My heart is broken once again,

Yet I can't blame you, it was my fault in the end.

We tried to work it out; we really did,

But we were just too different; I don't know if I can even call you a friend.

Three times we've traveled down this path; how did we not learn?

I guess we both hoped for something more; but we bargained for more than we could offer and got burned.

I know that you are interested in someone else,

It hurts deep down, but the bond between us was probably false.

One minute, we're happy and loving,

The next we're cold and distant; I did not see this happening.

I hate you; then I love you,

I've got everything planned out; then suddenly I don't know what to do.

So if she makes you happy, then go with her,

I won't keep you bound to me; do whatever it is that your heart yearns.

I'm letting you go; don't ever look back!

It will be difficult, but I will always appreciate what we had.

I'm hurting now, burying all the pain down, but I will get stronger!

This is it; my world is open; for once I've got the power.

To shape my path, to alter my future,

I face life head-on like a battle-hardened soldier.

The moment has come; I look behind me with a sigh.

No matter how much it hurts, it's time to say goodbye.