Sidly 2 Training Deputies

By Joanna Sears

Dated: September 2013

(C) Copy write Sidly Macktavish Enterprises

Chapter Three

Timaeus Tredbad gloated. His whiskers quivered excitedly as his minions carried in the booty. The plot had gone off remarkably well. His secret lair was stacked high with bales of delicious, sweet smelling, Catnip and the promise of money hovered tantalisingly on the horizon. Almost within his grasp. Tredbad's senior henchman, Yorlacky padded across to him

and saluted with his right front paw.

"I see all went as planned," Tredbad's eyes glinted evilly.

"Yes! Oh Great one!" Yorlacky responded meekly

"And the second part of our scheme?"

"My brother Justagoon is in charge of it. But I do not foresee any problems."

Tammy smiled at Morbo and Luna Lillipops then sent them out to the rear yard of the Cravendale Club. To search the yard

for any extra clues the robbers may have left. Inside she began explaining how to take paw prints, to Kif and Blue Boy Hikes.

Leaving Luna sniffing around some bins. Morbo ventured around a corner. The young kitten blinked in surprise . Ahead of

him was a very exciting garden. Morbo stared around then realised this had to be the play area of Charlie Chutney. The much favoured and pampered young son of Jonny Cool Cat. Morbo was so amazed by the stunning private park that he failed to hear the villain creeping up on him. A second later he felt himself grabbed from behind and stuffed into a very smelly old sack.

Upstairs in Jonny Cool Cat's office his phone rang. He reached sideways and picked it up. A hoarse voice spoke.

"We have your brat The ransom is a hundred and forty crates of Cravendale Cream, a hundred and ten cans of Tuna and

fifty of your finest Salmon Fillets.

"Who is this?" Jonny barked down the phone. His heart was thundering in his chest.

"We'll be in touch!" the line went dead. Jonny stood shaking. Sid saw the fear on his best friend's face

"Jon? What's wrong?"

"Charlie! They've snatched Charlie."

"Who have?" Before JC could respond the door to his office banged open and a cute little kitten scampered in.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Jonny Cool Cat blinked then rushed to embrace his son. He turned to look puzzled at Sid.

But he was staring hard at the Kitten, the likeness was uncanny. Too uncanny! A second later he was dashing down the stairs. He burst into the Take Away area

"Tammy Newcat!" he mewed loudly. "Where is Cadet Morbo?" She frowned puzzled by his frantic eyes and desperate sounding voice.

"He's outside searching the Transport Yard for clues with Luna Lillipops."

"Are you sure?" Tammy was about to confirm her statement when Luna ran in crying.

"Detective Sid! Detective Sid! A bad pussy just grabbed poor Morbo and stuffed him in a sack." Sid's heart leapt into his mouth. The horror of the poor kitten's plight burst into his mind. He shivered in horror. In all his lives he'd never lost a kitten. Not once! Never had one even strayed from his care. That one of his Cadets should be kidnapped in broad daylight It didn't bear thinking about. He and Tammy hurried out to the spot where Luna said she saw Morbo being taken. Tammy wrote down her description. Luna had been very observant. She gave a very detailed account of the assailant. Kif was shaking in horror at the loss of his brother Tammy tried her best to soothe him. Sid looked around and walked all over the garden. His keen eye soon saw signs of a struggle and his nose twitched. He sniffed at the gate and a tree.

"Justagoon!" he snarled "I should have guessed." Jonny despite the fact that his own kitten was safe was deeply worried about the young Cadet and like Sid he knew the scent He also who the creep worked for. It all made sense. The theft of his Catnip. The tainting of his Cream.

"Timaeus Tredbad!" Jonny and Sid spoke the name at the same time.

Across town Justagoon swaggered triumphantly into Tredbad's hideout. In his mouth he held a wriggling bundle. Tredbad came out of his private box.

"Excellent Let's see our little Gold Mine then!"

