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To chapter three of A Lover's Curse.

It's raining hard. You're told to check on the animals and make sure their pens won't get carried away with the flood. It's been hard managing the farm as the only child since your older brother left for India. Grabbing your coat, you head outside and curse under your breath when the wind blows the lamp out of your hand and somewhere out in the night time darkness. The storm was getting worse, your Mother calls for you from the cellar. "Quickly now!" She calls. You stop in your tracks and run around the house to the front. You hear a meow and grab your Father's cat. "You stupid cat! You should be in the cellar!" You cry. The cat jumps from your arms to something lying on the ground. You get closer. The lightning reveals that it's a person. He lay unconscious on the ground and looked to be the same age as your Brother. You kneel next to him and shake his shoulder. "You gotta get up sir. A storm is coming!" He doesn't respond. You start to think he's dead but you give it another try. "Wake up!" You call. This time it actually works and he looks up at you. He looks like a royal and you gasp but the sound of thunder alerts you and you help him up. "We have to get inside!" You say to him. He nods and follows you to the cellar. There, you, your Mother, and the mysterious beautiful stranger wade out the storm.

After the storm, you and your Mother crawl out to look at the damage. The house is half destroyed, your Father's truck is in a tree and the barn he worked for the majority of his life was almost reduced to nothing. Your try not to cry but the sound of your Mother's sobs make it close to impossible. The stranger offers to help rebuild and give you any money you need. You don't believe he has the money to help fix the farm but you and your Mother let him help anyway. You find out that his name is Shou and that he was once a King from a far off kingdom. He is about the same age as your older brother. You like him and don't want to share him with your friends. You want to know everything about him but he doesn't say much. He lives with you for three years, always being helpful, always paying for the farm. Then you get a letter from your Brother. Shou asks you about him and when you say, "His name is Misuo." He smiles and says nothing more.

Shou's heart fluttered and fell at the same time at the sound of Misuo's name. It was a sliver of hope but he knew it was impossible for the Brother to be his Misuo. He's been dead for 23 years. Shika showed him the letter her Brother had sent;

Dear Shika and Mother,

I shall be returning from my travels.

I admit that you won't recognize me at first,

My hair has grown out and I've gotten darker.

I've missed you both so much and cannot wait to

See you both again.

With love,


Shou almost cried. The handwriting was identical to his Misuo. He kept shaking his head. 'Impossible, impossible.' He repeated in his head. The more he said it, the smaller his hope became until it wasn't even a small speck. A few weeks later, while he was in the fields with the dog Cody, Shou spotted someone approaching the farmhouse. Cody saw too and ran to the person, barking his head off. Shou wiped the dirt on his pants and slowly walked up the hill to the person who was now hugging Shika and her Mother. He froze when he saw who it was. He looked just like Misuo. Just darker skin and longer hair as he stated in his letter. Misuo looked back at him, surprise written all over his face. "Oh yeah Big Brother, this is Shou. He used to be a King! He's been really helpful. He's been here for three years, he's the same age as you!" Misuo continued to stare at Shou. Shou blushed and looked away. 'What the hell? Why is HE punishing me.' He thought to himself, as tears rolled down his cheeks. Next think he knows, Misuo was hugging him as if he were to disappear. "I missed you so much! I thought I'd never see you again!" It sounded like he meant it yet Shou still didn't believe that it was his Misuo. Life didn't work like that for him. None of the people he fell in love with ever came back. Shou hugged him back and believed that this was his Misuo for the moment. "Do you remember me?" Misuo asked. Shou avoided his eyes. "If you don't, I do. I remember our walks in the woods and the garden. I remember how scared I was to see you at the battlefield but was touched when you came to see me. I remember all of that. I especially remember my promise not to let no bad luck keep me away from you. And if you still don't," Misuo held Shou's chin with his thumb and forefinger, and kissed him. Shou burst into fresh tears and kissed Misuo back. It was his Misuo. The one he loved out of all of his lovers. "A day has not gone by where I didn't think of you." Misuo whispered. The world around them had melted away. Shika, the Mom, the farm. It was just them. "I've never stopped thinking of you." Shou said. "How? How are you alive?" He asked. Misuo hugged him. "I don't understand it either but who cares? I'm with you, you're with me. That's all that matters." Shou wouldn't have it any other way.

After three years, Shou and Misuo had went to visit Ryou who was still alive and ruling the other kingdom. Ryou was over joyed to see his old Master and friend. He hugged Shou tightly. "It's nice to see you again my friend! I've missed you so much! At first, I didn't think that I'd be able to rule but I've done it. Hello Misuo..." Ryou blinked then took Shou to the side. "Did your magic do this? How is he back?" Shou shook his head. "I don't know. I stopped asking three years ago. But it's nice to see you again Ryou, it really is." Ryou smiled. "If you're ok, I'm ok." Shou and Ryou talked for a while, catching up on all these years. Just as He and Misuo were leaving, he got a feeling so bad, it knocked him to the ground. "Shou what's wrong?" Misuo asked, trying to help him up. "Something bad is about to happen. I can feel it." He replied with a whisper. As soon as he said it, Shouts broke out from the castle. The whole place was a blaze. Shou ran towards the place. Misuo called him back but he kept going. He ran into the throne room where Ryou was, fighting off offending soldiers. "Misuo! Get Shou out of here!" He shouted. Misuo looked around for said male. "What do you think I'm trying to do?!" He shouted back. Shou's eyes widened as someone came up behind Ryou with a sword. Misuo grabbed him just as the sword pierced Ryou. "Don't look Shou. Just don't look..." Misuo whispered. Even though Shou didn't see it, he knew what happened. He cried into Misuo's shoulder as everything fell apart around them.

