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Relieving Frustrations

Tyler Anderson slammed the door shut with a loud bang as he entered his spacy loft after a long and frustrating day at work. Everything that possibly could go wrong, seemed to have gone wrong. Leaving him annoyed beyond measure. In his 30 years of life he'd had some off days, but none of them left him in such a foul mood. He was in desperate need of some rest and anything to blow off some steam.

Moments like this, he wished he hadn't dumped his girlfriend of five years. Veronica might have been a stuck up bitch, but hell, she was a tiger between the sheets. Never had she left him unsatisfied. The woman was insatiable and had a stamina that almost put his to shame. They'd had sex at least twice a day, every day. At least until she found another willing millionaire that gladly wanted to put a diamond on her finger.

Of course, he had known Veronica was after his money, yet he foolishly believed they had some stuff in common. She always used her beauty and charm as one of her strongest advantages and deadliest weapons. Apparently being together with a man that filled her bank account with large sums of money wasn't enough, she needed a diamond to ensure her welfare.

Sighing deeply, he untied his shoelaces and put his hand tailored Italian shoes in place before walking across the living room barefoot. It was one of the benefits of no longer being in a relationship with Vic, he could walk across his apartment without those irritating slippers she bought him.

Loud noises were coming from his bedroom and for a moment, Tyler wondered who the hell was inside his house before he realized Raelyn must still be working. The twenty-something had started as a housekeeper about a month ago and had proven to be a huge temptation.

A young girl, with nice firm tits and a luscious butt, was not something Tyler could easily ignore. Certainly not when he needed a distraction. As he stepped into the bedroom, his breath caught in his throat. There she was, on her knees with her ass high in the air as she tried to reach for something underneath his bed.

Her black skirt had ridden up slightly, revealing the pale skin of her thighs. If she would just bend a little bit further, he could probably see the edge of her panties. His cock went instantly hard, the large bulge pushing against the zipper of his jeans. He uncomfortably shifted his weight as he ran his fingers through his raven hair – undecided what he should do next.

Unconsciously he took a step closer, his eyes glued to her firm backside. His cock stirred in his pants as she suddenly spread her legs farther apart so she could bend further down. Tyler swallowed thickly as the first glimpse of her ass cheeks came into view, revealing a black lacy thong. Damn. It had been a long time since he saw an ass that perfect to be fucked.

Cursing under his breath, he tried to look away but his eyes remained focused on her glorious butt. "Mr. Anderson?" a sweet voice spoke, interrupting his lust-filled thoughts. Finally adverting his gaze, he noticed Rae had turned her head and was currently looking at him wide-eyed, probably wondering what the hell he was doing.

He stayed frozen to the spot, his eyes darkened as she slowly crawled from underneath the bed and stood up. Her eyes flickered to the ragging erection in his pants and a soft blush covered her cheeks. "You are home early today, Mr. Anderson," she said softly, her cheeks beet red as her pupils started to dilate.

He knew that look. Had figured out at an early age that when a woman gave him that certain look, he had nothing left to loose. Like a predator stalking its prey, he moved forward, only stopping inches away from her. He inhaled deeply, breathing in her delicious and unique fragrance.

Rae had lowered her gaze, no longer able to look into his intense green orbs. He carefully cupped her right cheek, his fingers grazing the skin in a soft caress. Her breath caught in her throat, making him chuckle. "I'm glad I decided to leave work early," he whispered against the shell of her ear, his teeth nibbling at her lobe while he let his hand wander. He slowly slid his palm down, letting his fingers brush against the column of her throat before gliding towards her waist.

Uncertain eyes met his, a breathless gasp leaving her plump lips as Rae awaited his next move. "Do you want this, sweetheart?" he asked slowly, both of his hands resting on her waist as he waited for affirmation. No matter how fucking horny he was, he would never – ever – take a woman against her will. She would have to be into this one-hundred percent.

A look of doubt crossed her eyes before she slowly nodded 'yes'. "Are you certain? There's no going back once we start," he warned, knowing fully well he'd stop at any given moment if she asked him to. Tyler liked to dominate his bed partners and enjoyed nothing more than to make them submit to him. He wasn't into BDSM, but that didn't mean he wouldn't overpower his sex partner from time to time.

Today he was feeling extra dominant, feeling the need to be in strong control. "I'm sure," Rae whispered, her cheeks flushing pink as she uttered the words. He suspected his little housekeeper was a little inexperienced and shy. Well, that only left more room for him to teach her new tricks. He loved teaching newbies about sex, loved to help them explore their needs and fantasies.

