Sutton was a peaceful town in the English countryside. Nothing strange had ever happened in the town since Rebecca Swift had moved there from London. One night, she and her ten year old daughter Lydia were walking home from Rebecca's friends party. There were moans in the air, but Rebecca passed them off as drunk people also leaving the party - it had gotten quite wild nearer to the end.

Rebecca gripped firmly to Lydia's hand as they walked. She heard footsteps stumbling after them, and turned to see a strange woman staggering forward. The woman was reaching for Rebecca and Lydia, and her moaning and groaning was more animal than human.
"Can I help you?" Rebecca asked the woman, who's groans intensified. Rebecca slowly began to back away, pulling Lydia after her, before she turned to run. Her path forward was blocked by a man. He was groaning as badly as the woman, and began to stumble towards the pair.

Rebecca whimpered, and backed away from them. Lydia pulled her hand out of Rebecca's and ran towards the woman, hoping to duck around her. The woman grabbed Lydia, and sunk her fingers into her arm. The child screamed in pain. Rebecca could only watch in shock and terror as the woman got her child down on the ground, and began to bite into her, tearing off flesh.

The man was still advancing on Rebecca. Not wanting to end up like her daughter, Rebecca looked around for a escape route. One way blocked by the man, one way by the woman. She could see no escape from this nightmare. The man grabbed her arm, and Rebecca knew her time was up.

A month later

It started like any other Monday. I woke up at 6.30am, and got dressed into my school uniform - black trousers, white blouse, and the dark blue tie and blazer, both with the school logo on. I went downstairs and brushed my short, light brown hair before grabbed a bowl of cereals. I decided to have some Golden Nuggets today. While I made my cereal, Dad came into the kitchen and put himself some toast on. I checked I had all my books in my schoolbag, then made sure my homework was all done. As I ate, I went on the computer and chatted to my American friends Sam and Lindsey on Facebook. At 8am my best friend Beth knocked on, and we left for school.

School began properly for me at 8.20, when I got through the school gates and saw all my friends waiting for me. Rhi Rhi was the first to speak to me.
"Hey Mandy." she smiled.
"Hey." I smiled back. Caz, Sunarie and Supanie were deep in conversation, and had an aura of 'Do not disturb' about them. Zoe and Alison were their usual quiet selves, although Zoe did begin to strike up a conversation with Rhi.

When the school bell finally rang at 8.40 for form, me and Caz walked together, and told each other about our holiday - this was the first day back after Summer. When we got to form, Mr. Fisher checked everyone's uniform before we all trecked into the classroom and took our seats. Luckily, me and Caz sit near each other so we could carry on chatting, and we met our friend Sophie.

When form finished at 9, we had our first lesson. Maths. Mrs. Dutoy was a good teacher, she let us talk as much as we wanted so long as the work was done. Caz, Rhi and I all sat together. Since we were in Year 11 now - our last year of High School - we decided we needed to focus more on the lesson. The full 100 minutes of Maths were spent on the questions. At least we were doing algebra, which is something I'm good at.

Maths finished at 10.40 for break. We all met in the canteen, but went outside. For September, it was still quite warm. Rhi showed us her new BlackBerry, and we got an early start on Maths homework.

At 11, we all left for PE. Rhi, Caz, Zoe, our friends Zara, Jess, both Beths (Beth D and Beth F, the latter known as Frostie as her last name is Frost) and Sophie when we heard screaming and people running down the corridor. Rhi opened the door to the corridor, and one girl ran in, my friend Jess' little sister Liv - a Year 7 and one of the youngest kids at my school at just 11 years old.
"Don't go out there." Liv warned us.
"Why?" I asked.
"There's these wierd kids, they're grabbing others and attacking them. My friend... One of the kids just ripped her apart!" Liv started to cry.
"It'll be okay, we'll just stay in here and they'll have to leave." I tried soothing her.

After a good half an hour, the footsteps outside had died down. Zoe braved poking her head around the door.
"Empty." Zoe told us. I smiled at Liv.
"See? We can get changed and get out of here now." Liv nodded, but didn't look too sure about this. We went from the Sports Hall to the girls changing room where we kept our stuff. A girl was stood in the middle of the changing room, staring at the wall and not moving. I recognised her - it was a girl from our PE class, Jade.
"Jade? You okay?" Rhi asked her, moving closer.

Jade stiffened, and slowly turned towards Rhi.
"Maybe you shouldn't get too close. She could be like the kids earlier." Liv advised.
"Maybe..." Rhi began to back away from Jade, who began to stumble towards us.
"I don't want to find out. Let's go." I grabbed my schoolbag and ran for the door, my friends all followed with their bags. Zoe opened the changing room door, and a boy grabbed her from the other side. It happened so fast we didn't even see who the boy was. Zoe was gone. Rhi shut the door, and we all leant on it to hold it shut.
"What about Zoe?" Caz asked.
"You can't help her now." Liv replied, turning to look at Jade who was still moving towards us. "What about her?" Liv pointed to Jade.
"Anybody got any sort of weapon?" I asked.
"No." was the answer everyone gave. I sighed, and pushed Beth D towards Jade.
"Distract her, or something."

Beth went towards Jade, and tapped her shoulder.
"Jade? Need some help?" Beth asked, voice wobbling a little. Jade turned to Beth, and reached her hand out towards her.
"Get away!" Liv shouted, throwing other kids bags at Jade. She stopped reaching for Beth, and turned to Liv, then stumbled in her direction.
"Liv! Look out!" Jess called, running over to shield her little sister. Jade grabbed Jess' arm and pulled her closer, before grabbing her head and digging her fingers in. She somehow got hold of Jess' skull and tore it apart. We all screamed, and reopened the changing room door. The corridor was now empty, so we all ran out of the PE corridor and into the main corridors of the school. I counted how many were left as we ran. Eight. Rhi, Zara, Caz, Beth D, Frostie, Sophie, Liv and myself.

We got to the Humanities corridor, and were unsure.
"Should we go down the History route, and try the canteen, or go down the Geography route and try for the main reception?" Rhi asked.
"Well, it wasn't break or lunch when the kids went crazy so not many people would be in the canteen, right? I think we should try the canteen. It leads to outside, we could climb the wall or something." Liv suggested.
"Good idea, Liv." I smiled. We ran down the History corridor and tried the doors for the canteen. They opened.
"Okay Liv, your leading." Beth D announced.
"Why me?" Liv asked, fear in her eyes.
"It was your idea." Sophie pushed Liv inside the room. Liv looked around fearfully, then beckoned for us to follow her. We entered.
"There's two of the crazy kids at the opposite side of the room," Liv pointed to a boy and a girl who were stumbling about, falling over chairs,
"But we dont have to go that side. Let's try this door." She led us towards the door on the right hand side of the canteen. Caz tried the door.
"It's locked." Caz panicked.
"What! It can't be! Let me try!" I pushed her out of the way and tried the door myself. It was indeed locked. I turned back to the others and confirmed what Caz said. Zara suggested we try the left side.
"What about those kids?" Liv asked, pointing to the boy and girl, who were now beginning to stumble towards us.
"I have an idea!" I ran into the kitchen and came out with two sharp knives.
"We can't kill them!" Rhi argued with my idea.
"Why not? If we don't kill them, they'll kill us." I argued. The kids were very close now, reaching for us and snarling like animals. I handed the other knife to Zara, and we ran at the kids.