Shou hugged Misuo. He couldn't look at Ryou's grave anymore. It was too painful. Misuo hugged him tightly and let him cry. "Misuo... Why did you die for me?" Shou asked, looking up at him. Misuo chuckled. "I already told you, because I love you so much, that I'd die for you. If I lost you Shou, I would cause hell for the Gods and everyone else until I got you back. I rather it be me than you cause at least I would know that you are alive... Let's get back to the farm. Mother and Shike are waiting." Misuo kissed Shou then led him back to the farm. There, Shika had made dinner. She was more quiet than usual. "Shika, where's Mother?" Misuo asked. Shou didn't stayto hear the answer, he already knew. Misuo followed him, but with a snap of his fingers, the door slammed shut and stuck that way, not letting Misuo in. "Shou, open up..." Said male began to throw what he could into his small bag. "No..." He sobbed. "Shou, what are you doing?" He shook his head then snapped hs fingers, allowing Misuo inside. "What are you doing? Don't tell me you're leaving?" He asked, grabbing the other. Shou fought for a minute then sobbed into Misuo's chest. "I can't stay here... I just can't. It's only a matter of time before you or Shika die. I can't have that happen. I won't stay here to let it happen." He cried. "You can't leave Shou. We just got back together-"

"Misuo please... Let me go. I love you so much, this is why I have to leave. I don't want to lose you again."

"But isn't leaving me gonna hurt?"

"It's already does. If I leave, we may not be together but at least you'd be alive... Please Misuo..."

Misuo sighed then kissed Shou. "I guess I have no choice do I?" He asked. Shou hugged him then he left. He flew through the air and wiped at the tears that wouldn't stop flowing. The sky darkened and thunder filled the air. A lightning bolt struck the air near Shou, causing him to fall to the ground. His bag of gems had fell also, scattering some of the gems. He sat on his knees in the mud and slowly recollected the gems. He put them back into the bag and leaned against a tree sobbing. "Shou!" He gave up. He couldn't leave Misuo. He didn't have the heart. No matter how hard he tried to leave, Misuo would look at him with so much love, it made him feel guilty. "Shou! Shou, are you alright?" Misuo hugged Shou. Shou let him. "I can't do it Misuo... I just can't do it..." He kissed Misuo deeply, tears falling from his eyes.

It's been seven years, Shou and Misuo were happy as could be but Shou kept having that nagging feeling as if death wanted to make it's presence known. He even caught himself yelling at a kid dressed in black who wasn't even there. He thought he was going crazy. Shika had married to a farmer's son and visited monthly. Shou and Misuo were getting ready for the couples visit. Shou stared at one of the candles, something about it filled him with fear and dread, yet he's always used the candle. He shrugged it off for the sixth time that day. "Are you alright?" Misuo asked, kissing him on his cheek. "Uh yeah. Yeah, everythings alright." The kid was back. He was sitting on the roof, swinging his legs back and forth, smirking and watching Shou the whole time he was outside waiting for Shike. "What is it that you want?" Shou asked him. The kid giggled then hopped off the other side of the cottage. Shou quickly ran to the side but the kid was gone. In the window there, he spotted the candle, the feeling getting bigger. "Shou! Hello Shou!" Shika's voice called out to him. She ran down the hill wearing white then jump hugged Shou. "I missed you so much! I can't wait to have some of your cooking! I'm starved!"

Dinner was normal as usual. Though Shou continued to stare at the now lit candle as if it were taunting him with it's little dance flicking back and forth. "I'll help you wask these." He brought his attention bac to Shika as she stood up. "Come on shou." Fire. Shou could hear screaming. Shika's face and body was consumed. Shou could smell and feel it. He shut his eyes tight then opened them. It was just a vision. "You coming?" Shika, Misuo, and Shika's husband looked at Shou with concern. "Um yeah. I'm coming." Shou got up and followed Shika outside to the water basin to wash the dishes. The candle in the window taunte him more. The kid was standing next to it, putting his fingers in it. When he took out his fingers, the fire now danced on is fingertips. He smired at Shou and touched the cloth ornaments that were hung aroung the window. Shou dropped the dishes and ran over to the window. The kid tapped his chin with his other hand as if in deep thought and set the tablecloth ablaze. "Misuo! Misuo!" Shou ran to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. He push, pulled, used his magic, but it didn't open. Finally, with a sudden burst of strength, he broke the door door by sending a blast of energy at it. He looked aroung for Misuo. He was upstairs. The fire hadn't reached him. "Misuo, we gotta get out of here." The kid appeared again. He set the room on fire then disappeared with a cackle. Shou tried to use his magic to put out the fire but it seemed like it wasn't regular fire. It seemed to suck up his powers. Misuo had broken a window but it ws only big enough for Shou. He hugged him then sighed. "Go Shou." Shou looked back at him surprised. "No. I'm staying with you!" Misuo shook his head. "This is not the time to be stubborn Shou. Go. Please." Shou tried to retaliate but Misuo pushed him out of the window just as the house collapsed. "MISUO!" Shika grabbed him and dragged him away. "Come on Shou, we gotta move away from here..." Shou turned and saw the kid. He broke from Shika's grasp and grabbed the kid. "This is all your fault! You did this!" The kid shrugged then diappeared. "Shou!"

Well, heres chapter three. Hope you liked it.