"Erinn! Hurry up. You are going to be late for the third time this week, and you are already on your last strike. Do not put us through having to enroll you in another school again; you know how hard it was last time." My mum's voice carried throughout the house. Sometimes she echoed up the stairs, and it sounds strange, rather creepy. The thing is though, she was right. I'm on my last strike at this school, the fourth one on my list and might I say, I'm proud of it. Never really got the point of getting up five times a week a dragging yourself to a place you are going to be stuck in for the next 13 years of your life. Then you can add on another four years if you make it into university. I see it as a detention centre, where all your hopes and dreams are boosted up and then you find out your result on the test you studied so hard for, and your hopes come crashing down and you give up all hope of being Prime Minister of wherever you wanted to live and serve. I never really wanted to be Prime Minister, I wanted to be something different and something no one had ever been before. Thing is, that makes it very hard to chose subjects in high school.

The trouble started when I moved to high school. First it was being bullied by the senior jocks who felt like picking on the blonde, skinny kid with the funny accent. So I moved to a school on the other side of the city where they thought being quite was depression so I had to go to the counselor's office and talk about my feelings. What the counselor thought though, he then told the school.
"He's perfectly normal from what I can see but there is definitely something affecting his train of thought." So from there I had to go to 'special classes' where they could monitor my learning and at what pace I went through it all. Honestly it was a waste of time and I was moved out of them quickly. They must have realized I was a pure genius! Unfortunately I wasn't though. I had just a high enough I.Q. that I could easily pace myself through my normal class work. That still didn't go down well.

I could never decide what to take on as my subjects so I did a wide variety of classes until they said I couldn't switch anymore which led to skipping the classes I didn't like or the ones that weren't teaching me. First it was a suspension, which made no sense because I was being told to stay home as punishment for not turning up to class. Aren't they one in the same? After two of those it was the, 'we must kindly ask you to leave the school' thing so that I could 'have a new start without having a bad file'. So then it was on to number three high school which I'm currently now at and almost about to be expelled from. I just think that school and I really don't mesh well.

Now, you may think that I have only been to three schools but it's actually 4 because I did go to a primary school. I got you on that one didn't I? I didn't? Oh well. Anyways, back to the morning of me being late. Again.

Every now and then I still ditch my classes because you just have those days where you really don't want to put up with teachers talking at you, expecting to learn what they say and for you to pay attention for an hour. Honestly, do they really think we have much of an attention span when we are being forced into this? If I had any say in it, I would drop out and go work full time in some takeaway joint, flinging chips in the deep fryer and laughing at the customers. Not the best plan, I know, but what else is there for someone who doesn't know what they want to do with their life?

The only other thing the school counselor asked me about was what I wanted to be and they didn't take my answer so well. I was being particularly unresponsive until this question, to which I replied, "I want to be you when I grow up."

Didn't exactly go down rather well in the school's eyes, which I don't know how it did. I only made her slightly cry. Only my sister ever did that to a school counselor and my mate Matt but that's because he insulted her because she was a ginger. He got suspended for that one and that was the week before I left my last school. Matt was my best friend and teachers groaned when we walked into class together. We were known as the trouble makers and man, did we make trouble! One day, this girl Nancy was trying to put her hair up in a ponytail and Matt leant over with a pair of scissors and cut the hair tie. When she dobbed on us, he pinned it one me and I couldn't really say anything because I was laughing too much at her face when the hair tie whipped her hand. That one was only a detention so it wasn't that bad sitting in a classroom after school for an hour.

The next detention was Matt and I walking through the playground and we started running and Matt bent down, grabbed a soccer ball and kept going. I just stopped and laughed then turned around to see Matt still bolting and a bunch of first graders crying because we stole their soccer ball. To think of it, most of the things I got in trouble for, as Matt's fault. The only time we both got in trouble is when we got into a punch up over something stupid, I actually think it was a girl, and so we got suspended and had to write an apology letter to each other.

Matt and I didn't really hang out after that until we were both getting to our last strikes on our own and then we were both brought into the Principal's office one day and we turn to see Nancy, the same girl we had pick on the year before and just looked at each other in terror.

"Did you do something?"

"No! I didn't do nothing! You set me up, didn't you?"

"No way!" We bickered for a minute before the principal cut in. Matt sat down in a huff because he was obviously convinced I set him up as a prank to get him in real trouble.

"Now boys, you have been brought in here today because of poor Nancy here. It seems that both of you, separately, have been picking on her and now that is not going to be tolerated. Now, Mr. Jenkins, your mother has been informed of what you have done and the consequences of your actions, same with you Mr. Cortensky. You are both being suspended, once again as the school board will be discussing on your possibility of returning to the fine school. You may now both go to your bags and return to my office to await your parent's arrival." With that, we were waved away and Nancy smiled only briefly before the door was shut behind us.

"What the hell did you do Erinn? I was just making good with some of my teachers." Matt pushed me up against the closest wall as soon as we were away from the principal's office and he laid into me.

"My mum was just starting to trust me and had looked over my last screw ups and now you go and do this? Come on man! I thought we were friends. Friends don't screw each other up." He stepped back letting me breathe and so I just stood up and walked off.

Matt was not my friend. He never was from the start. He just used me to get off scot free from his pranks. I wouldn't be seeing him again anyways because the school politely asked me to leave and so I did. Matt never even got a good bye and I never even got an explanation as to what I did wrong by Nancy.

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