"Meo-ow!" Morbo let out a howl of pain as Justagoon shook him out of the sack and onto the hard floor. Tredbad peered down then frowned. The next second he cuffed Justagoon around the ear.

"Fool! Imbecile! That is not Cool Cat's kid. You've grabbed the wrong brat."

"But he was in the garden and he's got all the right markings."

"All bar one. I specifically told you to look for his red back paw. It's a trait only the Cool Cat family have." He prodded the kitten. His eyes widened further as he beheld the distinctive collar the kitten wore and the tag that dangled from it. Tredbad's insides flipped. It was worse than he feared. "You stupid stinking, pile of poop. Surely you saw what he was wearing. You've grabbed a Cat Squad Cadet." Yorlackey swallowed.

"Oh Boy!" They were in serious trouble. The Cat Squad weren't likely to let this go They'd track them to the ends of the Earth. Then the kitten spoke. Morbo was very afraid but he wasn't about to show it. He picked himself up and faced the

most dreaded cat in Cravendale.

"You're in big trouble! You horrid old meanie! I work for Detective Sid and he's going to get you good and proper." Tredbad trembled at the name. But he couldn't let his minions know he was afraid. He turned on Justagoon.

"You bought it here! Get rid of it!"


"I don't know! Chuck it in the river or something." Morbo gave a squeal of fright He tried to run, but the big fat cat pounced on him and stuffed him back in the sack. Tredbad had already dismissed Morbo of no importance. He was screaming at his men. "Yorlacky have my aeroplane fuelled then get my Purrcedes around front. We're leaving."

"Leaving sir?"

"You heard the kitten. He's one of Sidly Mack's brigade. The last thing I want, is to still be standing here when that Furry Fury arrives." Yorlacky saw his point. He didn't ever wanted to tangle with that particular detective either. Sidly Mack had a fearsome reputation.

Mayor Squify Sloth and his Personal Aide Deuce Bulldog quite often strolled along the banks of a morning. Today was a particularly fine sunny one. It was springtime and every where flowers bloomed. Suddenly Deuce heard a strange sound. His instinct to protect the Mayor took over. Bulldog immediately nosed his companion out of sight and into a bush. Just

in time for around the bend came a familiar figure. Deuce growled softly he knew the villain It was Justagoon Nasty Paw. Mayor Squify frowned the criminal was carrying a sack. A wriggling sack. Both he and Deuce heard the terrified mews from within. Deuce sniffed and his ears waggled but he didn't dare reveal himself or the Mayor. They didn't have to. Justagoon glanced around and seeing no one hefted the sack into the fast flowing water. His task completed he didn't wait to see if it sank, he just ran. The moment Nasty Paw turned the corner Deuce burst from his hiding place and sprinted across the towpath. A second later he hit the water with an almighty splash. Dog paddling as fast as he could, he swam for the sack.

His teeth closed about it Just as it was about to go under. Squify was crouching on the river bank. He leaned forward and

with his long second toe grabbed the sack, helping Deuce to get it to dry land.

"Oh my goodness Oh my Goodness. A gate behind them had opened. It was the back entrance to Cravendale Manor and Lady Cravendale herself was standing just inside it. "Oh what a terrible thing to do? Who was that dreadful creature?"

Mayor Squify told her. Her Ladyship gasped in horror, at the merest thought of such a gangster inhabiting her lovely town.

Turning around she spoke to a hovering footman.

"Dak! Have the Butler call Cat Squad Headquarters at once then inform Lord Cravendale. She looked back to the two heroes. Deuce was already chewing at the sack's corded knot to free the unfortunate inside. Morbo crawled out coughing and although he didn't want to, he couldn't help himself. He began to cry. Lady Cravendale knelt beside him and began to lick him dry In between licks she crooned and soothed the poor little fellow. Morbo began to recover slightly. Mayor Squify carried him carefully across the Stately Manor's lawn and up some steps. Lord Cravendale himself opened the Patio Doors and admitted them to a very ornate Drawing Room.

