Chapter 1

Just a thought

The Dream world.

A simple, never ending white room.

Empty and barren.

Waiting to be filled.

It's a place of nothingness.


A figure wearing a simple white dress sat on a throne-like chair in the middle of the room. Her legs were crossed, shoulders slumped, and head hung low. Her hair was like the room, pure white and it flowed all the way to the floor. Her dark blue eyes gazed into the orb she was holding only to see a picture of a person running in it. There was only 1 word to describe her.


So many years have pasted ever since that happened

She had seen it all throughout her life good and bad, but none was able to please her. The orb disappeared from her hands. She leaned back into her chair and looked at the white 'sky' with a sigh. The figure raised her hand and with a snap from her fingers she was now sitting in the middle of the living room in front of a fire. Yet that didn't help her either as she sigh once more. The things around her disappeared, leaving only the figure and the chair again. She groaned and dropped her head. There's nothing to do...

Yet extreme boredom comes with extreme thinking. I want some people here… She thought …to play with me… or maybe help me…. And that's where the extreme thinking comes in. Maybe I should just send them here and have them play with me…in like a competition or something… Something clicked into place and her lips curled up forming a cruel smile.

"I don't know why I didn't come up with this sooner!" She screamed sitting up straight, "I'll do just that!"

"Maybe I'll finally be free of this place….." she pondered looking at the sky once more. There was a pause before the figure stood up and stretched.

"Anyway, time to choose the 'contestants'!" She said happily.

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you send an oc! Oc form(after being updated 3458973458 times) is down below. Please send it by pm not by review! I'm sorry if it's long. You can delete the things in parentheses.

Oc Form:




Appearance(please be detailed not like a bunch of words or phrases. Not like saying 'long hair', but like shoulder length or something. A picture can help instead of words.):

Clothing: (What they like to wear and what they usually wear)

Personality(Again please be detailed like appearance. Maybe a few sentences from this):


Strengths/special talent(limit 2):
Weaknesses/fears(must have):

Their dream/goal in life:

How do they act around other people?:


Romance? (yes or no and what they like in a person):

Things your oc would say(Just to help me):

Chances of winning:

Here's an example:

Name: Shizuka Tsutsumi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: fanpop .com %20/clubs/anime-girls/images/14837078/title/a nime-girl s-photo (basically sums it up, but you can use words to describe it instead.)

Clothing: She would usually wear a t-shirt, jacket, shorts, and sneakers. She hates dresses/skirts and won't wear them no matter what.

Personality(Again please be detailed like appearance. Maybe a few sentences from this): She got a cold personality that make people want to stay away from her. She's always reading a book about something that happened in the past and her mind zone out the voices around her. She interested in history and would be very ask around trying to get it. Or criticize them when something is wrong. Other then that she doesn't speak with anyone unless she have to.

Likes/interests: reading, history, music
Dislikes: spicy food, cold food

Strengths/special talent(limit 2): photographic memory, debating
Weaknesses/fears(must have): bugs, being laughed at

Their dream/goal in life: To find out the truth in history

How do they act around other people?: doesn't talk much, cold around them

History: Her parents were always out as they were historians. One day Shizuka found an old document contradicting what she learned from class. She showed t to her techer and chassmates who just laughed at her not believing a single thing she said. From then on she continued to find more proof and stayed away from people.

Romance? (yes or no and what they like in a person): yes just someone who share the same love as her and won't laugh like the other in the past

Things your oc would say(Just to help me):
I want to find out the truth.
Leave me alone.
Old? WHERE?!

Chances of winning: can win depending on the people participating