez dude I gotta go catch ya later" he held up a piece sign in reply as I gobbled down the rest of my pancakes. Then I leaped out of my seat and headed to Stacy's room.

We all lived in a giant castle which was owned by the seven guardians. Those guys were a group of magical people who protected the world from dark lords and other stuff. We were there kids. But a lot of our parents died in battle. So now we do guardian training in order to become the new Guardian blah blah blah. I found Stacy's room and knocked on the door. No answer. Ugh shes probably in the shower. Hey maybe I could just pry the door open. I pulled out my sword. It was a three foot tall blade connected to a cool looking handle with cool designs. It glowed because if the sunlight passing through the window. I stuck it inside the small opening at no moved it along the side. It did t even budge. Oh wait! She put a charm on the door no biggie. I put my sword back into my sword belt and my charm ring flamed up with an indigo color.

"Open". I spoke as the door magically burst open almost too hard. I walked into my long time buddy's room and took a look around. I hadn't been here for awhile. Magical studies ain't as easy as math you know. Well it pretty much looked the same anyway. The same full sized bed with a pink rug around it was in the back. Next to it was a few chests and in the corner was a mini fridge propped up onto an old wooden table. A closet and her dresser filled the void of the room I guess. It was nice not great but nice. At least her room was neat. Sure cleaned my room but I didn't keep it all nice and neat junk was everywhere and I barely had time to put clothes on in the morning let alone make my own bed.

To the back of the room there was a corner that caved in. It was the bathroom door area. I would knock on the door but I don't feel like bothering her just yet. I didn't see the dragon egg anywhere so I just slipped off my shoes and sat down on the bed. I think a lot of time passed she still wasn't out? "Ugh what's taking her so long? I mean come on I get she wants to be clean but seriously, two hours?" I guess I could just go in, its not that big of a deal, I could hear the water running. I knocked and got no answer.

"Well guess I'd see whats going on. I pushed the door open only to be blinded by a giant wave of light. I looked around and grabbed a nearby towel and shielded above my eyes only to see a glowing purple portal inside the shower. Really? I mean if she wasn't in the mood for company she didn't have to travel to another realm! Wait, what? She wouldn't do that...would she?

Alright Johnny not the right thoughts to be thinking right now. I'll just go in find her bring her back and get out right? I pulled out my sword and climbed into the shower. The water was still on and I don't think that would help out with the castles water bill. I turned off the cold water and turned back to go into the portal. Oh wait there's no portal...THERE'S NO PORTAL!?

What the heck? Two seconds ago a giant purple wormhole-like portal was in the middle of one of my best friends bathroom and now its just gone? Okay maybe life just hates me. Wait a second the water! It's got magic in it it's supposed to heal people from any wounds, sicknesses anything! Stacy must of used the water as a magical power source.

But now I've got to somehow get a random realm portal back into a shower and I have no idea where it was going! Great, just great now I can check THAT off my bucket list! Oh man, I may be good at fighting magic but all that mojo portal brewing junk? Uh uh, not me. Besides Stacy was a level 15 sorceress. And I got a C on my teleportation and transformations test. Well then my life officially sucks. I need help...ALOT of help. Hmm I wonder if I should pay my old buddy Dex a visit?