"Dak has called the CSI headquarters. This little chap had already been missed." Morbo was in fact beginning to recover. He'd been served a saucer of the nicest tuna he'd ever tasted and a chocolate cream shake accompanied it. Hearing a little wistful sigh, he glanced around and saw a very pretty little Kitten peeking shyly out, from under the couch. He knew who she was. She was Lord and Lady Cravendale's only daughter Emma Kattkins. Despite his ordeal Morbo gallantly invited her to share his treats. Lady Cravendale was impressed with his manners. But sent the Butler for a second serving of cream and tuna for Emma. The young boy needed his, to regain his strength.

Sid called headquarters to break the dreadful news of their loss. His Captain answered his call and directed him to go directly to Cravendale Manor.

"But sir! Tredbad has kidnapped a Cadet. Goodness knows what he might do to the poor kitten."

"The boy is safe!" Captain Bluster replied. "As luck would have it his Honour the Mayor and his aide Deuce Bulldog witnessed the attempted murder of Morbo Big Kitten and managed to rescue him. Lady Cravendale herself saw the whole thing and has taken Morbo in." Sid felt relief surge through him. But he did not go up to the Manor. He left that to Tammy

Newcat. Sidly Mack had a more urgent assignment. He was after Tredbad! For too long, that Dastardly Demon had

haunted the dark side of Cravendale. It was time to crush him once and for all.

Sid guessed the Arch-gangster would head for Cravendale Aerodrome. He had a plane berthed there. Sid sent for the Squad's finest driver then he led a long cavalcade of cars down the high street. Everywhere animals stopped and stared as with sirens wailing and light's blazing, a whole host of police vehicles hurtled along Cravendale's main thoroughfare.

Tredbad's Purrcedes had just reached the airport. Yorlackey opened the rear door to allow his master to alight. Then he heard something odd. His blood curdled as it grew louder and he recognised it as the sound of approaching police cars.

"Run!" he turned to urge his master to make for the plane, that was revving up it's engines. Tredbad was way ahead of him.

He stumbled but regained his balance and dashed up the steps with Yorlacky hard on his heels. A steward helped them in.

"Close the doors!" Tredwell barked then get us airborne."

"Wait for me! Wait for me!" Begged Justagoon. His bulky form had slowed him down, he puffed desperately after his two comrades in crime. But Tredbad wasn't about to risk it. He signalled the steward to slam the door shut. Justagoon could only watch as his brother and their master left him behind, to face the full weight of the law. Detective Sidly Mack leapt from his car

"Dammit!" He swore loudly as he saw the plane disappearing into the clouds. Captain Bluster patted his shoulder with a paw. I've alerted the Cravendale Air Squad. They have a chopper ready to intercept him. Sid gave a small nod but inside he fumed. He wanted to claw cuff Tredbad himself. Sid was simmering with anger over the kidnapping of his Cadet.

Jonny Cool Cat was relieved the cadet was safe and extremely grateful to Sid and the Cat Squad for the safe retrieval of his catnip. Not to mention the restoration of his cream's reputation. Bob the Cat's whole shipment had been found intact.

Justagoon in an effort to lessen his sentence, has singing louder than a canary. If Tredbad was ever caught? They had a list

of crimes to lay on him.

Morbo had been collected and returned to the Academy. His brother Kif rushed to embrace him and assure himself he was safe. Luna Lillipops was regaling a crowd of avid listeners of her part in Morbo kidnapping and how the great Detective had praised her for being so observant. But then she noticed her admirers were swarming away. She sniffed and fluffed her tail But was like Kif glad to see Morbo was safe. He was the hero of the hour and the center of attention. Blue Hikes stood proudly at his side and kept the crowd back a bit as Morbo was exhorted to tell the tale of his adventure over and over. Sidly and Tammy stood to one side smiling. It wouldn't hurt the young kitten to have a little glory for a while. Although Lord Cravendale and Mayor Squify were talking about a bravery medal for the kitten. Sid was proud of Morbo and agreed the kitten had endured a great deal. He deserved a reward.