I was born with a life not worth saving.

And yet you did it,

You saved my life.

And for what?

I'm still alone, alone in this world.

When you met me

I told you I was bad luck.

I told of my past,

And yet you put an arm around me,

You kissed me so sweetly,

You wiped away my worried tears,

You whispered in my ear,

"I love you."

And for what?

I'm still alone, alone in this world.

I told you I was bad luck.

Every time I find someone,

I always end up alone.

"I will never leave you."

You said as you held me,

Stayed with me through the night,

Our bodies cooled by the midnight air.

You stayed by my side all this time,

And for what?

I'm still alone, alone in this world.

You still left me,

With a tear in your eye,

You smiled and let me go.

Your eyes shut,

And I was again alone.

The worst part is,

Despite the times I've never said it,

I still loved you.

I didn't want to admit it,

Because I knew that I would die inside,

I knew I'd be again alone.

Losing my heart to the one I love,

Only to have it ripped out of me.

Did you know the whole time?

Is that why you stayed?

Is that why you never pressed for me to say it?

I tried not to love,

I tried to stay away and yet,

Love is always finding me,

And for what?

I'm still alone, alone in this world.

You were different,

You remained longer.


Why did you do it?

Why did you die?

Why did you die for me?

Here I am,

At your grave,

On my knees sobbing my eyes out,

Sobbing my heart out.

As always,

No one can hear me,

They don't want to hear me.

Why were you different?

Why are you the one who's grave I approach?

Why did you love me?

Why did you die,

For me?

5 years earlier

Shou rubbed the tears from his eyes. Another one dead. Killed by robbery. Why did every person he fell in love with die? He always wondered if it was just some sick joke, but it never was. The curse made him stop aging, he was about 2,500 years old. One would be used to it but he wasn't. It just hurt to bad. He tried to keep his heart locked up but he always fell hard in the end. Sniffling, he stood up and sighed. From this day on, he would swear off love forever. He would forever close his heart for his and everyone elses sake. He snapped his fingers. As soon as he did, the body in front of him became a shiny red stone. He picked up the stone and put it in the bag with millions of others. Time to start a new life. Looking around, Shou buried the bag of stones. Snapping his fingers again, a rose bush grew on top of it. "I'll be back soon." He told on of the roses. It seemed to nod in understanding. With a sigh, he stepped into a clearing and began to shrink. A carriage was on it's way. He shrunk until he was a small baby on the ground. He cried and cried. Not only to get the carriage's attention but to also cry out his pain. Crying never made him feel better though. The carriage stopped right in front of him.

"What is your reason for stopping?" A woman's voice called. "Your highness, there is a baby in the road. We can't proceed." The driver said nervously. A door on the side of the coach opened then a young woman with emerald green eyes, golden hair with a silver crown on top, and a crimson red dress stepped out. She knelt down next to the crying baby and picked it up. "It's ok. Don't cry." She soothed. Standing up, she rushed back into the coach and closed the door. "Forget about telling him about the still born Avery, we're telling him that this is our child. You know how the king get's when he's upset." She said to the driver. He gulped then whipped the reins signaling the horses to go. "Yes my Queen." He said. The Queen cradled the little baby in her arms and smiled at him, tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm your mother, you're my child. I will never let anything happen to you... I will name you Shou after my brother."

Mmmm, this was just random. I hope you like it and want me to continue it. Yes it's yaoi obviously but hey, it may or may not have lemons.