"Good," he praised as he let his thumb brush against her bottom lip. She smiled softly before poking her wet, pink tongue out and licking a pattern across his thumb. He smirked, pleased at her willingness, before placing a quick peck against her lips. She looked a little confused as he pulled back. "On the bed, on your knees facing the headboard," he demanded strictly, giving her taut ass a quick slap before pushing her towards his king-sized bed.

Her breathing speed up as her uncertain eyes searched his. "I'm not a patient man, sweetheart," he stated softly, giving her arm a reassuring squeeze. She nodded once before turning around and doing exactly as he told her. "Take a pillow to rest your head on while you push your ass high in the air for me," Tyler told her, a hint of a smile playing at his lips as she followed his command.

He wanted to make sure she was comfortable before starting his assault, knowing she'd sink down if he asked her to stay on all fours. He'd been with enough women to know it took some getting used to before they could take his hard and deep thrusts without losing their strength.

"Good girl," he praised in a hushed tone as he pushed her skirt upward and started to massage her thighs. "Such a lovely skin," he cooed, rubbing her ass before giving each cheek a swift slap. Rae cried out, more from surprise than pain, and impatiently wiggled her butt, undoubtedly beyond aroused.

"Please," she whimpered as he let his index finger trail up and down her panties, teasing her ceaselessly. He could feel the dampness of the fabric, leaving no doubt that she was slick with wetness. A groan rose in his chest, his cock painfully straining his pants as he ripped her panties off in one quick movement.

Rae shrieked in surprise, before a content purr left her lips as the cold air hit her sensitive flesh. "Look at that," Tyler moaned as his gaze lingered on her dripping cunt. Not able to contain himself any longer, he let his middle finger graze against her hot skin, groaning as his finger easily slide into her slippery canal.

Her body tensed, before Rae let her muscles relax and welcomed his touch. "So tight, so wet," Tyler observed, satisfaction echoing in his voice as he pumped his finger in and out of her slick heat. As his thumb touched her clit, she moaned loudly and thrust her hips backward. "Easy tiger," he chuckled as he increased the pressure on her bundle of nerves at the same time as he speed up his pace and added another finger inside of her wetness.

She went absolutely wild, her entire body shuddering as her loud moans echoed through the loft. "That's it," he praised as he slapped her butt, turning the skin to a beautifully rosy color. Lost in the pleasure building inside of her, Rae didn't even seem to comprehend he just spanked her and only started to moan louder.

"More, more," she hissed in a shaky voice as she impaled herself on his fingers, her hips moving frantically as her tits bounced up and down. The sight was absolutely mesmerizing and for a moment, Tyler feared he might not be able to contain himself.

"Right there, yes-s, right there!" she cried out as he touched the sensitive spot inside of her. A pleased smile crossed Tyler's lips, knowing he was probably giving her the best sex of her life. The shy little girl had turned into a wild cat, her moans loud as she took exactly what she wanted from him.

"Let go," he told her as he felt the first spasms of her emerging orgasm. His name left her lips as she cried out, her body convulsing under his unwavering touch. Her entire posture shook as she reached her high, wetness pooling between her legs. Desperately wanting to taste her, Tyler ran his tongue between her folds, increasing Rae's pleasure.

While she kept coming, clamorous cries leaving her lips, he sucked her clit vigorously, sending her straight into a second orgasm. Her screams of utter satisfaction resounded through the room as he licked her dry, her taste sweet as honey and beyond addictive. He could eat her out all day if he wanted to, her juices dripping from his lips as he finally pulled back.

Panting for air, Rae's body collapsed against the matrass with a loud thud, tears of utter happiness filling her blue orbs. Her orgasm had been so intense, she hadn't known what was happening to her. Smiling lazily, Tyler rubbed her bare ass as she laid flat against the sheets.

"We're far from done, baby," he whispered in her ear as he trailed openmouthed kisses down her neck, to her shoulder blades and eventually her spine. "Come on, get your ass back into position," he ordered after giving her a minute to refuel her energy. She definitely needed to work on her stamina if she wanted to keep up with him.

"So tired," she pouted, nibbling at her bottom lip. In normal circumstance Tyler would have found her laziness quite adorable, but today he was desperate for a release of his own.

"Up," he commanded as he smacked her butt loudly, the jolt of pain quickly awakened her. She swallowed thickly as she lifted her ass in the air, tears pricking in her eyes. Taking pity on her, he carefully rubbed the sore spot he'd just struck and placed a sweet kiss against her flesh. "All better," he cooed as he caught the single tear that rolled down her cheek with his thumb and sucked it into his mouth.

