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What if soul mates were real?

Juliette and her family are different. Very different. Each of them have powers - curses - and a soul mate out there, somewhere in the world. Nobody in Juliette's family have found their soul mate, but Juliette's not giving up hope.
Heath and his family are different too, different just like Juliette's. He thinks his family are monsters, but with his curse, he thinks he's the biggest monster of all.
Heath and Juliette's families have hated each other forever, always on opposite sides of every fight, every war. They've grown up knowing they'll hate each other for the rest of their lives. So when they find themselves in the same town, both of them going to the same school, they think the world will end.
That is, until they find out who their soul mates are...

"This," I say slowly, as I go even closer to him. Ignoring the disgust and revulsion that ripples through my mind at even touching him. "Means," I whisper, as I tilt my face up and he tilts his down. Disbelief written all over his expression. I doubt a girl has ever made the first move.
"Nothing." And I roll on to my tip-toes and kiss him, wrapping my arms around his broad frame and up to his neck, bringing him down closer to me.
And, damn, is he a great kisser.