Salvation of Caligula

Chapter 1

"Two burgers, fries, and soda!" Dahlia shouts to Edward from outside a window. Dahlia was a tall girl with long black hair and blue highlights sparkling in her hair. Edward was tall with black hair.

"Got it!" Edward answers her as he prepared the order. He works on the burgers, after pulling the fries out of the fryer. He puts the burgers on a bun and then fixes them up, he quickly fills up a cup with soda. "Order Up!" Edward shouts as he puts the tray of food out for Dahlia (the waitress) to take out to the customers. Edward has lived in Caligula for 2 years now, he's been working has a cook and table cleaner for a bar for the last 2 months. He moved to Caligula because it is a big city and has Blackburn Enterprises main building stationed here. Blackburn Enterprises is your one stop for everything ever needed. They sell electronics, food, construction supplies, they also own hotels, and restaurants.

Edward keeps working all day making burgers, filling cups, and making fries, until the bar closes and he can stop.

"Hey Edward did you hear about the guy who attacked the Mayor last night?" Dahlia asks as she brings in some dirty cups.

"No, I try not to pay attention to all the depressing news in this city. There is always a kidnapping, or a robbery, or murder." Edward complains showing how he's upset with this evil city. "This city is full of evil and deceit Dahlia."

"I guess," She says not completely agreeing with him. She leans against a wall close to him, whatching as he cleans the grill. "Anyway, a guy broke into the Mayors house, and threatened to kill him and his family if he didn't get the money he wanted. The Mayor gave it too him, but the guy still shot the Mayors son in the shoulder." Edward gets angry as he hears the story scrubbing harder and harder on the grill. "From what I heard the kid will be alright."

"But he was still shot!" Edward shouts angrily. Turning around to her. "The man should never have even tried to steal the money. AGH!" Edward shouts in anger. "I hate this city, there's just too many...people who don't care about others." Dahlia's taken back by his rage, and quickly walks back to the front of the bar to clean up.