She smiled softly at him, clearly taken aback by his kindness and took a relaxing breath, reading herself for his assault. "This is going to be hard and quick," Tyler informed her as he crawled off the bed and pushed his shirt over his head before throwing it across the room.

Rae nervously bit her bottom lip as she nodded in agreement. Smiling in gratification, Tyler unzipped his jeans and slide them down his legs, happy he'd decided to go commando earlier that day. The sharp intake of breath and low moan made him look up. Rae was hungrily staring at his cock, making the steel flesh throb.

"You can have a taste later on, but right now I need to be inside you," Tyler grunted out as he snatched a condom from his bedside table and ripped the foil. "I can't wait to feel your tight pussy squeeze around my dick," he added as he put the condom in place and positioned himself behind Rae.

"Hold on tight, baby, I'm going to rock your world," he promised before slamming into her without warning, stretching her to the hilt. Rae screamed loudly at the intrusion, not expecting such a hard and quick thrust. Without giving her time to accommodate to his length, he pulled back, only to pound back inside a second later.

"Fuck," Rae cried out, her fingers gripping the sheets tightly, her knuckles white, as Tyler let himself lose control. He took a hold of her hips as he thrust home at a fast pace, his strokes deep and hard. He closed his eyes in satisfaction, enjoying the way her tight pussy walls clamped down around his shaft.

Rae snuck her hand between her legs and started to flick her clit, her fingers touching the spot where their bodies molded together. "Holly shit," Tyler cursed as she fondled his balls unexpectedly, making his eyes roll to the back off his head. Needing to show her his gratification, he slowed down his pace slightly and slipped a hand inside of her blouse. A breathless moan left her lips when he pushed the cups of her bra aside and pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger.

"Oh god, yes-s," she hissed as he caressed her hardened peeks, thrusting her hips back against his. Pure bliss. That's what went through his body as he started to place soft pecks between her shoulder blades, his strokes long and deep.

"You feel so good, babe," he groaned as she squeezed her inner muscles around him, making a tight fist around his cock. Damn. The girl knew how to drive him utterly insane.

"Fuck me harder," Rae suddenly demanded, growing impatient at her impending release. Tyler gladly obliged and rammed his shaft deep inside of her, slapping her ass in the process. From the loud moan that erupted from her lips, he took it she liked to be spanked.

"Yes-s, yes-s!" she chanted over and over as her body started to shudder, her pussy walls milking him dry. He smiled and bit her neck playfully as he steadily pushed in and out of her heat, her juices lubricating his path.

"Come for me, baby," he whispered against her ear as his balls slapped against the pink flesh of her butt, the sound rebounding in the air. Rae's moans increased as she reached her high, sending him right over the edge with her. His cock started to spasm inside of her as he spilled his seed.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he cursed between groans as his pace grew erratic, his thrusts unsteady. "Squeeze me tight, baby," he moaned as she clamped her muscles around his shaft, making his world spin on its axis.

After another few strokes, he stilled inside of her and his body collapsed on top of hers. He quickly shifted his body to make sure he didn't crush her under his weight and lazily caressed her skin as he desperately tried to catch his breath.

"That. Was. Amazing." Rae grinned as she looked over her shoulder at him. He smiled at her – an honest to god smile – before placing a soft peck against her temple and pulling her against his chest, his cock still buried deep inside of her.

"Not too rough?" he asked a little worried, caressing the red marks across her backside. He hadn't meant to be so careless, but she simply brought out the beast inside of him. After such a dreadful day at work he needed to release all his frustrations.

"It was fine," she reassured him, placing a feather light kiss against his lips. "At first I was a little scared of your obvious need to be in control, but in the end it only seemed to turn me on more," Rae admitted shyly, her cheeks turning a light shade of red.

"You're probably going to be sore in the morning. I wasn't exactly gentle. I was just so consumed by lust I had to be inside you," Tyler confessed as he slowly pulled out of her and ran his fingertips up and down her inner thigh. Rae closed her eyes in satisfaction and smiled. He quickly removed the used condom and throw it in the bin from afar.

"That's okay," she whispered, opening her blue orbs and peering straight into his soul. "It'll only be a reminder of what happened tonight," she added, grinning foolishly. For a moment Tyler wondered if he made the right decision by breaking the rules of their boss/employee relationship. There would be no going back.

The blatantly happy smile across Raelyn's face undid him. Even if he made the wrong decision, it certainly felt one-hundred percent right. He'd always known it was only a matter of time before he would break and give in to his feelings for her. What red blooded male could ignore such an innocent beauty like Rae? And with that thought, he closed his eyes in contentment and drifted off to sleep.

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